A Very Kdrama Christmas Part 5: The Case of the Holiday SQUEEEE’s!

20 Dec

Song? Not bad. It’s actually pretty cute. And I’ve officially heard some stinkers. I was all like la, la, la, SM Christmas song. Then it happened. EUNHYUK!

Christmas Eunhyuk
And so the girly squeeeing began. This video made me realize several things. I miss Eunhyuk! I still really, really like Eunhyuk! And Eunhyuk has changed his hair. You know. Important stuff.
Oh. And I guess there were other members of Super Junior in the mix. Siwon was there, looking very nice himself. And if I’m not mistaken Leetuck was there? And that’s when I realized this song is actually a couple of years old. Bummer, either way it’s good to see SuJu again.

And there were also bands there beyond Super Junior. Girls Generation was there, TVXQ is there. F/X is there, but I didn’t see Amber–and she is by far not only my favorite member of f/x–I think she may be my favorite girl group member ev-ar.

SMTown, Santa U Are the One


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