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Operation Kdrama Chat Show Poll

8 Mar

OKC Group Header FINAL

YAY! Kimura Takuya won the theme poll! I hate to say it but I was surprised to see how many Kimura fans there were out there. Not sure why, but I thought he was my own personal Japanese bias. But alas, I am just one of many. And for those of you who don’t know who he is, you can take this opportunity to also become one of the fangirls….

Come on in…follow us…you know you want to!

But after his clear win came the hard part–which of his arm-length long backlist should we choose from? As I was the most knowledgeable among the group of admins, I feel like I had a great responsibility. A great weight upon my shoulders if you would. To choose ones that are not only good, but show off our Kimura to his best light, but which also had some interesting things to talk about. (Like Engine, Good Luck, or that one where he makes furniture, lovely to watch, but not much to talk about.) But on the other hand there are a bunch of his that are very good but can be a little controversial or–triggery? Good on you for taking challenging roles, but I worry about turning people away. So it’s a delicate balance.

So, after much discussion or, “Whatever, that’s fine” we settled on something from every incarnation of Kimura Takuya. Here’s our list:  Continue reading


Operation Kdrama Chat: Theme Poll

4 Mar

OKC Group Header FINAL

Its that time again! Time to choose another theme for Operation Kdrama Chat. Is it me or does Ghost seem like it’s been going on for–ever? Of course, it could be because since I’ve seen Ghost 2 times already, I had a hard time doing a rewatch to chat with everyone.

But that gets fixed….NOW!

We’re going for something different, and something shorter, while still being good? So for this time we’re hitting up the Japanese dramas! Are you ready for your options? Here we go! Continue reading

Kimura Takuya: Revisited

1 May

A while back, my attention was temporarily diverted from Kdrama and I was swept into the land of the Jdrama. Or I should say, pulled in by a certain actor named Kimura Takuya. After watching him in the drama Pride, I was hooked, and I vowed here to watch everything of his that I could get my hands on. Of course, with my squirrel like attention span, I didn’t quite make it. Partly because I ran out of interest (not because the shows were bad, I just don’t have staying power–it’s why I can’t watch American TV either) and partly because there are just so many of them! Here’s a list of the dramas I made it through and, briefly, my thoughts on each.


Long Vacation
Honestly, I didn’t get much past the first episode on this one. I hated the heroine so much, and when she forced her way to live with the hero, I just couldn’t take it anymore and moved along. Sorry, not even the young Kimura Takyua and his lovely long hair could make me continue with this.

Continue reading

Pride Review. (Spoilers. Big Love. Big Rants.)

4 Mar

pride2This is the first time I’ve done a review for a drama without more pomp and circumstance. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I was chatting last night with Cherry Cordial and Thea and when I told them about it, I basically hijacked the entire conversation with my rants. That’s when the thought struck me. Dur. This needs a post. Stat. (Stat being actually two weeks ago when I first started writing this post. I’m such a slacker…)

Completely by accident, I spent this weekend watching Japanese dramas. Now if you know me you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of the J-dramas, so the fact that I found one I enjoyed so much was a complete surprise. However, the fact that I loved the first part of the drama and hated the last few episodes? This, unfortunately, did not surprise me. What up, J-dramas? Why you got to be like that?

But the thing is, when I went to go put a rating for Pride on my Mydramalist, I was torn. As much as I hated where the story went, I loved the beginning just as much. Can I discount the ending for the beginning? Or the other way around?

I get ahead of myself.
Lets take the drama in two parts, so I can squee my head off before getting to the hair pulling. Continue reading

My Challenge…should I choose to accept it

28 Feb
KimuraI need to report an about face. In the past I’ve talked about how I dislike Japanese dramas. I thought I’d been fair, it wasn’t like I’d dismissed them out of hand, I’d tried a couple and found them not to my taste. Then someone said to me, “You’re going to judge an entire nations television on two television shows?”
Oh, snap!
Very true. The thing is that it’s not that I didn’t like the dramas, instead I started out enjoying the dramas very much. It’s just that as the story went along, each of the dramas turned until I disliked one (Rich man, Poor Woman) or the drove me crazy (A Clinic on the Sea).
Despite the chastising by my friend, I felt like I’d done my duty in giving them a fair shot, and was able to cross them off my list. Guilt Free.
Suddenly it changed. Due to an injury I’ve been stuck inside. Terrible for moral but wonderful for my Kdrama watching time. After spending one week watching the wonderful Life Is Beautiful, the next weekend I decided to try another weekend drama I’d heard was good, and yet after 3 episodes realized it was pretty terrible. Add the bad drama to my blue mood and it was a case for the drama blahs.

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