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Joseon X-Files Review (SPOILERS)

5 Feb

Joseon XFiles 2

Uncle! I cry Uncle! Are you happy Joseon X-Files? You have officially broken me. I’m usually good at hypothesizing, synopsizing, and hypothetical-ing. But here? I just don’t know.

You know what I do know? I think I’ve come to the sad realization that I’m just not smart enough for this show. There has to be an explanation for that ending, for the questions raised throughout the show—I’m fairly certain the writers didn’t just go ‘Lets mess with the minds of our viewers and just throw in a bunch of random S*#t. Its cable, no one will notice.” The meaning is right there—just out of my reach—and if only I worked harder or applied myself I’d be able to figure it out.

But I’m not and I didn’t.

So you win Joseon X-Files. You win. Continue reading


Don’t Ask Me About the Past Review (SPOILERS)

27 Jan

Don't Ask Me About The Past

Woah Nellie has it been an unfortunate amount of time between reviews. How long? Don’t Ask Me About the Past. (Bwahaha-Brohoho). Now that we’re out of the holiday I have no more excuses. Reviews are back. And after my Month of Kdrama, I have quite the backlog. So we’re going to pick up where we left off at the cable drama, Don’t Ask Me About the Past.

I remember when watching this one during the summer, I was hooked. It was hot, I was sweaty, and I had a borrowed android tablet (thanks Laurie!). I remember really enjoying it–then that ending happened–and a bitter angry taste was left in my mouth. Seriously guys. Here’s an angry note from Stephanie to the writers/producers of dramas:


Show Intro: Don’t Ask Me About the Past

29 Nov

Don't_Ask_Me_About_the_PastHrm. This show. Hrm. It has a really interesting premise, it starts out pretty well, but as soon as we switch from the episodic nature (the case of the week) and just start following just one case, that’s where they lose me. Well, that and the crappy, crappy ending. Well, to clarify the ending wasn’t too bad if this were American TV and there was going to be a second season. But after I spend 16 hours with a show, I expect an ending. While I may not have understood the ending for Joseon X-Files, at least there was one! Continue reading

Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice…

18 Apr

I have learned there is a definite distinction between Korean network and cable programs. For the most part its really cool. Just like our cable channels, the shows are a little sharper, a little edgier, probably because they are not held to the same rules as network programming.

That’s all cool, right?

But there’s a dark side to cable shows. A lurking secret which, when it happens, is unexpected and burns my buttons.

The cliff-hanger.

I’m not talking about the last scene in an episode which ends on a WTF!?! just happened moment. Those cliffhangers are fine, expected even. It’s part of the crack-y-ness which hooks you into Kdrama. It’s also why I slept about 3 hours while watching Can You Hear My Heart. I fell victim to the–one more episode, just one more episode–until I realized it was after three in the morning and I had to technically get up for work in 3 hours.

Totally normal.

What I’m talking about is the need to end the series in a cliffhanger. I guess cable networks are more apt to have an actual second season over network shows. This is not what I signed on for! I like my one story line, 16-30 episodes, you’re in, you’re out, you’re done. Yes, I may wish for more episodes sometimes, but this is merely just me being a fan. If the writer has done his (or her) job properly, I shouldn’t want to leave the world at the end. But a cliffhanger for a second season–especially if YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE A SECOND SEASON is uncool. gods-quiz2

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