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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

1 Apr

We had some fun this episode — or at least we laughed a lot. Although, how that’s different from any other episode? I’m not really sure.

Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

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Show Notes
In this episode we do lots of stuff, so just listen. Just kidding! After chatting about news, what we’re watching, and how Roommate has been letting us down of late, we answer Kdrama-related questions, which have us coming almost to blows over the epic question “Super Junior or Big Bang?” and wondering which Kdrama heroine we would most want to be. Then we move over to talking about comfort watches, dramas that are our go to’s if we are sick or just want to be cheered up.

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

4 Feb

Episode 18 is up! Not only is it up, but due to internet issues, we don’t run as long as we usually do — great news for those of you who think we talk to much — and for those of you who like our length — don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back to normal next time.

Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

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Internal Drama Plotting. Stop it, you’ll ruin a good drama that way!

1 Feb

angry mom

Baro is back!

Awww….Auntie Stephanie is so proud. You know, since becoming the ultimate B1A4 fan, I’ve been feeling very warm and fuzzy towards the members—or at least I did once I learned all their names. Ahem…Baro, Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan.

(Of course it will be embarrassing to admit just how long it took me to learn faces to the names–I swear it drove Cherry batty as she was trying to teach me!) Continue reading

Crazy for Kdrama Podcast Episode 14: Junsu, Gong Yoo, and Kdrama Resources Too!

3 Dec

This is the first podcast done on my new laptop! Let me tell you the ways I hate Windows 8. Lots of them. Yep, that about covers it. However, that didn’t stop us from putting out an almost, close to stellar podcast episode.

Episode 14: Junsu, Gong Yoo, and Kdrama Resources Too!

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/crazyforkdramapodcast/Junsu_Gong_Yoo_and_Kdrama_Resources_Too.mp3]
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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 12: Cramming In Kdrama

5 Nov

Episode 12, can we get a whoop-whoop! While we were recording, it also happened to be my birthday, so it’s Stephanie’s Choice on topics! So we’re a little fast and loose with the chat.

Episode 12: Cramming In Kdrama

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/crazyforkdramapodcast/Cramming_In_Kdrama.mp3]

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Soundtrack Sunday: Shut Up Flower Boy Band

25 May

soundtrack sunday

This Soundtrack Sunday is so freaking easy.  Sometimes I have to dig through YouTube looking for play lists,  songs, saying ‘was this even in the drama? I certainly don’t remember it.’ But not only is it easier with a show whose plots musically based, but this particular drama has an OST I keep on my phone and listen to all the time. Well, maybe not as much as Coffee Prince but definitely more than You’re Beautiful.

With this rewatch though, I’ve been given a bigger appreciation to the songs.  Before I’d hit the top 3 sometimes add in Circus for good measure–but now I’ll listen to the whole thing. So. Good. I literally want to make out with the sound of Sung Joon’s voice–he has this rough, raspy rock thing going on you don’t usually hear in the world of Korean music.


Wake Up

Not In Love. I’m so glad they included this song. If Lee Min Ki had to leave early at least he left us this.

EW Says Kdrama Is Okay

8 Apr

Entertainment weekelySo, I was casually flipping through my newest edition of Entertainment Weekly which is pretty weird in itself as I ended up with the subscription to support my nephew the boy scout and, since I don’t keep up with US entertainment anymore, is pretty much wasted on me. The last couple of weeks I’ve been forcing myself to at least flip through it–and then–there it was!

Kdrama. In Entertainment freaking Weekly.

And not in a snide or ironic way either. It’s more of a “Hey, we’ve heard lots of people are starting to watch this, here’s a primer if you want to start.” Continue reading

Kdrama Weekend?

28 Mar

rainy weekendRainy Weekend! Time to make some plans, but what to do, what to do? Nowadays I always feel so lame-o spending my weekends at home, but I think I can get away with it this time for a few reasons. 1) I did actually leave the house this week a couple of times once to go see Heathers the Musical with our good friend Thea and then again when I had a meeting in the city and coerced my boss to buy me Korean food. Luckily it  really wasn’t hard to do as he loves Korean food too.

And 2? It’s supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend.  Continue reading

Friday Fun! A Holiday Gift

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! In honor of this very special day, here are some very special Valentines–just for you! Answer Me 1994 Continue reading

Miss Miss Korea? Maybe? Probably? Who Knows…

7 Nov
mis koreaWhere earlier I was unexpectedly excited for a show, here is one I wished I were more excited about. If you are a regular reader here it’s no surprise that my favorite Kdrama is Pasta. I love me some Chep. Did I mention I got a pair of fuzzy earmuffs from my officially super awesome friends for my birthday? I totally look like Seo Yoo Kyung whenever I wear them. (Just kidding.)
Sidetracked. Anyway—Lee Sun Gyun is coming back to kdramaland! And better yet, it’s not to a medical drama! Best news of all, though? He’s rejoining the Pasta writing and directing team! And again—I loved Pasta—so I must be totally stoked for this right?
Eh. Not really.

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