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Crazy for Kdrama Podcast Episode 14: Junsu, Gong Yoo, and Kdrama Resources Too!

3 Dec

This is the first podcast done on my new laptop! Let me tell you the ways I hate Windows 8. Lots of them. Yep, that about covers it. However, that didn’t stop us from putting out an almost, close to stellar podcast episode.

Episode 14: Junsu, Gong Yoo, and Kdrama Resources Too!

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Who’s Looking Interesting? Who Could It Be?

17 Jul

who are you2Is it just me or does it seem like there are only four dramas coming out for the rest of the year? Every other day there’s teasers and stills for Master’s Sun, Green Scalpel, and Who Are You. The final drama is of course Heirs and it’s endless casting news. (Seriously guys, seriously. How many people are going to be in that freaking drama? I’ve officially lost count.)

Since I updated Master’s Sun and Green Scalpel last week and I find Heir’s casting to be boring–it’s time for a Who Are You update. Continue reading

The Power of the Promotional Poster

9 Jul


Is this me or is this a really successful poster? Before I caught a glimpse of this poster on Pinterest, I didn’t have any interest in this drama at all. Basically all I knew about it was that there was an upcoming drama and it’s called Sword and Flower. From the title I inferred that it’s a saeguk and I just don’t watch them. Thinking back in my drama history I’ve only seen 3 Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Faith, and Joseon X-Files. With Faith and Joseon X-Files being fusion, do they really count? Oh, I did also watch Bridal Mask, but is that still considered a saeguk? Does the term saeguk infer a particular time period or any drama which takes place in a time period that’s not now. In which case, Giant, which takes place in the 70’s would be a saeguk and that doesn’t seem right.

But then as I was trolling Pinterest (as I do) and I came across this poster. Continue reading

Joseon X-Files Review (SPOILERS)

5 Feb

Joseon XFiles 2

Uncle! I cry Uncle! Are you happy Joseon X-Files? You have officially broken me. I’m usually good at hypothesizing, synopsizing, and hypothetical-ing. But here? I just don’t know.

You know what I do know? I think I’ve come to the sad realization that I’m just not smart enough for this show. There has to be an explanation for that ending, for the questions raised throughout the show—I’m fairly certain the writers didn’t just go ‘Lets mess with the minds of our viewers and just throw in a bunch of random S*#t. Its cable, no one will notice.” The meaning is right there—just out of my reach—and if only I worked harder or applied myself I’d be able to figure it out.

But I’m not and I didn’t.

So you win Joseon X-Files. You win. Continue reading

Show Introduction: Joseon X-Files

29 Jan

joseon xfilesI have been dreading reviewing this show. Not because I didn’t like it. The show was highly stylized and was full of spooky fun. It’s just—I don’t know what it all means—was there meant to be a purpose? I think there was, I just need to work harder to find it. This will also be my second crack at trying to figure out what the hell happened in those last two minutes. Does anyone know? Seriously guys, I can’t be the only one who came away from that drama saying, “Uh…what?”

It will actually be weird rewatching Joseon X-Files. Why? Well, we’re still watching Stars Falling From the Sky for Operation Kdrama Chat, starring Kim Ji Hoon. I’m also simulcasting Flower Boy Next Door co-starring Kim Ji Hoon, and now watching Joseon X-Files starring—you guessed it—Kim Ji Hoon. I’m thinking I need to watch Love & Marriage this weekend to make it a four-shot. Continue reading

Don’t Ask Me About the Past Review (SPOILERS)

27 Jan

Don't Ask Me About The Past

Woah Nellie has it been an unfortunate amount of time between reviews. How long? Don’t Ask Me About the Past. (Bwahaha-Brohoho). Now that we’re out of the holiday I have no more excuses. Reviews are back. And after my Month of Kdrama, I have quite the backlog. So we’re going to pick up where we left off at the cable drama, Don’t Ask Me About the Past.

I remember when watching this one during the summer, I was hooked. It was hot, I was sweaty, and I had a borrowed android tablet (thanks Laurie!). I remember really enjoying it–then that ending happened–and a bitter angry taste was left in my mouth. Seriously guys. Here’s an angry note from Stephanie to the writers/producers of dramas:


Show Intro: Don’t Ask Me About the Past

29 Nov

Don't_Ask_Me_About_the_PastHrm. This show. Hrm. It has a really interesting premise, it starts out pretty well, but as soon as we switch from the episodic nature (the case of the week) and just start following just one case, that’s where they lose me. Well, that and the crappy, crappy ending. Well, to clarify the ending wasn’t too bad if this were American TV and there was going to be a second season. But after I spend 16 hours with a show, I expect an ending. While I may not have understood the ending for Joseon X-Files, at least there was one! Continue reading

Casting News: Jang Hyuk/Daniel Henney

18 Aug

Iris 2
Raise your hand if you’ve seen Iris. I know you can’t see me, but my hand is definitely not raised. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Iris. Consensus is while Iris is not very good, it’s still miles better than its spin-off Athena: Goddess of War. Which doesn’t say much. I hear Iris has one of those frustrating, ambiguous endings and since I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened at the end of Joseon X-Files, I’m not eager to jump into another one.

There have been rumbles for a while, or at least as long as I’ve been part of the Kdrama community, that the makers of Iris want to do a full on sequel. The rumors have also met with mixed reviews. Continue reading

Kdrama Romance Goes To Army

26 Jul

We all like to joke about the Khottie Army rule. Army=hotness X 8. It’s an actual math equation. Check it out. On Fourth of July, when I was watching Joseon X-Files with my friend Kate, I astounded her with my knowledge of the lead actor Kim JiHoon. Nothing crazy mind you, just the fact that I knew he was in the Army and that he was due to be released this summer (of course it was odd to find out only days later he was released that same week.) “What? Are you some kind of stalker?” she asked.


No, no stalker, I just have a weird tendency to remember details which have no real relevance on my actual life. Did I remember to put out the mail for work? I dunno. When is Hyun Bin being released from the Marines? December. That’s not creepy, right?

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