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The Rise of the Webtoon?

10 Nov

The announcement was just made that So Ji Sub has finally signed onto another drama! So Ji Sub who has been M.I.A since Master’s Sun–is coming back to TV–exciting news right? Time to party?

Not so fast, my friend.

Turns out what he’s signed on for is one of those online web drama–a short (very short) drama made just to be online. Come on now! Isn’t that cheating? What has he been doing all this time?Master’s Sun was so popular you can’t tell me that producers aren’t begging for him to sign onto their dramas. And he’s not the only one who is trying out this new format. Currently we have Woo Bin starring in Love Cell–and it’s a big success.

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Heal Fast Woobie!

28 Aug

twentyPoor Woo Bin!

Woo Bin is the latest in the line of actors to be injured on set. Apparently during the filming of his latest movie (another one? Come on, Woo Bin, come back to TV already!) the Khottie actor injured his knee requiring an immediate transport to the hospital where an MRI showed that he’d damaged both his ligaments and tendons in his knee.

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Fun Friday: Anti Anxiety Medication

22 Aug

I’m feeling really stressed guys and I’m wondering just how long I can blame jett-lag for my irritation/random crankiness. So here is post of things which make me happy and will hopefully bring that real world stress level down.

It was just announced that Epik High is coming out with a new album ‘soon’.

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Super Power Team: UNITE!

21 Aug

Pinocchio 2I guess it was only a matter of time before one of the hottest male leads, Lee Jong Suk, was paired with Kdrama darling Park Shin Hye. Right? Right? Who’s with me?

Hrm. I know both actors are pretty beloved, but for some reason, they leave me a little ho-hum. I like Lee Jong Suk, from the bits of dramas I’ve seen him in, but he takes some roles I just don’t want to see. It’s like I want to like him, I want to love him as much as everyone else, but there hasn’t been that ‘must see’ role for me.

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A Little More WooBin? Don’t Mind If I Do!

4 Feb
The Kdrama God’s are looking favorably down upon me! My newest bias, Woo Bin, his eyebrow and perfectly coifed hair have been cast in an upcoming movie! The downside is, of course, that it’s not a 16 episode drama.
Bummer. Only 2ish hours of Woo Bin.

Extreme upside though? It’s going to be a heist movie. I LOVE heist movies. Seriously? There is nothing more entertaining than a heist gone right movie. Think The Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven. Although this is Korean, so a more apt example would probably be The Thieves. Although I don’t remember love–loving that one.

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