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Fun Friday: Me! Me! It’s All About Me!

27 Mar

And for those of you who said “Isn’t it always about you?”, well you can shut the fudge up.

Throughout the years of Crazy, I’ve periodically been nominated for those random awards (or chain letters) that sweep the bloggosphere. Now, you wouldn’t know that from looking here as I’ve never actually done the post. Why? Well, it’s not that I didn’t do a little happy dance whenever I got the “You’ve been nominated” notification. It’s more the–I feel weird just talking about myself and–it would mean I’d have to make a horrible confession.

What confession you ask? What could be so horrible that it would stop me from writing a fun post about myself? Here’s the thing (and don’t think too badly on me for this): So with these awards you answer the questions put to you by the nominee, ask some of your own, and nominate various bloggers that you read for the award (hence the chain letter aspect). Here’s the truth….I don’t read other blogs.

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Fun Friday: Azy Asks, Is This A Kpop Star?

20 Mar

Recently my NYC bestie and fellow blogger, Azy went on a trip to Japan and, as she insisted I would not fit into her suitcase (I even offered to pay the extra baggage fee…come on!), I had to live vicariously through her photos. Luckily she is an amazing photographer so this was an easy feat.

One of the best games Azy found herself playing was….is this a Kpop star? The rules of the game were simple. Azy would send a photo and say: Is this a Kpop star? She had varying degrees of success….

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Fun Friday: Makjang Is The Bomb

13 Mar

UV 2

I found this gem while hunting for songs for Musical Monday. It’s not quite the epic awesome that is Itaewon Freedom, but really, what is? However, part hair band, part makjang parody, all pretty funny.

Also? It reminds me of the part of Barefoot Friends I liked, before Se Yoon left and it slowly, every so slowly, turned into a boring cooking show.

UV, I Want To Live With Her

Fun Friday: Top Five Dance Party Moments

6 Mar

In this cold, cold winter, stuck inside for days, I think we’re all going a little stir crazy. Unless you are on the west coast–and then I hate you.

A lot.

In times like these there is only one thing you can do to raise the spirit and get the blood pumping–and no I’m not talking a broody shower scene. Yep, you guessed it it’s time for a Dance Party! Now here are some of my Top Five kdrama Dance Party Moments. You know, characters getting their groove on!

City Hall

city hall 3

From a drama that turned from a light fun drama to a serious angst fest, it was great to have this last episode which was almost all epilogue, bringing us back to the light and fun. This song to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry with almost all of our City Hall cast is one to remember. Makes me wish I worked at a job where I could group dance. You now, if only I could forget the episodes of office bickering and backstabbing which let up to this joyous occasion.  Continue reading

Friday Fun: NYC Chinese Lunar New Years Parade

27 Feb

New York City has a lot of parades–a lot. However my favorite, hands down? The Chinese Lunar New Year Parade. Dancing Dragons? Confetti cannons? What is not to love?

This year, despite the snow, I packed off my new camera and headed off, ready to fight with the massive crowds, the old ladies calling out “Handbag, handbag, you want handbag?”, and wet cold feet in order to see the year of the sheep (or ram, or goat).

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Friday Fun: Kdrama Crossword Puzzle Answers

21 Feb

So how did you guys do? Ready for some answers to yesterday’s Kdrama Crossword Puzzle?

Here you go!

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Fun Friday! Kdrama Crossword Puzzle Vol. 2

20 Feb

I did this once before, and , for some strange reason, I like making crossword puzzles more than I like doing them–probably because I haven’t come across any sweet-ass Kdrama crosswords puzzles. I hope you like it! I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

crossword puzzle vol 2 take 3

4. Junpyo’s favorite street food
6. Cross dressing drama
8. Popular side dish
9. Name the movie where Kim Go Eun stars as girl taking revenge for her sister’s death.
13. Kim Soo Hyun film
14. Enrique dressed as this
15. Popular drama trope
16. Flower Boy series
18. He’s the man from nowhere
21. Creepy facial hair guy
22. The sound of his and her heartbeats
26. 48 across’s character was afflicted with this in It’s Okay That’s Love
29. Daddy
31. If you give someone an apple you may be saying this
33. Georgia-born musician.
34. Ratings grabbing cable network
35. Dumpling
36. Starred in 6 Across
37. She hit her hero with a volleyball
39. 46 Down played a man on the run in this drama
44. 21 across starred in this drama
45. Popular drama trope
47. Korean actor starred as a hitman in the sequel to this American movie
48. Giraffe!
50. Actor who was revealed to be a shopaholic on 25 Down
52. Drama with a sequel, a spin off and a movie.
53. Song Joon Ki starred in this movie
54. Kim Soo Eun drama Continue reading

Fun Friday: Because We Could All Use Some Fun

13 Feb

I bet you’re all like, “Oh yeah, sure after her big declaration of sticking around, she all disappears on us. What a loser.” And I say, hey buddy, chillax, no need to get all attitudey up in here.

Just kidding. Those of you who stuck with me are lovely, gooey chocolate filled cupcakes and I just want to bite everyone of you. Ahem….this is a bad week to be on a diet.

No, I haven’t abandoned you, although it was touch and go there for a while. But instead I have great news. For me! Thanks to my boss who told me how to locate a cache of my old posts, I haven’t lost as much as I thought! Oh, I’ve still lost lots but compared to Monday when I thought I lost everything? It’s like manna from heaven. (Or a big taco. Or a potato!) Anyway, the downside about this cache that he found– is that it’s disappearing fast. Like super fast. So I’ve been furiously copying and paste-ing as much as I can get my hands on.

I feel a happy dance coming on. Or maybe carbs. Continue reading

KCrafting–Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets

4 Nov

Flower Boy Flower Power Magnet

You may not know this about me, but I’m a crazy crafter. I don’t want to brag, but I have mad glue gun skills. When the fever to craft comes upon me…you’d better watch out. Unfortunately, with my move to the city, I haven’t really had the time. But all that ended with this weekend with the advent of the birthday craft-off with my friend Thea

When I knew that Thea was making something for me? My competitive spirit burst out from me. She’s a full on professional costumer. Making and crafting is what she does. I knew I had to step up my game.

And from there the Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets were born.

Depending on how you look at them Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets are either cool, creepy, kitchy, tacky, or slightly awesome. Not to mention, incredibly fun to make. And come on, what refrigerator couldn’t be made better with some khottie magnets?

Here is the step by step tutorial so you can make your own Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets: Continue reading

Friday Fun: Kdrama Inspired Halloween Costumes

31 Oct

Friends forcing you out of your house and away from your TV in order to interact with others and celebrate the holiday? Worried about missing out on primo-drama watching time? You can’t relate to any of the current pop culture costumes out there? Don’t worry, we here at Crazy For Kdrama have got your back. Here are a few kdrama inspired costume ideas to spice up your holiday!

Flower Boy Next Door

Who wouldn’t want to be the cuddly Panda–I mean Enrique?Panda

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