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Operation Kdrama Chat: Theme Poll Classic Good Guys

8 Apr

OKC Group Header FINALAfter Ghost seemingly took forever to get through, we blinked and Ando Lloyd is almost done and it’s time for a new theme poll to start whittling down our next drama!

Are you ready?

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Operation Kdrama Chat Show Poll

8 Mar

OKC Group Header FINAL

YAY! Kimura Takuya won the theme poll! I hate to say it but I was surprised to see how many Kimura fans there were out there. Not sure why, but I thought he was my own personal Japanese bias. But alas, I am just one of many. And for those of you who don’t know who he is, you can take this opportunity to also become one of the fangirls….

Come on in…follow us…you know you want to!

But after his clear win came the hard part–which of his arm-length long backlist should we choose from? As I was the most knowledgeable among the group of admins, I feel like I had a great responsibility. A great weight upon my shoulders if you would. To choose ones that are not only good, but show off our Kimura to his best light, but which also had some interesting things to talk about. (Like Engine, Good Luck, or that one where he makes furniture, lovely to watch, but not much to talk about.) But on the other hand there are a bunch of his that are very good but can be a little controversial or–triggery? Good on you for taking challenging roles, but I worry about turning people away. So it’s a delicate balance.

So, after much discussion or, “Whatever, that’s fine” we settled on something from every incarnation of Kimura Takuya. Here’s our list:  Continue reading

Operation Kdrama Chat: Theme Poll

4 Mar

OKC Group Header FINAL

Its that time again! Time to choose another theme for Operation Kdrama Chat. Is it me or does Ghost seem like it’s been going on for–ever? Of course, it could be because since I’ve seen Ghost 2 times already, I had a hard time doing a rewatch to chat with everyone.

But that gets fixed….NOW!

We’re going for something different, and something shorter, while still being good? So for this time we’re hitting up the Japanese dramas! Are you ready for your options? Here we go! Continue reading

Show Introduction: Rich Man, Poor Woman

6 Mar

rich man poor womanYes, I know, since I just finished this over in Operation Kdrama Chat, sure I talked the heck out of over there, but am I done? Oddly, no. I had problems with this show, prob-lems. I just can’t stop thinking about it, finding out where it went wrong for me. Lots of others love this show. I know I saw it on plenty of others best of 2012 lists. Why do I have such issues with it? I really think, while it’s fresh in my mind I want to do a quick rewatch and then rip it apart, look at it’s insides and report my findings. Continue reading