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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

1 Apr

We had some fun this episode — or at least we laughed a lot. Although, how that’s different from any other episode? I’m not really sure.

Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

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Show Notes
In this episode we do lots of stuff, so just listen. Just kidding! After chatting about news, what we’re watching, and how Roommate has been letting us down of late, we answer Kdrama-related questions, which have us coming almost to blows over the epic question “Super Junior or Big Bang?” and wondering which Kdrama heroine we would most want to be. Then we move over to talking about comfort watches, dramas that are our go to’s if we are sick or just want to be cheered up.

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Fun Friday: Top Five Dance Party Moments

6 Mar

In this cold, cold winter, stuck inside for days, I think we’re all going a little stir crazy. Unless you are on the west coast–and then I hate you.

A lot.

In times like these there is only one thing you can do to raise the spirit and get the blood pumping–and no I’m not talking a broody shower scene. Yep, you guessed it it’s time for a Dance Party! Now here are some of my Top Five kdrama Dance Party Moments. You know, characters getting their groove on!

City Hall

city hall 3

From a drama that turned from a light fun drama to a serious angst fest, it was great to have this last episode which was almost all epilogue, bringing us back to the light and fun. This song to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry with almost all of our City Hall cast is one to remember. Makes me wish I worked at a job where I could group dance. You now, if only I could forget the episodes of office bickering and backstabbing which let up to this joyous occasion.  Continue reading

Musical Monday: Stephanie’s Kpoptastic Playlist Edition

2 Feb

Stephanies Kpoptastic playlistIf you don’t listen to the podcast (first off, why are you not? We’re delightful!) you missed my (again, delightful) story about how I’ve become friends with the Korean guy who works at the Korean market around the corner from my house (dude! I live in a place now that has a Korean vegetable market around the corner–sometimes it still blows my mind). Anyway this guy–who is probably one of the friendliest people I’ve met in all of my time here–only works there a couple of times a week and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to weasel my love of Korean whatnots into the conversation without me bursting out:


Ahem. I don’t think that’s something I can come back from. About a month ago, it finally happened. It started with an innocent comment about kimchi, and the flood gates were open. You watch Korean movies and TV? YES!!! I do! I love it! Since then whenever I pop in we have snippets of Korean centered conversation (it’s actually a super busy shop so it we can’t say much). Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Super Junior Edition

1 Dec

Super Junior 7

How did I not know there was more than one official music video for Super Juniors last release? Why would I have just assumed they had stopped with Mamacita? What am I, a rookie to this Kpop thing? Although in my defense they only did the on MV for the last Super Junior-M release–so technically–my oversight is SM’s fault. Yeah….SM’s fault. Continue reading

Incoming: Super Junior!

22 Nov

super show 6Hold onto your panties ladies–Super Junior is coming to the US! That’s right, Eunhyuk! Siwon! Uhhh… Kangmin? ….that one! And the other one!

Yeah, I really need to bone up on my Super Junior members. I see a new set of Kpop flash cards in my future:

Flash Cards

It was just announced that their Super Show 6 concert tour has been extended with dates in the US and south America before heading over to Europe.

Now living n a location where Kpop bands come, if not frequently, then every now and then (or a hell of a lot more often then when I lived in NM) there is always the question: Who would you see if they came here.

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing Super Junior. I love Super Junior. Eunhyuk is one of those who can instantly whip me into a girl frenzy. Don’t believe me? Doubt the power of Eunhyuk? Obviously you haven’t seen this:

However, as much as I have a heart-on for Super Junior it is with equal amount that I hate SM, their actions and policies. By going to their concert isn’t that supporting what I am firmly against? Could I, in good conscience, purchase a ticket with that in mind?

On the other hand what good would denying myself Eunhyuk’s smiles, Siwon’s Manly man face, excessive abs, and faux band-cest? Could I truly say no to breathing the same air as the band I love?

Yes. Sorry guys. Sorry Eunhyuk and your hot dance moves. Sorry Siwon and your man form. Sorry…all the other ones (except you Shindong and LeeTeuk–and you know what you did.) I do this because I love you.

Noble, right?

Well, it would have been inf I hadn’t instantly gone into full on girl squee as soon as it was announced they were indeed planning on coming here.

Oh, how weak I am! I’m sorry principals–I just love Super Junior so much. They are one of the few bands where it’s not just a song here and a song there that I like, I love and listen to their whole albums.

No official dates have been announced but I’m sure they will come to NYC (or more NJ as they can definitely fill the Prudential Center). Right? Go NYC, right?? As I have more information, I will, of course, update you. IN the meantime I’ll be locking up my morals and saving my pennies for the P1 high touch tickets.

Touching Super Junior? ACK! Thud goes my heart.

