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Fun Friday: Top Five Dance Party Moments

6 Mar

In this cold, cold winter, stuck inside for days, I think we’re all going a little stir crazy. Unless you are on the west coast–and then I hate you.

A lot.

In times like these there is only one thing you can do to raise the spirit and get the blood pumping–and no I’m not talking a broody shower scene. Yep, you guessed it it’s time for a Dance Party! Now here are some of my Top Five kdrama Dance Party Moments. You know, characters getting their groove on!

City Hall

city hall 3

From a drama that turned from a light fun drama to a serious angst fest, it was great to have this last episode which was almost all epilogue, bringing us back to the light and fun. This song to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry with almost all of our City Hall cast is one to remember. Makes me wish I worked at a job where I could group dance. You now, if only I could forget the episodes of office bickering and backstabbing which let up to this joyous occasion.  Continue reading


Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 11: Kdrama’s Second Season

22 Oct

Episode 11! I’m trying so hard to make these shorter — it’s possible I’m fighting a losing battle. I literally cut 45 minutes from this episode. What can I say, Cherry and I are chatty, chatty, chatty. I’m so excited to actually be able to contribute something to the ‘what we’re watching’ section — it’s possible the anticipated shame of announcing I hadn’t seen anything made me sit down and watch something. So, yay!

Episode 11: Kdrama’s Second Season

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/crazyforkdramapodcast/Kdramas_Second_Season.mp3]

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Friday Fun: Things Stephanie Stubbornly Avoids

29 Aug

Inspired by Brenda’s listener question on this week’s podcast, I’ve realized there are a lot of things that I irrationally or rationally, as I’ve made up in my brains seemingly perfectly reasonable (kind of the same way I can make myself think Taco Bell is a good idea.) reasons to avoid certain things. So I thought I’d make a quick list.my girlfriend is a guhmio

1) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Lets start off with the very items which started off the list, Gumiho. I know it’s a classic, I know lots of people love it, but I just can’t do it. Why? Umm….I saw a clip and the hero irritated me, and I heard a rumor about how it ended and it turned me off. I have no idea whether this possible spoiler is right or not, but once I have an idea in my head, there it is. FOR LIFE. Continue reading

TOP 5 Ugly Cries

7 Feb

Bring on the TearsThere’s nothing like a good ugly cry. Now an ugly cry isn’t a *oh, my eyes teared up* or a *awww….that was sad* cry. And it’s not an *I’m so happy* cry either. No, an ugly cry is a good old fashioned cry like someone in your own family has died sort of cry. A cry where if someone else hears you you’d be mortified. Now this sort of cry doesn’t happen all the time, which makes them all the more special when it does. This Top 5 list is a list to celebrate that phenomenon. Continue reading

Top 5 Cracktastic Kdramas

8 Oct

all nighterWe’ve all had these shows haven’t we? Those shows, where you just NEED to know what happens? Those shows which make you play the “Just one more episode game” until you look outside the window and realize the sky is turning light? When coworkers may think that you’re working diligently but really your mind is on the latest wrench the Big Bad Kdrama Mama has thrown at your couple?

Yeah, that’s the sort of shows I’m talking about. These shows, good or bad, for some reason capture our attention and just won’t let go. When you’re watching these shows, time will just fly by and you’ll look up realizing you haven’t eaten in 8 hours. During these shows, there is usually a great deal laughing, crying, or general shouting at the screen. And at the end of the episode? There is either the mad scramble for the remote or the legendary bathroom sprint (because, heaven forbid I go while the show is on, or take the extra minute that it would take to walk up stairs rather than climb them at a dead run).
Or is that just me? Yeah. It could totally be me. Continue reading

Valentines Special: Top 5 Favorite Couples

14 Feb

Okay, I had a post scheduled for today but I think this might be a little more fun considering today’s holiday.

I was going to hold off on doing some of these top five lists until I had seen more shows, but couldn’t resist. Putting together my list was harder than I expected. I love a lot of couples for many reasons. At the end of almost every series I sigh over every shared look, get weepy over every declaration, and fervently know those two people will be together forever.

So here are my highlights. Please keep in mind the list I was working from if you’re own personal favorites are missing from my list. My guess? This will have to be a list we’ll revisit again.

Seo Yoo Kyung & Choi Hyun Wook


Pasta 3 Continue reading