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YAY, Vampire Scholar! Wait, what? NOOOOOO!

7 Apr

edmzdvhWhat is that sobbing lump on the floor? Oh, pay no attention to that–it’s just me–unable to pick myself up after learning that the one saeguk drama I was actually looking forward to, Scholar That Walks At Night is looking to cast what’s her face, Jin Se Yeon as it’s lead.


Why? Can anyone tell me how this woman keeps getting cast time and time and time again into big name dramas? I used to think that there was no one I disliked more than Cha Tae Won, but whoops, there she is. At least with Cha, he has the good grace to mostly (with the exception of the upcoming The Producers) stay off the tv shows I want to see. But nope, there is Jin getting cast in Bridal Mask, Doctor Stranger. Five Fingers, and Inspiring Generation.

And from buzz on the street? It’s not just me who feels this way. Continue reading


Doctor Stranger Teases

8 Apr

Doctor strangerFirst teaser for Doctor Stranger is out! And I am feeling very ‘eh’ about it. (I’m fully aware that this is going to be a monumentally unpopular stance–but I can’t help it.) Don’t get me wrong, (before I lose various friends) Lee Jong Suk looks awesome. From what I thought was going to be a straight doctor show, is morphing into a slightly political thriller with a doctor twist. What a great way to take the tired doctor show genre and give it a new twist. Continue reading

Casting Rumor and Innuendo

11 Jul
unbreakable5There are lots of rumors about Kim Hyun Joong floating around there right now. And not one of those rumors is that he takes finally takes his shirt off on Barefoot Friends. Darn it.
No these rumors are of him potentially signing onto a new drama for the fall. I haven’t been able to find any source to say anything more than he’s ‘considering it’. And I’ve learned (and so should you) that we cannot trust casting ‘considerations’. Do I have to remind you about the City Conquest debacle? How many of us pinned our hopes on Kim Hyun Joong coming back to dramas in an action adventure revenge story? Hopes that were taken up and up until they were slowly busted.

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