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Somewhere Only We Know Review (Spoilers)

1 Mar


I was a super, duper lucky dog and Lady G of the Kfangirl blog offered me up a ticket for the Chinese movie Somewhere Only We Know, which is now playing here on the big screen. Funnily enough, I had been chatting with friends earlier that same day and one said, “I want to see that movie with Kris Wu, he’s supposed to be a dad.” And I was all, “Umm….isn’t he like five himself?” Who knew, just 24 hours later I’d be sitting in the theater watching that same exact movie.

Going in, I really wanted to like this movie because it was like a little present to me, but in all honesty I didn’t. I sat there, in the theater, wanting to love it, wanting to be enveloped into the story, but the story would turn, make a narrative leap, assume an emotional attachment with the audience it hadn’t earned, and I couldn’t get absorbed at all.

And before I go any further, to any fangirl reading this, no, it’s not because I don’t like EXO. Kris Wu was actually really good in the movie, I just wish he’d had a better conceived script to work with. Also, by the sounds of the awkward, inappropriate laughter around me by actual fangirls, I was not alone. Continue reading

Pirates Movie Review (Spoilers)

26 Sep

pirates 4The other night I was lucky enough to get into the Korean Movie night screening of the giant Korean blockbuster,Pirates. (I’ve learned my lesson from not getting into Roaring Waters, and park my butt in line waaaay before the movie starts.) As the effusive host leaped to the front, he proclaimed we should check our brains at the door.

You know. In a good way.

As I was watching the movie, there were several times when my logical brain tried to fight it’s way to the top, through the laughter, when the first seeds of “Uhhh what the…” attempted to bubble through–but each time I managed to beat it back and remind myself–you know what? Sometimes it’s okay to turn your brain down for a couple of hours and just have a good time. Continue reading

Answer Me 1997 Review (Spoilers)

11 May

Answer-Me-1994 (1)When I did the show intro for this post, I was so excited to rewatch. Answer me 1997. While I knew I didn’t love it as much as others do (as it is one of those shows which has received an almost instant cultish following.) I did remember liking it a lot.

In many ways, Answer Me 1997 is unlike other kdramas (thank you cable networks) and is thereby refreshing and deserves to stand out against the others.

With it’s unique editing, sound effects, and non linear storyline, a viewer can’t help but be caught up in this world. Continue reading

Kimura Takuya: Revisited

1 May

A while back, my attention was temporarily diverted from Kdrama and I was swept into the land of the Jdrama. Or I should say, pulled in by a certain actor named Kimura Takuya. After watching him in the drama Pride, I was hooked, and I vowed here to watch everything of his that I could get my hands on. Of course, with my squirrel like attention span, I didn’t quite make it. Partly because I ran out of interest (not because the shows were bad, I just don’t have staying power–it’s why I can’t watch American TV either) and partly because there are just so many of them! Here’s a list of the dramas I made it through and, briefly, my thoughts on each.


Long Vacation
Honestly, I didn’t get much past the first episode on this one. I hated the heroine so much, and when she forced her way to live with the hero, I just couldn’t take it anymore and moved along. Sorry, not even the young Kimura Takyua and his lovely long hair could make me continue with this.

Continue reading

Pride Review. (Spoilers. Big Love. Big Rants.)

4 Mar

pride2This is the first time I’ve done a review for a drama without more pomp and circumstance. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I was chatting last night with Cherry Cordial and Thea and when I told them about it, I basically hijacked the entire conversation with my rants. That’s when the thought struck me. Dur. This needs a post. Stat. (Stat being actually two weeks ago when I first started writing this post. I’m such a slacker…)

Completely by accident, I spent this weekend watching Japanese dramas. Now if you know me you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of the J-dramas, so the fact that I found one I enjoyed so much was a complete surprise. However, the fact that I loved the first part of the drama and hated the last few episodes? This, unfortunately, did not surprise me. What up, J-dramas? Why you got to be like that?

But the thing is, when I went to go put a rating for Pride on my Mydramalist, I was torn. As much as I hated where the story went, I loved the beginning just as much. Can I discount the ending for the beginning? Or the other way around?

I get ahead of myself.
Lets take the drama in two parts, so I can squee my head off before getting to the hair pulling. Continue reading

Face Reader Review (SPOILERS)

12 Feb

face reader11

I read this article the other day which said that Lee Jong Suk really disliked himself in last years hit Face Reader. He thought he brought down the movie whenever he was on screen. 1) This is untrue. He was great in Face Reader. However, I think I understand where he’s coming from, but it’s not his acting but instead the plotting of the movie itself. And 2) I realized I never actually posted a review for Face Reader after seeing it when I first moved here. I’d seen it in a double feature with Tough As Iron and I reviewed that one, but Face Reader? Completely blew it off.