Musical Monday: The Super Junior Edition

1 Sep

super junior 4My boys are back! Welcome back guys, we’ve missed you! Except for you–you know who you are…

So after a long hiatus Super Junior returns with Mamacita. Do I love it? Welllll…. no, not really. It’s not terrible and there are parts of the video which are really super funny. That Siwon–what a ham. I’m just not sure what the song has to do with the western concept. You know, except for when they say say Mamacita, Ayayaya, so it just confuses me a bit. Continue reading

Fun Friday: Anti Anxiety Medication

22 Aug

I’m feeling really stressed guys and I’m wondering just how long I can blame jett-lag for my irritation/random crankiness. So here is post of things which make me happy and will hopefully bring that real world stress level down.

It was just announced that Epik High is coming out with a new album ‘soon’.

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Musical Tuesday: The Super Junior M Edition

1 Apr

Super Junior M Swing 6So yesterday’s Musical Monday post was preempted. But Super Junior, or in this case, the sub group Super Junior M, will not be kept down for long.

Originally I wasn’t that interested in Super Junior M–I don’t really pay that much attention to Kpop groups sub groups. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the main groups. And there’s also the fact that I actually forget how much I really like Super Junior. If I were honest, while BigBang may have my heart, I actually like the backlog of Super Junior more.

The thing that got me to sit up and pay attention to the new release of Super Junior M is the realization that Eunhyuk a member. Eunhyuk! Eunhyuk! Yay, Eunhyuk!
Super Junior M Swing 4
Well, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon.  Which means Super Junior M has a whole lotta reason for me to watch. I’m actually pretty surprised that Eunhyuk and Donghae are coming out with new music. Didn’t they just come out with their last subgroup album like 3 minutes ago? How could they already be done promoting that? And to go right from promoting that to promotions for this? Eunhyuk must be very, very tired. Although on the other hand, having Eunhyuk, and of course, Super Junior being so active lately, makes me feel better, because it had been so long, that it seemed like SM had forgotten about them. Or, with all the furor over EXO, replaced them.

But they are back! And with so many members in the full group, I’m going to be honest and say, I don’t even realize that some of them are missing. Except Shin-Dong.

Watching this, I’m struck by just how handsome and striking Siwon is–sometimes I forget. I was really glad to see him as a member of this sub group as with his acting turn lately, you don’t see him much with the band at all. It’s nice to see him remember his roots. I did have to laugh at the video and the apperance of his weird facial hair during the fantasy sequence. Add that to his apperance in drag in the Motorcycle video, I love how playful he is with his image. And is it me or has he gotten smaller? Usually he looks–bigger. I wonder if he’s working on a project. It was also a surprise to see him not take an A role in this song/video. He had a few lines and posturings but mostly he was hanging out in the back of the line.Super Junior M Swing

I didn’t love the song at first, but have come to like it more and more with additional watchings. Which I realize is my way with Super Junior. At first it’s “Eh, okay,” then “Not bad,” to “Pretty good,” to finally, “What was I thinking? This is great!”. I especially liked the breakdown into the rap section part way through.

The one thing I don’t care about Super Junior videos (I don’t especially notice it too much in the songs themselves) is how it’s so obvious they all take turns singing and spend very little time singing together as an actual group. I don’t know why it’s distracting to me, but there it is.

I’m most definitely going to be checking out this whole release, as apparently, I love me some Super Junior–whatever the grouping. (You know, so long as Eunhyuk is in it.)

Super Junior M, Swing

A Very Kdrama Christmas Part 5: The Case of the Holiday SQUEEEE’s!

20 Dec

Song? Not bad. It’s actually pretty cute. And I’ve officially heard some stinkers. I was all like la, la, la, SM Christmas song. Then it happened. EUNHYUK!

Christmas Eunhyuk Continue reading

Touring Korea with Super Junior: Yes Please!

9 Aug

super juniorAgain! Why don’t I read Korean? I need to own this book! Ahhh…who am I kidding? I’ll probably still find it whether I can read it or not.

I’ve realized I’m officially a huge Super Junior fan. I believe I’m possibly an ELF level fan now. And it’s not just Eunhyuk, yes, Eunhyuk made me look again at my Super Junior collection, but then I realized, I love a lot of their songs current and backlist!

So when I saw that Super Junior has released a travel guide to Korea? I! Must! Have! They split the band into groups of two and sent the duos to cover different corners of Korea during different seasons.

The book is split into two parts, and each area is broken up into sections like Tasting, Feeling, Making, and Enjoying. There is also an app where smart phones can link pictures from the book to play videos on your phone.

Yeah, I need to own this book like, yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s not released until 8/16, and, you know, probably won’t be sold here. Oh right. And I still don’t read Korean. Bummer.