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YAY, Vampire Scholar! Wait, what? NOOOOOO!

7 Apr

edmzdvhWhat is that sobbing lump on the floor? Oh, pay no attention to that–it’s just me–unable to pick myself up after learning that the one saeguk drama I was actually looking forward to, Scholar That Walks At Night is looking to cast what’s her face, Jin Se Yeon as it’s lead.


Why? Can anyone tell me how this woman keeps getting cast time and time and time again into big name dramas? I used to think that there was no one I disliked more than Cha Tae Won, but whoops, there she is. At least with Cha, he has the good grace to mostly (with the exception of the upcoming The Producers) stay off the tv shows I want to see. But nope, there is Jin getting cast in Bridal Mask, Doctor Stranger. Five Fingers, and Inspiring Generation.

And from buzz on the street? It’s not just me who feels this way. Continue reading


Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 16B: 2014 Kdrama Roundtable

8 Jan

Part two! Did you listen to part one? While not completely necessary, it might be a good idea to check that one out first!

Episode 16B: 2014 Year End Kdrama Roundtable

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast: Episode 16A: 2014 Kdrama Roundtable

7 Jan

Finally, finally, after much blood, sweat and swears, is the end-of-the-year wrap up of the Crazy For Kdrama Podcast! Due to several technical issues, we had to record twice, and due to all the dramas we needed to discuss, the show has been split into two separate episodes. Hopefully both of them equally good — although the second one (tomorrow) might be better because that’s where we announce the winner of the Kim Soo Hyun calender.

Episode 16A: 2014 Kdrama Roundtable

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Hot & Cold Finishing Show Scoreboad II

6 Aug

I was thinking Kdrama was having a pretty great year this year, and since we have many of them under our belts, I thought it might be time to update the TBWList. That means it’s time for the Kdrama Hot & Cold List! Which dramas have a chance to be put on that all important list, to eventually be watched, or ignored. (Hey, Kdrama watching time is hard to come by!)

Flower Grandpa

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit: I tried the first episode of this drama, I didn’t love it. I’m not entirely sure I actually liked it that much. Oh Cable Dramas, sometimes you go so right, and then others, with the over the top, trite characters, you irritate the bejeezus out of me. Now, Grandpa Flowers wasn’t hateful, maybe it got good, but I’m not sure I’ll stick around to find out Verdict: Tepid, like my shower on really cold days.

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Doctor Stranger Teases

8 Apr

Doctor strangerFirst teaser for Doctor Stranger is out! And I am feeling very ‘eh’ about it. (I’m fully aware that this is going to be a monumentally unpopular stance–but I can’t help it.) Don’t get me wrong, (before I lose various friends) Lee Jong Suk looks awesome. From what I thought was going to be a straight doctor show, is morphing into a slightly political thriller with a doctor twist. What a great way to take the tired doctor show genre and give it a new twist. Continue reading

Stranger Danger!

6 Feb
Surprise to me, I believe I’ve developed a resistance to Park Min Young. How did this happen? I mean, I remember her being perfectly serviceable in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She’s certainly not like the girl from Bridal Mask where the very look on her face irritates me. So why was I happy to hear she declined the offer of Doctor Stranger? And then really bummed to read, in the same article, that she was ‘looking favorably’ on joining You’re Surrounded?

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Drama Catch Up: Peeking in on Upcoming Dramas and Casting News

16 Jan

I’m  not sure where I’ve been but I’m feeling woefully behind the current casting news and new show information. It just goes to show that Kdrama stops for no man–or blogger.

For one I can’t believe that no only has Kim Hyun Joong’s drama Age of Feeling made it all the way through pre-production, found a network, and has already begun it’s run. Awww…is it weird I feel proud of our little Kim Hyun Joong? Despite this, I can say I honestly have no intention of watching this drama. I know what you’re saying…but…but…what about this? kim-hyun-joong

KHJ got freaking built for this drama. Seriously what happened to our little JiHoo? Continue reading