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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

1 Apr

We had some fun this episode — or at least we laughed a lot. Although, how that’s different from any other episode? I’m not really sure.

Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

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Show Notes
In this episode we do lots of stuff, so just listen. Just kidding! After chatting about news, what we’re watching, and how Roommate has been letting us down of late, we answer Kdrama-related questions, which have us coming almost to blows over the epic question “Super Junior or Big Bang?” and wondering which Kdrama heroine we would most want to be. Then we move over to talking about comfort watches, dramas that are our go to’s if we are sick or just want to be cheered up.

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 17: Kdrama Film School

21 Jan

Bet you guys didn’t think we could beat last week’s guest- and drama-packed doubleheader episode — and you’d be right! Just kidding. While Cherry and I were both sick and tired, we managed to chat for way longer than we had space for.

Episode 17: Kdrama Film School

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Casting News: Jeong Kyeo-woon

30 Jan

wonderful mamaJeong Kyeo-woon’s coming back to TV, Jeong Kyeo-woon’s coming back to TV!

Yep, it has been confirmed that my favorite pointy eared Khottie is coming back to TV after his pretty awesome turn in History of a Salaryman.

Now this show, Wonderful Mama, is a weekend drama, so it’s not going to have the biting funniness of Salaryman, but that’s okay, Jung Kyeo-woon is still going to be the lead. I’m fairly certain this will be his first leading role since the (under-appreciated in my mind) kdrama Dr. Champ. Continue reading

What’s Next! The weekend with Kate edition

26 Jan

resistance is futile

My friend/former roommate is a very reluctant watcher of Kdramas. She is not a big fan of subtitles. However I am nothing if not tenacious. Kate, you should should totally watch this one–it’s like a X-Files but it takes place in the past! (Secret Investigation Record) or Kate, I bet you’d like this one, it’s all action adventure-y crime shows like 24 (City Hunter), or remember how much you liked Center Stage? This one takes place at an arts college (Heartstrings)

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