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YAY, Vampire Scholar! Wait, what? NOOOOOO!

7 Apr

edmzdvhWhat is that sobbing lump on the floor? Oh, pay no attention to that–it’s just me–unable to pick myself up after learning that the one saeguk drama I was actually looking forward to, Scholar That Walks At Night is looking to cast what’s her face, Jin Se Yeon as it’s lead.


Why? Can anyone tell me how this woman keeps getting cast time and time and time again into big name dramas? I used to think that there was no one I disliked more than Cha Tae Won, but whoops, there she is. At least with Cha, he has the good grace to mostly (with the exception of the upcoming The Producers) stay off the tv shows I want to see. But nope, there is Jin getting cast in Bridal Mask, Doctor Stranger. Five Fingers, and Inspiring Generation.

And from buzz on the street? It’s not just me who feels this way. Continue reading


T.O.P It To Me

1 Apr

T.O.P in a drama? A romantic drama no less? Hello dreams come true!

Well, real dreams come true would be a romantic drama starring T.O.P and me–but I’ll take what I can get.

It was announced  this week that a joint drama between Korean and Japanese production companies is in the works for an air date later this year. As I’ve been watching more Japanese dramas and movies, this had interested from the start, but now that they have cast T.O.P? It’s an automatic watch. Continue reading

What The Bum?

26 Mar

No idea why this post needed to be named that, but once it came to me, IT WOULD NOT GO AWAY!

New Drama Alert! New Exciting Drama Alert? Why am I so excited for this drama? Number one: Turns out, after Padam Padam, I’m a big Kim Bum fan. Ah hellz, my dark secret? I was even a Kim Bum fan after Boys Over Flowers–he was so cool.

boys over flowers

(saxophone playing aside)

But it was Padam Padam which made me appreciate Kim Bum the actor. I was just (literally just) talking to someone about wondering what he was up to and wishing he would sign onto a drama I wanted to see (yeah, I have no interest in that pottery drama, sorry Kim Bum) and then blamo! Here he is. In a drama I want to see.  Continue reading

Hesitantly Super Excited

13 Mar

omMore information is out on the upcoming drama, Orange Marmalade (I can’t be the only one out there who keeps trying to call it Orange Caramel) and while I’m not super pleased with the idol-actress heroine (Seolhyun from AOA), I continue to get more and more excited about it. Like really excited. As in, I’m not entirely certain the last time I’ve looked forward to a drama like this. Especially not over a high school drama.

I like the rest of the casting as I do love me some CNBlue boys and a weekly dosage of Jonghyun will do nicely. Why do I not care that he’s an idol actor and Seolhyun is? What can I say? I’m fickle and boy biased like that.

Umm…. that’s a lie. I don’t mind idol actors, but I’d just like them to work up to lead roles. And since the hero on this drama is Yeo Jin Gu one of the most exceptional young actors out there, I worry about her being able to keep up.

Then there’s the other thing. Since writing the last post on this drama, I’ve been reading the webtoon and I like it, I mean I really like it. It’s cute, and fun and the characters are really endearing. Of course I’m only 10 episodes in so that could change (considering they just cast Song Jung Ho from Answer Me 1997 as a character I haven’t even met yet), but for now, despite any casting they go with, I’m totally going to watch this drama. I’m probably may even simulcast it. Yes, me the staunch non-simulcast-er.



And if you want to read the webtoon, you can read it fully subbed here. When you do, let me know what you think! Also–tell me who you think should play the aunt? She is such a cool character and I hope they cast her well.

How Well You Know Me Or The Producers? Hrm.

11 Mar

mad-46338_1280I’ve been keeping my eye out for information on the new drama The Producers. Kim Soo Hyun working with the writer from You From Another Star again? Well, it worked so well the first time, why not give it another go?

And then it went down hill from there.

Why? Well, it’s pretty easy if you know me at all. (And, as Miss G over at Operation Kdrama Chat called me out on this the other day, she totally knows me!) One thing turned this drama from the ‘automatic watch’ column to a coveted spot on the ‘not even for a fist full of tacos’ list. Again, why you ask? Gong Hyo Jin? Nope. I lurve me some Gong Hyo Jin and for that reason even more than Kim Soo Hyun, I would have watched this. Is it IU then? Well, I’m not a huge IU fan as, while she’s super adorable, I personally don’t think she has a lot of acting range, but it’s not as if I dislike her enough to let her drive a wedge between me and Gong Hyo Jin. So then that leaves one person. Yep, you guessed it.

Cha Tae Hyun. GAH! Just the mention of his name was enough for me to go, “See you later Gong Hyo Jin, better luck next time.” Continue reading

Pass the Orange Marmalade, Please!

27 Feb

monster boy

This week I was lucky enough to be able to see Yeo Jin Gu in Hwayi: Monster Boy. I’ve known Yeo Jin Gu was an up and coming young actor, I’d even heard he was worthy of the title and not your typical, idol turned wannabe actor. I’d just never had the chance to see him in action before.


I was really blown away by his acting skills! So when word was released that he’d signed onto a lead in an upcoming drama? Woot! Internal happy dance. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I don’t have anything against idol actors if they can, you know, act–but isn’t it refreshing when we get someone who is, off the bat, exceptional at his job?  Continue reading

Internal Drama Plotting. Stop it, you’ll ruin a good drama that way!

1 Feb

angry mom

Baro is back!

Awww….Auntie Stephanie is so proud. You know, since becoming the ultimate B1A4 fan, I’ve been feeling very warm and fuzzy towards the members—or at least I did once I learned all their names. Ahem…Baro, Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan.

(Of course it will be embarrassing to admit just how long it took me to learn faces to the names–I swear it drove Cherry batty as she was trying to teach me!) Continue reading

Let’s Go Fishing!

16 Dec

jang geun suk2

Well isn’t this another funny coincidence? Last week No Min Woo was up in the Khottie battle and news was released on his joining a new drama. This week? Cha Seung Won is up in the semi finals and what do we have? News of his next project.

It seems like I have a very strong magic in my hands. I must remember to use it only for good! Continue reading

Let’s Go Fishing!

16 Dec

three meals a say fishing village

Well isn’t this another funny coincidence? Last week No Min Woo was up in the Khottie battle and news was released on his joining a new drama. This week? Cha Seung Won is up in the semi finals and what do we have? News of his next project.

It seems like I have a very strong magic in my hands. I must remember to use it only for good!

Na PD has picked his next victems! The brilliant antagonist producer of the Grandpas Over Flowers, Noonas Over Flowers, Youths Before Flowers, and the latest Three Meals A Day released information on his next project. As Na PD is a bit of a ratings get (Three Meals A Day, the super basic variety show where his usual target for pain, Seo-jin, matched with Taecyeon have to cook–you guessed it–three meals a day, has received unexpectedly great ratings especially considering it’s a cable show.) everyone has been eagerly awaiting this news. And it’s pretty much as odd as the rest of his shows. Continue reading

Yes, Min Woo!

10 Dec

Isn’t it funny how the exact week No Min Woo is currently getting his butt kicked over in the Ultimate Khottie Battle poll, news is released that he’s signed onto another drama? It’s almost like he’s heard his stock has plummeted and has decided it’s time to act.

Heh. Literally act. Look! I made a pun.

Looking back I thought his last drama was the frankly abysmal Full House 2 (Oh, the hair! The bad hair! Oh, and the terrible plot.) which was like 3 Christmases ago. (I know this as Kate and I still laugh about how we spent our Christmas eve laughing at watching this drama. Guess there are worse ways to spend your holiday–we could have been watching Doctor Jin…. Continue reading