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Hwai: Monster Boy Review (SPOILERS!)

8 Mar

hwai 2

Its the return of the Korean Movie Night and I’m happy to say, this was was AWESOME! Hwai: Monster Boy is one of those movies where, in the first few minutes, you know you are in for a good time–an incredibly violent time–but still a good time.

I’m not entirely sure where to start on this. The acting? The storytelling? All was exceptional.

Lets go with plot. A brutal gang of five men kidnap a boy and, unsure of what to do with him, decide to raise him as their own. The story restarts when the boy is seventeen, has five ‘fathers’, and has been trained to be a killer. When the fathers force him to join them on a job, he finds out who he really is, and begins to extract his revenge.

Woah. That’s a lot to take in. Continue reading

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

4 Feb

Episode 18 is up! Not only is it up, but due to internet issues, we don’t run as long as we usually do — great news for those of you who think we talk to much — and for those of you who like our length — don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back to normal next time.

Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 12: Cramming In Kdrama

5 Nov

Episode 12, can we get a whoop-whoop! While we were recording, it also happened to be my birthday, so it’s Stephanie’s Choice on topics! So we’re a little fast and loose with the chat.

Episode 12: Cramming In Kdrama

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First Episodes: A Taste Test

29 Oct

As an official simulcaster now, I looked through the currently running shows and realized I’d seen 3 first episodes. Which got me thinking…rather than doing the Hot/Cold post I’d planned on recently completed shows, judging their worthiness for a spot on the coveted TBWList, I’d change it up. Try the first episodes, a first taste if you will, of the currently running dramas to see if they could hook me into watching the rest.

I came across some interesting results: shows I expected to come through with flying colors stumbled at the gate, leaving me with a bad taste, and others, that I hadn’t considered before surprised me with an unexpected dose of yum.

Now here are a few things to keep in mind. I only watched first episodes. I’m sure some of these got better as they went along, but that doesn’t count. And, I was lazy. I only watched shows available on my TV, so I did miss Medical Top Team and Scandal. But beyond that? I’m feeling quite proud of this accomplishment! I feel like a regular simulcaster–who knew I had it in me?


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Top 5 Porn Food Dramas

26 Mar
kdrama eatingThis post is totally dedicated to you big jerks who made me watch Let’s Eat, fully knowing it was the food porniest food show out there and I was on a diet. I say was on a diet as there is no freaking way there is any way you can watch that drama and not want to eat every time they do. It made me think of all the times this has happened to me. Before Kdrama, I’d heard the term Korean BBQ once–and that was the only knowledge I had of Korean as a food.

Since my indoctrination into Korean culture via these dramas? I now lust after Korean food.

(And tacos as good as Korean food is my life is still dedicated to the pursuit of eating tacos.) Continue reading

TOP 5 Ugly Cries

7 Feb

Bring on the TearsThere’s nothing like a good ugly cry. Now an ugly cry isn’t a *oh, my eyes teared up* or a *awww….that was sad* cry. And it’s not an *I’m so happy* cry either. No, an ugly cry is a good old fashioned cry like someone in your own family has died sort of cry. A cry where if someone else hears you you’d be mortified. Now this sort of cry doesn’t happen all the time, which makes them all the more special when it does. This Top 5 list is a list to celebrate that phenomenon. Continue reading

A Transatlantic Marathon

7 Jan

kdramaflightWhat a weekend! Upside of having some guest posters last week (thanks ladies!!) I found myself with some unexpected time on my hands. And what should I fill that time with? Usually that answer would be blogging, but my new years resolution is “watch more Kdrama”.

On new years day, as I had the day off work, I decided to marathon Answer Me 1994. Why not? I’d carefully avoided any sort of spoilers, and I mean any, but wasn’t sure how much longer my luck would hold out. The 1997 was cute and short so I figured I should get in and out of ‘94 pretty easily. During my marathon, I was probably about 8 hours in, the sun was going down and I realized, I was only on episode 5. How long was this freaking show?

Answer: Pretty freaking long. Continue reading

Nelly Get’s Schooled By Kdrama

2 Jan
Recently Updated9*covers mouth* I almost combusted on the night Stephanie asked (or proposed) *wink* if I could do a guest post on her awesome blog! I do! I really, really do wanna! Wow, it feels unreal and most of all, I feel truly honored. Stephanie is a blogger I look up to… She’s way up there, and I’m….. *waves* hi, I’m here. But that’s okay, the most important thing is to have fun and I am having fun. For those who don’t know me, annyeong! My name is Nelly and MyMyooz is my blog. I have been blogging for a while but mostly behind the closet. I finally decided to come out and create MyMyooz. I’m a little “special” than other bloggers out there. I only do partial review on the dramas I watch. Why? *shrugs* I don’t know, I just want to be special hehehe. But, in my opinion, it is important to let my readers know if it is worth their time investing on the particular drama. It’s a yay or nay review. But lately, I have been venturing into doing timeline recap. I’m new in this arena but it will not stop me from moving forward.

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Speaking Of…

10 Dec

Answer-Me-1997Answer Me 1997, it’s been announced that our group of friends are going to be doing a cameo in the sequel Answer Me 1994. It was officially announced today because apparently, the news has already leaked. See? That will learn you–there are no secrets in the land that is Kdrama. Continue reading