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Musical Monday: The He Likes Big Butts and He Can Not Lie Edition

13 Apr


Although I’m not entirely certain that’s the sort of butt Sir Mix-A-Lot was talking about. Continue reading


Musical Monday: The Is That You FTIsland? Edition

6 Apr


Huh. Well, that’s new. FTIsland has been around in the news for a few weeks, or more so the face of FTIsland (anyone else surprised to realize he’s not actually the leader?), being pretty cranky. He’s been upset with the sort of music they’ve had to play and with the endless comparison and being pitted against label mates CNBlue.

I understand where he’s coming from, it can’t be easy. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Goodbye Jaejoong Edition

30 Mar

Jaejoong 2

The very first of JYJ is off to do their military service. Jaejoong is first which means it’s only a matter of time before Junsu heads in. Waaahhh.

In his rounds of goodbyes, Jaejoong just did a sold out concert (that both Junsu and Yoochun attended–I luf these guys!) where it is rumored that tickets were being scalped for a million won. Woah. After the concert, he posted a picture of his self chopped hair (isn’t it funny how stars will cut their hair before their military buzz cut? It’s like testing the water–short hair training wheels). Continue reading

Musical Monday: The EXID Edition

26 Jan


This Musical Monday is brought to you by my friend Thea. And she says, “It’s not pervy, these are balloons!” When she first talked about EXID, my honest thought was “Are you trying to trick me into watching some sort of EXO spin-off again?” Turns out, nope, EXID is not only not EXO, they are also not boys.

Surprise! (But watch out, you can’t be too careful about these things.) Continue reading

Musical Monday: The BTS Edition

17 Nov

WHY? Why is BTS so young?? Watching their newest video (thanks Cherry) with their harder sound, driving drum beat, snarls, and swagger, I find them to be…alluring. Very alluring.

And now I’m embarrassed–thanks, BTS.

I love these guys so freaking hard! I love this video, they styling, the dancing, but most especially, how they started with each member coming in to join the dance. I’m not sure why I hadn’t listened to their newest release yet, as they have yet to disappoint me in any of their music. I continue to be afraid that they will pull a B.A.P on me and will fiddle with their sound, possibly, *horrors* catching a case of aegyo. However, I should have mBTS 2ore faith in BTS, more faith in their leader, Rap Monster, and his underground rap roots. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Puer Kim Edition

10 Nov

Puer Kim

Thanks Pamela for introducing me to this weeks Musical Monday artist, Puer Kim. Pamela actually sent me a link for one of her other songs, Manyo Maash. I liked the style and sound of her voice so much I kept going and found this song, Money.

I do love the sound of her Puer Kim’s voice, it’s low, slow quality and her complete lack of aegyo. Blech, how I dislike the aegyo. It’s like drinking regular soda–so sweet it feels like you’re straining sugar through your teeth. Continue reading

3 Nov


Let’s venture back into Kindie for a moment. I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve ventured from the land of mainstream kpop and into the lesser known and yet still sometimes exceptional land of other Korean music.

I like this song, it’s pretty and simple with no electronic trickery seen in the mainstream scene. It’s a lady with a pretty voice and a guitar. And probably a microphone. But there I’m just guessing. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Song Ji Eun Edition

27 Oct

Song ji eun

I did manage to restrain myself from making Epik High my Musical Monday choice 2 weeks in a row, as they have released even more videos that I like even more than than their first one. Just barely.

Ahem. But I’m looking at you next Monday!

Anyway, I came across this song from Song Ji Eun, who I’ve never actually heard of before, and can I tell you? I really, really like this song! Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Younha Edition

13 Oct

younhaPart 2 to Stephanie trying to get more girls here on the blog!

I randomly clicked on this link after an article said Younha was making her comback. I vaguely remembered knowing who she was and liking her music so I gave it a chance. My first thought was meh, ballad. Then it moved to hey, I guess this isn’t too bad. But all the while I was struck by something–my third thought–she’s like the female Nell. I mean, this song sounds exactly like a Nell song. And since I’m a giant Nell fan, I’d be the one who’d be able to say this. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Bobby Edition

30 Sep

Screenshot 2014-09-28 at 6.15.25 PMWell, here’s something different. Bobby has been on my radar since hearing his song playing in the shop in Flushing and someone was able to tell me who it was from my Instagram video. Here he is on another Korean music show, this one I”m not as familiar with, but I think they match people of different musical genres and have them perform together? It’s a guess. It’s probably wrong. Continue reading