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YAY, Vampire Scholar! Wait, what? NOOOOOO!

7 Apr

edmzdvhWhat is that sobbing lump on the floor? Oh, pay no attention to that–it’s just me–unable to pick myself up after learning that the one saeguk drama I was actually looking forward to, Scholar That Walks At Night is looking to cast what’s her face, Jin Se Yeon as it’s lead.


Why? Can anyone tell me how this woman keeps getting cast time and time and time again into big name dramas? I used to think that there was no one I disliked more than Cha Tae Won, but whoops, there she is. At least with Cha, he has the good grace to mostly (with the exception of the upcoming The Producers) stay off the tv shows I want to see. But nope, there is Jin getting cast in Bridal Mask, Doctor Stranger. Five Fingers, and Inspiring Generation.

And from buzz on the street? It’s not just me who feels this way. Continue reading


Crazy for Kdrama Podcast Episode 13: Kpop Wishes and Kdrama Dreams

19 Nov

Thirteen? Is it unlucky thirteen? We certainly hope not! In response to a voicemail, Cherry and I try to disagree more — or maybe that was just me — and just wait until you hear how many dramas I made my way through the last two weeks.


Episode 13: Kpop Wishes and Kdrama Dreams

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Doctor Stranger Teases

8 Apr

Doctor strangerFirst teaser for Doctor Stranger is out! And I am feeling very ‘eh’ about it. (I’m fully aware that this is going to be a monumentally unpopular stance–but I can’t help it.) Don’t get me wrong, (before I lose various friends) Lee Jong Suk looks awesome. From what I thought was going to be a straight doctor show, is morphing into a slightly political thriller with a doctor twist. What a great way to take the tired doctor show genre and give it a new twist. Continue reading

The Busy Man

27 Feb
Of course this is officially nothing but rumor and speculation, but Joo Won may be coming back to our TV screens—which of course would make him one of the hardest working men in Kdrama. From Bridal Mask to Civil Servant Level 7, to Good Doctor, to musical theater in Ghost, a movie,  and now this possible Japanese remake?  It makes me tired just thinking about it. Seriously—he must run on no sleep.
At this point I’m thinking he’s going to take his military service (when it gets here) as a nice little break.
The drama in question is a remake of a Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile. This is actually weird timing as I’ve actually spent the last couple of weekend watching Japanese dramas. (My views changing from active dislike to—“Huh, not too bad.”) While I haven’t seen the original drama this remake is based on, it has been placed on the TBWList.

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Age of Feeling Hinky

18 Feb
age of feelingAnyone know what the heck is going on with Age of Feeling? Not that I was watching it, but the buzz it was getting, I was pretty close. People are saying really positive things about the drama, Kim Hyun Joong’s improved acting skills, and from what I hear—what’s her face is not as irritating as she was in Bridal Mask.
Not to say I’ve warmed to the idea of her being the lead.

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Drama Catch Up: Peeking in on Upcoming Dramas and Casting News

16 Jan

I’m  not sure where I’ve been but I’m feeling woefully behind the current casting news and new show information. It just goes to show that Kdrama stops for no man–or blogger.

For one I can’t believe that no only has Kim Hyun Joong’s drama Age of Feeling made it all the way through pre-production, found a network, and has already begun it’s run. Awww…is it weird I feel proud of our little Kim Hyun Joong? Despite this, I can say I honestly have no intention of watching this drama. I know what you’re saying…but…but…what about this? kim-hyun-joong

KHJ got freaking built for this drama. Seriously what happened to our little JiHoo? Continue reading

Finally, Crazy For Kdrama Gets Really Excited About a New Drama!

30 May

good doctorHello show I’m really, really looking forward to! I’ve been watching the news on this one build for a while, waiting for actual confirmations to fall in place as we all know, Kdrama land is rife with “So and so is considering such and such drama.” I’ve learned the hard way that considering does not actually mean doing.

But confirmation is here and I can’t wait for the new KBS drama, Green Scalpel to premier! It has a really interesting and unique premise, a writer who has some great skills and an awesome star signed on in Joo Won.

Yep! The Joo Won who, now having seen Bridal Mask, I’m a huge fan of is coming back to kdrama (after his stop back in musical theater for Ghost: The Musical)!

I should probably apologize for the blatant over use of exclamation marks. I can’t help it, this sounds like an awesome show. Continue reading

Hot! Cold! Finishing Show Scoreboard

25 Jul

So we’re getting to that time. The current shows on the air are now either just finished or finishing up in the next couple of weeks. So I thought we’d check back in with these shows to see which ones are likely to make it onto my TBWList. And to make it fun we’ll play the hot/cold game. a gentlemans dignity

We’ll start out with the best, or the one I’m most excited for, A Gentleman’s Dignity. From comments that I’ve read it’s not great, the heroine is annoying, there isn’t a real plot, and nothing ever happens. So with all these ringing endorsements, why do I want to see it? The premise looks cute and come on, it’s me, and we all know my love of shows with no real plot. Episodes which are dragged along by the power of it’s characters alone. I don’t know why, it just is. So this? Once it’s done, absolutely yes it’s going on the TBWList. Verdict: HOT! Continue reading