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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

1 Apr

We had some fun this episode — or at least we laughed a lot. Although, how that’s different from any other episode? I’m not really sure.

Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

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Show Notes
In this episode we do lots of stuff, so just listen. Just kidding! After chatting about news, what we’re watching, and how Roommate has been letting us down of late, we answer Kdrama-related questions, which have us coming almost to blows over the epic question “Super Junior or Big Bang?” and wondering which Kdrama heroine we would most want to be. Then we move over to talking about comfort watches, dramas that are our go to’s if we are sick or just want to be cheered up.

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 12: Cramming In Kdrama

5 Nov

Episode 12, can we get a whoop-whoop! While we were recording, it also happened to be my birthday, so it’s Stephanie’s Choice on topics! So we’re a little fast and loose with the chat.

Episode 12: Cramming In Kdrama

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/crazyforkdramapodcast/Cramming_In_Kdrama.mp3]

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My Challenge…should I choose to accept it

28 Feb
KimuraI need to report an about face. In the past I’ve talked about how I dislike Japanese dramas. I thought I’d been fair, it wasn’t like I’d dismissed them out of hand, I’d tried a couple and found them not to my taste. Then someone said to me, “You’re going to judge an entire nations television on two television shows?”
Oh, snap!
Very true. The thing is that it’s not that I didn’t like the dramas, instead I started out enjoying the dramas very much. It’s just that as the story went along, each of the dramas turned until I disliked one (Rich man, Poor Woman) or the drove me crazy (A Clinic on the Sea).
Despite the chastising by my friend, I felt like I’d done my duty in giving them a fair shot, and was able to cross them off my list. Guilt Free.
Suddenly it changed. Due to an injury I’ve been stuck inside. Terrible for moral but wonderful for my Kdrama watching time. After spending one week watching the wonderful Life Is Beautiful, the next weekend I decided to try another weekend drama I’d heard was good, and yet after 3 episodes realized it was pretty terrible. Add the bad drama to my blue mood and it was a case for the drama blahs.

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Rich Man Poor Woman Review (SPOILERS)

13 Mar

rich man poor woman 2

Hm. This is the first review I’m doing for a show which I originally watched during Operation: Kdrama Chat. Can there possibly be more to say that wasn’t already said to death? Well, that remains to be seen. I had a scheduling conflict and wasn’t able to join the rest of the crew for the last chat on the final 2 episodes, which actually worked out pretty well because I just didn’t have the same reaction to the show as others did. Like irritating anger?

Yeah, if you’re a huge fan of Rich Man, Poor Woman, this may not be the post for you.
I was ready to love the heck out of this drama. From what I’d heard from others, I was 98% certain I was going to want to make out with it. Sadly, this didn’t happen. ‘Why?’ I whine. ‘Why couldn’t I have just let the niggling issues I had with it go and just focus on the love story?”

The answer is simply that I didn’t just have niggling issues with the drama. The niggling issues I had throughout the bulk of the drama grew into giant boulder sized problems which made me want to rip my hair out and kept popping me out of the story. These aren’t gasps of “Wow!” or “I can’t believe that just happened!” it’s more “What the fudge?” or “Are you freaking kidding me?” and these are not exactly what you want your audience to be pondering during chunks of your drama.

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Show Introduction: Rich Man, Poor Woman

6 Mar

rich man poor womanYes, I know, since I just finished this over in Operation Kdrama Chat, sure I talked the heck out of over there, but am I done? Oddly, no. I had problems with this show, prob-lems. I just can’t stop thinking about it, finding out where it went wrong for me. Lots of others love this show. I know I saw it on plenty of others best of 2012 lists. Why do I have such issues with it? I really think, while it’s fresh in my mind I want to do a quick rewatch and then rip it apart, look at it’s insides and report my findings. Continue reading