While I’m going to sound all negative about this movie, let me just say, a lot of people really loved this movie. It got great acclaim and even bigger ticket sales. So I could be totally wrong here. However, for me it was one of those movies where I felt like I should have liked it more than I actually did. It’s like those ‘very important movies’ that come out here in the states just in the nick of time for Oscar nominations. Continue reading

Gloria Review (Spoilers)

10 Apr

gloriaWow. This rewatch of Gloria has confirmed my original thought that Gloria is one of the little known Kdrama gems out there. It deserves to get more recognition than it gets. “Gloria?” you say, “never heard of it.” Exactly. The first time I ever started watching this drama, it was right after the epic Smile Dong Hae and I certainly wasn’t looking to get into another long commitment. I started the first episode of Gloria because I was busy and didn’t want a show I’d be super hooked on. From the description, I figured Gloria was just what I needed .

From DramaFever:

Na Jin Jin and Ha Dong Ah grow up together. Jin Jin dreams of becoming a singer, while Dong Ah, a gifted fighter, turns to a life of working for the mob. Jin Jin gets a job as an underling at a local nightclub and Dong Ah remains her loyal friend supporting her as she struggles to look after her mentally handicapped sister. One day, Jin Jin gets her big break when the nightclub’s singer doesn’t show up, and Jin Jin gets the chance to perform. After seeing her sing, Lee Kang Suk, the illegitimate son of a wealthy family, begins pursuing her—but many obstacles stand in the way of their budding romance.

See? That didn’t seem thrilling at all. Boy, was I wrong. I literally couldn’t stop watching. How much did I enjoy Gloria? Well, usually I drag my feet on writing these reviews. (SURPRISE, right?) They just take me so long and I always feel like I’m not doing it properly. But Gloria? Gloria is one of those few shows where I have to talk about everything I’m thinking and while I’m afraid at how especially long this will be (thereby increasing the chances of you losing your interest) I’m also afraid I’ll forget to mention something. Continue reading

Rich Man Poor Woman Review (SPOILERS)

13 Mar

rich man poor woman 2

Hm. This is the first review I’m doing for a show which I originally watched during Operation: Kdrama Chat. Can there possibly be more to say that wasn’t already said to death? Well, that remains to be seen. I had a scheduling conflict and wasn’t able to join the rest of the crew for the last chat on the final 2 episodes, which actually worked out pretty well because I just didn’t have the same reaction to the show as others did. Like irritating anger?

Yeah, if you’re a huge fan of Rich Man, Poor Woman, this may not be the post for you.
I was ready to love the heck out of this drama. From what I’d heard from others, I was 98% certain I was going to want to make out with it. Sadly, this didn’t happen. ‘Why?’ I whine. ‘Why couldn’t I have just let the niggling issues I had with it go and just focus on the love story?”

The answer is simply that I didn’t just have niggling issues with the drama. The niggling issues I had throughout the bulk of the drama grew into giant boulder sized problems which made me want to rip my hair out and kept popping me out of the story. These aren’t gasps of “Wow!” or “I can’t believe that just happened!” it’s more “What the fudge?” or “Are you freaking kidding me?” and these are not exactly what you want your audience to be pondering during chunks of your drama.

I guess. Of course I may be wrong about that…. Continue reading

Joseon X-Files Review (SPOILERS)

5 Feb

Joseon XFiles 2

Uncle! I cry Uncle! Are you happy Joseon X-Files? You have officially broken me. I’m usually good at hypothesizing, synopsizing, and hypothetical-ing. But here? I just don’t know.

You know what I do know? I think I’ve come to the sad realization that I’m just not smart enough for this show. There has to be an explanation for that ending, for the questions raised throughout the show—I’m fairly certain the writers didn’t just go ‘Lets mess with the minds of our viewers and just throw in a bunch of random S*#t. Its cable, no one will notice.” The meaning is right there—just out of my reach—and if only I worked harder or applied myself I’d be able to figure it out.

But I’m not and I didn’t.

So you win Joseon X-Files. You win. Continue reading

Don’t Ask Me About the Past Review (SPOILERS)

27 Jan

Don't Ask Me About The Past

Woah Nellie has it been an unfortunate amount of time between reviews. How long? Don’t Ask Me About the Past. (Bwahaha-Brohoho). Now that we’re out of the holiday I have no more excuses. Reviews are back. And after my Month of Kdrama, I have quite the backlog. So we’re going to pick up where we left off at the cable drama, Don’t Ask Me About the Past.

I remember when watching this one during the summer, I was hooked. It was hot, I was sweaty, and I had a borrowed android tablet (thanks Laurie!). I remember really enjoying it–then that ending happened–and a bitter angry taste was left in my mouth. Seriously guys. Here’s an angry note from Stephanie to the writers/producers of dramas: