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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

1 Apr

We had some fun this episode — or at least we laughed a lot. Although, how that’s different from any other episode? I’m not really sure.

Episode 22: Cozy, Cozy Kdrama

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Show Notes
In this episode we do lots of stuff, so just listen. Just kidding! After chatting about news, what we’re watching, and how Roommate has been letting us down of late, we answer Kdrama-related questions, which have us coming almost to blows over the epic question “Super Junior or Big Bang?” and wondering which Kdrama heroine we would most want to be. Then we move over to talking about comfort watches, dramas that are our go to’s if we are sick or just want to be cheered up.

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

4 Feb

Episode 18 is up! Not only is it up, but due to internet issues, we don’t run as long as we usually do — great news for those of you who think we talk to much — and for those of you who like our length — don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back to normal next time.

Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

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Saeguk Rantypants

3 Feb

I have a question for you. Is there like some sort of Kdrama rule that I don’t know about which says that every single saeguk made has to revolve around political intreque? Think I’m kidding? Think back. Can you recall one? If you say Sungkyungkwan Scandal, then you are forgetting the later episodes—as I’m sure we’d all like to.

Political drama are not high on my TBWList whether they contemporary, and especially if they are set in the past. You just can’t win or fight against that amount of absolute power and that just frustrates me–and don’t we have enough in our lives to frustrate us without our dramas doing that for us? Continue reading

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 11: Kdrama’s Second Season

22 Oct

Episode 11! I’m trying so hard to make these shorter — it’s possible I’m fighting a losing battle. I literally cut 45 minutes from this episode. What can I say, Cherry and I are chatty, chatty, chatty. I’m so excited to actually be able to contribute something to the ‘what we’re watching’ section — it’s possible the anticipated shame of announcing I hadn’t seen anything made me sit down and watch something. So, yay!

Episode 11: Kdrama’s Second Season

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Do I Need More Romance? TvN Thinks I Do

19 Nov

The new shows continue to roll their way out, and yesterday word reached my ears of one that doesn’t make me all resentful (you know like Miss Korea, Prime Minister, and the latest, Pretty Boy Man). It’s one I might actually check out! Probably not as a simulcast but as a marathon, later.I need romance2

For those of you fans of I Need Romance, and I Need Romance 2012, or heck, if you’re just a fan of the more realistic shows, the news that the INR team is coming back for a third round is probably great news! Now, I haven’t actually seen past the first few minutes of the first season, but I really enjoyed INR2012—and not just because it starred Lee Jin Wook. No, it’s the realism that’s a nice break from the regular soft focus lens of Kdrama. You know, because in real life not every hero’s a chaebol and not every family hides some sort of birth secret which is ready to leap out at you when you least expect it. Continue reading


5 Jun
ScandalMind? Blown. So I clicked on a link talking about Kim Jae-won’s first day’s shooting of a new drama. Since Can You Hear My Heart and being replaced by Yoon Shi Yoon on Me Too, Flower! after Kim was hurt during filming,  he’s been on my radar. So a new drama that I wasn’t aware of? Well, my interest was caught.
The premise seems really interesting too. The drama is called Scandal and is set to air after Hundred Year Inheritance finishes up its run later this month. It’s scheduled for 36 episodes. (Does Kim Jae-won only want to do the really long dramas? Can You Hear My Heart and May Queen were both over 30 double the usual episode count. Is he a glutton for Kdrama live-shoot punishment?)

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Second-hand Crack

19 Feb

one more

While watching Smile Dong Hae the first time around I was totally hooked. Each episode made me gasp with each ever more ridiculous plot twist, each cliffhanger made me put off food and bathroom breaks for way, way too long. I HAD to find out what happened. It was the exact definition of a crack-tastic kdrama.

However, this time around, I’m finding myself not able to get as into it as I had before. I’m just not as invested, things before which had me saying, “Oh no she didn’t!”, now have me groaning or rolling my eyes. It makes me wonder:

Do these crack shows not hold up after the fervor has gone away?  Continue reading

City No Longer Conquesting?

24 Jan

I’m sorry to report there’s more bad news for anyone patiently waiting for Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama, City Conquest. Since we were teased with the of KJH coming back to dramaland for the first time since Playful Kiss, the show which seemed like a sure thing has been hit with delays and snafus along the way.

city conFirst off. No network. This show hasn’t been able to get any of the big networks to bite. KBS was expected to pick it up first in place of School 2012 and then to replace it after, but so far, City Conquest has been passed over again and again.

Then, filming has stopped completely in order to change writers and work on the plot.

These delays have had caused other problems. Like, how long to you wait around for a drama? Kim Hyun Joong is now in Japan busily promoting his newest CD (has anyone heard any song’s from it yet?

Nam Goong Min who was/is signed on to play b-guy/villain in the drama is now in talks to join a remake of a popular medical sageuk.

Oh noes!

Although, I did really like Nam Goong Min in Can You Hear My Heart, and he should really do another drama soon.

I hate to say it but it’s not looking so good right now. My feeling is City Conquest is going to be scrapped entirely–or it’s going to be like Faith–going through so many cast, story, and style changes where the end product bears little resemblance to the start.

**New News–since I first typed out this post, we’ve got the official word from KBS, due to content and production costs, they will not be picking up City Conquest. Is this the final shot?

Casting News: Incarnation of Money

23 Oct

incarnation of moneyNews of a drama tentatively scheduled for after Cheongdam-dong Alice ends. And since Alice hasn’t even started yet, it’s gonna be a while. This casting news this lands on the sketchy side as, since it’s so far away, things can change and no one has officially signed yet. That in mind, for a hero we have Kang Ji Hwan, who we’ve see in Coffee House and Lie To Me. While I didn’t care for either, I keep trying dramas he’s in because despite his pick of shows, he does a really good job. I like his comedic timing and I’d really like to see something he’s in that I’ll love.

For a heroine we’ve got Hwang Jung-eum, who keeps ticking up there, getting lead rolls. In the past we’ve seen her in Can You Hear My Heart, she just finished Golden Time, and coming up, she’s in Full House 2. Busy lady. Over all, I like her a lot, she can be super cute if she can just keep the screeching down.

Top 5 Favorite Kdramas

14 Oct

So usually when I’m talking about my favorite Kdramas, I talk my top 3. I don’t know why I never really think about putting together a list with any more than that. It’s just easier to know exactly what my top 3 are, no wiggle room, no second guessing. In the entire time I’ve been doing the blog, My top 3 has only changed once.

Since this is my last Top 5 List of my anniversary week, I wondered if it was a little trite to do my top 5 favorite Kdramas. I did my Top 5 Cracktastick Shows and my Top 5 Most Rewatched Shows which seemed similar. However, looking at my list, neither cracktastic nor rewatched means favorite. And not all my top shows showed up on the other lists. Interesting…(well, to me at least)

We all have shows we like, we all have shows which stick with us for some reason or another, but ab-stastic favorites? That’s a much smaller list. Favorite shows may be good, they may be guilty pleasures, or they may be shows that lots of other people don’t like. But you know what? We don’t care. For some reason, something within this drama has touched us and, well, isn’t that why we watch Kdrama?

Now if you’re a regular reader of the blog you probably know my favorite Kdramas are shows which don’t really rank high on others lists. I’m a sucker for character driven shows. Give me some good characters with crunchy layers and toss in a good romance, I’m in. If people say the show is boring with no plot? Yep, it’s the show for me!
You know how I judge if a show is going to be situating itself as a favorite? When I thought about it, it’s actually pretty easy. In a really good drama, when I’m watching it, if I find myself wanting to watch it all over again, when I haven’t even finished it? Favorite.

My Top 5 Favorite Kdramas Continue reading