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9 Apr

Hellz Yeah, Epik High Is Coming! epik high

Was my first thought. It’s no surprise here that I’m a giant Epik High fan and most especially a Tablo fan and the idea of being in the same room as them while they sing in my general direction? Total Kfan swoon. Even now, thinking of them give me a bit of goosebumps. (But that could be the optimistically opened window.)

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18 Dec

FTISLAND 1Besides the Junsu show here in New York, which happened before I moved here, there is one other show which makes me all pouty that I missed–and that was the CNBlue and FTIsland double headder. Although to be honest its the Junsu one which keeps me up at night, wracked in tears and sobs over the missed opportunity. Me and McThrusty in the same room? *Swoon* Oh right, and the time Nell played in NY. I’d kill to see Nell play in real life.

But the CNBlue, FTIsland is a close third.

Anyway, after that unfortunate event where I was on one side of the country and the two bands I currently loved (It was early in my Kpop fandom) were playing on the other, I have managed to see CNBlue twice in concert, once last year at the Best Buy theater where, despite my craptastic seat, they were freaking awesome, and the second being at KCon. Now all that’s left is FTIsland.

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Incoming: Super Junior!

22 Nov

super show 6Hold onto your panties ladies–Super Junior is coming to the US! That’s right, Eunhyuk! Siwon! Uhhh… Kangmin? ….that one! And the other one!

Yeah, I really need to bone up on my Super Junior members. I see a new set of Kpop flash cards in my future:

Flash Cards

It was just announced that their Super Show 6 concert tour has been extended with dates in the US and south America before heading over to Europe.

Now living n a location where Kpop bands come, if not frequently, then every now and then (or a hell of a lot more often then when I lived in NM) there is always the question: Who would you see if they came here.

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing Super Junior. I love Super Junior. Eunhyuk is one of those who can instantly whip me into a girl frenzy. Don’t believe me? Doubt the power of Eunhyuk? Obviously you haven’t seen this:

However, as much as I have a heart-on for Super Junior it is with equal amount that I hate SM, their actions and policies. By going to their concert isn’t that supporting what I am firmly against? Could I, in good conscience, purchase a ticket with that in mind?

On the other hand what good would denying myself Eunhyuk’s smiles, Siwon’s Manly man face, excessive abs, and faux band-cest? Could I truly say no to breathing the same air as the band I love?

Yes. Sorry guys. Sorry Eunhyuk and your hot dance moves. Sorry Siwon and your man form. Sorry…all the other ones (except you Shindong and LeeTeuk–and you know what you did.) I do this because I love you.

Noble, right?

Well, it would have been inf I hadn’t instantly gone into full on girl squee as soon as it was announced they were indeed planning on coming here.

Oh, how weak I am! I’m sorry principals–I just love Super Junior so much. They are one of the few bands where it’s not just a song here and a song there that I like, I love and listen to their whole albums.

No official dates have been announced but I’m sure they will come to NYC (or more NJ as they can definitely fill the Prudential Center). Right? Go NYC, right?? As I have more information, I will, of course, update you. IN the meantime I’ll be locking up my morals and saving my pennies for the P1 high touch tickets.

Touching Super Junior? ACK! Thud goes my heart.

Stephanie Reads Minds

10 Oct

Did you know that I have this special power? Well, I do. I thought I’d share some of the tidbits I learned during my B1A4 concert.

Baro was really impressed with the quality of his jacket.B1A4 Baro

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B1A4 Road Trip Concert

6 Oct


I hate to say it guys–after all that hype, after all that anticipation, the B1A4 concert was pretty much a dud. I’m not sure what happened! Maybe they were just too tired or maybe they just can’t support a full concert. Oh well. Continue reading

KCon 2014 Concert Special: Jung Joon Young

26 Aug


Another band–or singer–I didn’t really know much about before headed into Kcon. I’d breezed past a few of his songs and had affectionately dubbed him “the rocker kid”. Which pretty much sums him up–a nice looking young man who isn’t so much kpop by the way that CNblue isn’t that Kpop. He plays the guitar while belting out a lightly harder sound.


My group was lucky enough to be all win tickets to be in the audience at the signing, so we were able to get some photos of him, and listen to him awkwardly chat with the host of the event.joonjungyoung kcon
We learned that he has a tattoo on his arm that is from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, although he assured us “I’m not gay.” As I like the idea of that tattoo as well, and had once considered it for my own skin before thankfully realizing I’m not the tattoo type, I completely understand his choice.

Jung Joon Young Kcon IMG_0389
We did not stick around to see the signing or the high touch–as why stand around wasting time being jealous of others? We had things to do!

Back to the concert. I really liked the sound of his music, and we learned he is a Michael Jackson fan, as he decided to end his set with a rendition of Black and White, complete with MJ-esque dance moves, and a duet with Rap Monster from BTS, resplendent in an all white suit (which went with JJY’s all black ensemble.)

Jung Joon Young KCON IMG_0556
it was a pretty great moment.

Jung Joon Young Kcon IMG_0557
I will be pretty excited to see just what this guy comes out with during his career, you know since he is just starting.

Another winner from one of those music shows, which has pulled out the likes of Akdong Musicians, LeeHi, and Roy Kim, I’m sure he’s headed for big things (and not just the Khottie list…)JUNG JOON YOUNG KCON IMG_0536

Here is are some of the songs from his set–if you watch anything, watch that cover–it is a hoot!

Fyeyes Guys

20 Jan

cnblue (1)Just thought I’d let you know that there are still tickets available for both NYC and LA CNBLue concerts this week. Poor CNBlue, guess they weren’t one of the kpop bands where all the tickets sold out in seconds. So if you thought you’d lost your chance to see them, it might not be too late. Continue reading

Cnblue Is Coming! Cnblue Is Coming!

11 Dec

cnblue (1)And I don’t mean just to the west coast as it is with most Kpop bands.

So yesterday, I read an article that the US tour of UKiss sold out in less than 7 minutes. My first thought was, good for them. My second?

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Infinite: The Concert Experience

5 Dec

20131116_204813Going into the Infinite concert a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t a fan—actually I felt more meh about them—but after the experience, I’m by no means a super fan, but I certainly have more of an appreciation for them.

The concert hall was pretty small. Lucky for me! It made my one-step-up-from-bottom-basement tickets a primo spot. Now, there were the super expensive standing-room tickets down below, but I certainly would not have wanted to be there. Throughout the night I watched the crowd shove from one side of the room to the other, people moving like being pushed by a wave. At the front, I watched security pull no less than four fervent kpop fans out of the front of the pile, saving them from being crushed from behind. There was even a point where one of the band members actually warned the crowd to calm down, that they’d be there all night. It was incredible. Continue reading

Surprise! You’ve Been Kpop-ed!

17 Aug


Upside? I got my ticket to Infinite!

Downside? The regular plain-jane tickets were sold out so I had to bump up (slightly) in seating. Although in the terms of Kpop coming to the US, this is probably good news. If I tried to buy the regular tickets 5 minutes after the sales started and they were all sold out, that means those tickets must have sold like hotcakes. Good for you, Infinite! Continue reading