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Musical Monday: The Goodbye Jaejoong Edition

30 Mar

Jaejoong 2

The very first of JYJ is off to do their military service. Jaejoong is first which means it’s only a matter of time before Junsu heads in. Waaahhh.

In his rounds of goodbyes, Jaejoong just did a sold out concert (that both Junsu and Yoochun attended–I luf these guys!) where it is rumored that tickets were being scalped for a million won. Woah. After the concert, he posted a picture of his self chopped hair (isn’t it funny how stars will cut their hair before their military buzz cut? It’s like testing the water–short hair training wheels). Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Rap Monster Edition

23 Mar

rapmonGAH! Is it just me or has March been a really, really good month for music? I didn’t think I oculd get more excited than with Junsu and MFBTY both having music releases, but with this my mind just goes *POP*.

I love BTS, and within the group my favorite, hands down is Rap Monster. We got a special surprise with him guesting on MFBTY’s new album, but here? It’s pure Rap Monster all by his lonesome.

And he does not disappoint. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The MFBTY Is Back Edition!

16 Mar

MFBTYGAH! I know if I held off writing Musical Monday long enough, MFBTY would release a MV for their new song. And it worked!

I’m so happy to have these guys back! I know they’ve done other releases since TigerJK, Yoon MiRae and Bizzy first premiered as the project group MFBTY, but they don’t quite have the same sound as this. At first I wondered why they work together under so many different names, but now I get it, each one has a different sound or feel to it. While I listen to all of them, MFBTY is absolutely my hands down favorite. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Anyband Edition

9 Mar


Just in case any of you thought my Junsu obsession was starting to finally drop to manageable levels–oh how wrong you are. How far have I sunk? Oh yeah, I’ve even sought out the project band he was in with BoA and Tablo. Thought Flower was the first time he’d worked together with Tablo? Nope.

Anyband–part project band, part commercial, all what the fudge? Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Junsu Edition

2 Mar

junsuOh Junsu, how did you know this Monday was sucking balls? You always know just what to do to make a girl feel better–come out with shmexy new music.

In preparation of Junsu’s new release, I’ve actually been listening to his two past CD’s on repeat for the last two weeks, and I’m happy to say, my appreciation for Incredible has grown. While all of his music isn’t my cup of tea (his’s very musical theater-y for me) I can truly appreciate just how freaking talented he is.

Now onto this. Do I love it? Well, it’s fudging Junsu, I’m predisposed to heart any of his videos, so I’m not sure if I can really give an honest answer. The whole thing, the music and the video are incredibly powerful and you just can’t look away. Perhaps some of that is the “What the?”

I’ll be interested in listening to the non-video version of the song, as with the slow down and stops of the video, it comes off as a little disjointed. But I have a feeling that is for the plot (um, was there a plot?) of the video. One thing I can say besides, Junsu sounds awesome, is that the fact that mother flippin’ Tablo being in the song? My loves of Junsu and Tablo together?

Mind blown. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Block B Edition

23 Feb

block b

Not entirely sure how I missed this song! Was I really busy when this release happened? Did my subconscious suddenly become a Block B anti-fan without me knowing? Its not like Block B isn’t on my radar–they are. I’m actually a big fan and have been for a while.

Although now I’m thinking I should probably have that status stripped from me. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The JYJ Edition

16 Feb

Although really? This should be Musical Monday: The HAWT DAMN Edition.

You know, because how else can this be classified any other way? In other news, I’ve managed to fall down the rabbit hole of my Junsu obsession yet again. Not sure if you guys have one of these, but periodically I get so obsesssed with Junsu I just want to look at pictures of him, watch videos of him, and generally think slightly unappropriate thoughts for a while. Then I’ll get ahold of myself and get back to life as usual. Then he’ll set the trap again, and again, I’ll totally fall for it, and we’ll start the vicious circle all over again.

In the midst of this, I was chatting on the phone to Cherry Cordial and she was all “Please tell me you watched a subbed version of Backseat.” Of which I hadn’t. I’m sorry guys, despite my massive Junsu obsesssion, JYJ is just not my cup of tea. She, of course, insisted we put down what we were doing and watch it that very moment.

Oh. My. Freaking. God. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Hyehwadong Boy Edition

9 Feb

It’s time for a slooow jam. Although the song isn’t that slow, more….earnest? But doesn’t time for an earnest jam sound…dumb? Just a little?

Actually, it’s another little gem from the Mirrorball Music channel on Youtube. I’m telling you if your tastes run outside the pop-y/rap realm, there is still Korean music out there to be had and I really recommend this channel to keep your ear to the ground. While I don’t love everything they promote every now and then I’ll come across a real gem like this (and of course the band I’ve had on repeat for the last week now Jun Bum Sun & the Yangbans).

Why did I choose to click on this song? It’s the giant teddy bear headed man of course. How can you not look at that cover picture and not go, “What the fudge? This I’ve got to see”. So I did. And I really, really like it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for an earnest song. From the words (you know, being that they are in Korean) I can’t tell if it’s a good earnest or a bad earnest, so you just have to go with the feeling the tone gives you–and to me (despite the teddy bear headed man) it just seems sad. Like he’s yearning for something. As I’ve had some seriously crappy couple of weeks, it just suits my mood and, this is going to sound completely overly dramatic, but it speaks to my heart. I can just feel it.

Dear Goodness, I hope he’s not talking about how he’s in love with the teddy bear headed man and how he’d like for them to go to the circus and eat ham sandwiches, because that would make the whole speaking to my heart thing seem even sillier.

Hyehwadong Boy, Uncatchable Person

Musical Monday: Stephanie’s Kpoptastic Playlist Edition

2 Feb

Stephanies Kpoptastic playlistIf you don’t listen to the podcast (first off, why are you not? We’re delightful!) you missed my (again, delightful) story about how I’ve become friends with the Korean guy who works at the Korean market around the corner from my house (dude! I live in a place now that has a Korean vegetable market around the corner–sometimes it still blows my mind). Anyway this guy–who is probably one of the friendliest people I’ve met in all of my time here–only works there a couple of times a week and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to weasel my love of Korean whatnots into the conversation without me bursting out:


Ahem. I don’t think that’s something I can come back from. About a month ago, it finally happened. It started with an innocent comment about kimchi, and the flood gates were open. You watch Korean movies and TV? YES!!! I do! I love it! Since then whenever I pop in we have snippets of Korean centered conversation (it’s actually a super busy shop so it we can’t say much). Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Bandmaroo Edition

19 Jan

bandmarooOn a long, long train ride I spent a great deal of time watching videos and prowling Youtube for new Musical Mondays–well–in between watching Buzzfeed videos.

Anyway, this time round I wasn’t having much luck with the Kindie music group Mirrorball which is where I find most of my lesser known music, but then I finally stumbled on this one. I’ll be honest, the reason the video caught my eye was the name of the band. Maroo makes me think of Maru which reminds me of the heroine screeching for her fake brother in Can You Hear My Heart.

Continue reading