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Friday Fun: Kdrama Inspired Halloween Costumes

31 Oct

Friends forcing you out of your house and away from your TV in order to interact with others and celebrate the holiday? Worried about missing out on primo-drama watching time? You can’t relate to any of the current pop culture costumes out there? Don’t worry, we here at Crazy For Kdrama have got your back. Here are a few kdrama inspired costume ideas to spice up your holiday!

Flower Boy Next Door

Who wouldn’t want to be the cuddly Panda–I mean Enrique?Panda

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Kdrama Weekend?

28 Mar

rainy weekendRainy Weekend! Time to make some plans, but what to do, what to do? Nowadays I always feel so lame-o spending my weekends at home, but I think I can get away with it this time for a few reasons. 1) I did actually leave the house this week a couple of times once to go see Heathers the Musical with our good friend Thea and then again when I had a meeting in the city and coerced my boss to buy me Korean food. Luckily it  really wasn’t hard to do as he loves Korean food too.

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Friday Fun! A Holiday Gift

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! In honor of this very special day, here are some very special Valentines–just for you! Answer Me 1994 Continue reading

Cherry Cordial Cordially Talks about 2013

4 Jan
Recently Updated11Hello, Cherry Cordial here! Thanks to Stephanie for giving me another chance to do an end-of-the-year wrap-up. What a difference a year makes — last year I was so new to Kdrama that I didn’t really get the appeal of watching the current shows. Now that I’m part of the community, I have soooo much fun watching and talking about the shows we’re all watching together, and I totally get it. Of course, I don’t have time to watch all the shows, since I’m still catching up on all the older ones I’ve missed, but I watched a lot more than I did last year. And now on to the lists.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly NewKDramaAddict’s 2013 Year in Review

1 Jan
be end of yearCrazy For KDrama graciously asked me to guest blog. Some of you might know me from twitter, Facebook groups, or even mydramalist but one thing is for sure: I watch a lot of dramas…A LOT! I have made it very clear that I hardly watch romance dramas because I find then very unentertaining sometimes but there is that rare occasion that I find one that I really like. My favorite genre is undoubtedly the revenge and suspense dramas but I especially like the dramas that are different. I expect some people will disagree with my choices but that is the wonderful thing about the drama world: we don’t always agree but continue to love each other regardless.

This year was no different than last year when it came to the quality of dramas offered. Some really anticipated dramas were duds to me (might be glaringly obvious to some) and others were total surprise but not necessarily the hits. So, I will present to you my list of dramas that fell into 3 categories: good, bad and ugly. Continue reading

I’ve officially Chosen Mi-Rae’s Choice

18 Oct

marry him if you dare

After the success of simulcasting Master’s Sun, Cherry and I decided to go in again. But which one? The obvious choice of course would be Heirs. I could hear it calling me…”Come on Stephanie…you know you want too….everybody else is doing it….” But as you know, my interest in Heirs goes from “Squeeee Lee Min Ho!” to “Umm…highschoolers? Really?” Then I watched the first episode, and the show went right to “Yeaaaahhh….maybe later. A lot later.”

So what does that leave? Is it just me or is there not much going on right now? I thought I was going to have to skip this round, but then this weekend happened and Mi-Rae’s Choice premiered to pretty much rave reviews! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this show since the first casting news emerged. I just didn’t think it was simulcast material. But the ticks in the plus column just keep piling up. Continue reading

I’m Teased By The Good Doctor Teaser

12 Jul

good doctor

How excited for Good Doctor (formerly Green Scalpel) am I?Super freaking excited! Seriously guys–I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a show since Flower Boy Next Door. (Shhh…..possibly even more than that one…) I. Can’t. Wait. And this teaser has only multiplied my eagerness by about a billion percent.

Joo Won, looks awesome. The camera work looks awesome. The tone seems awesome.

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Flower Boys Dead Ahead!

21 May

dating agency 3I’ve had an up and down relationship with Dating Agency: Cyrano. And it’s not even out yet. Lately I’ve straddling the fence of ‘meh’ and ‘I guess I’ll check it out.’ Well, that was until I watched some of these video promos. Consider me back in the ‘I’m cautiously kind of excited about this’ column.

Which is just in time considering this show premiers next week! Although, we are a week in and DramaFever hasn’t announced that they’re going to be carrying it. They carried the other in the flower boy series (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Flower Boy Next Door), so it would make sense that they would carry this one. Although, is this technically a Flower Boy show? It’s the only one without Flower Boy in the title. And Lee Jong Hyuk ,the star, probably falls more under Flower Ahjussi. Maybe Dating Agency is more like a spin off. Continue reading

Ask And You Shall Recieve!

9 Mar

LAUGH. I was just replying to a comment of Enz’s who asked when Jung Il Woo and Sung Joon were coming back to the screen. I said to her I figured it would be a while for Sung Joon as he just finished Can We Get Married, but it’s about time for Jung Il Woo to come back after Moon/Stars.

Then I go online and what do I see? Sung Joon just signed on to a movie. Scary Story 2. It also stars the guy we liked from Operation Proposal and Flower Boy Next Door, Go Kyung-pyo.

It’s a movie, not a drama, so that’s one thing. And it’s a scary movie and that’s another. I probably won’t see it. But it’s so funny that we were just talking about it!

Quick! Let’s talk about something else I want!  Um…. Jung Woo Sung!

Casting News: Jeong Kyeo-woon

30 Jan

wonderful mamaJeong Kyeo-woon’s coming back to TV, Jeong Kyeo-woon’s coming back to TV!

Yep, it has been confirmed that my favorite pointy eared Khottie is coming back to TV after his pretty awesome turn in History of a Salaryman.

Now this show, Wonderful Mama, is a weekend drama, so it’s not going to have the biting funniness of Salaryman, but that’s okay, Jung Kyeo-woon is still going to be the lead. I’m fairly certain this will be his first leading role since the (under-appreciated in my mind) kdrama Dr. Champ. Continue reading