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Musical Monday: The So Ji Sub Vs Seo In Guk Edition

22 Dec

With voting for the semifinals in the Ultimate Khottie Battle going on hot and heavy, I realized that both So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk were not only actors but also musicians! And I don’t even have to put musicians in quotes! Ahem*leeminho*Ahem.

Seems quite fitting to see what these two guys have to offer. Musically speaking.
First up, So Ji Sub. He’s more the actor/rapper. I used to laugh when I read that, but admittedly, I really like this song and will also cop to owning the whole release. And this video is pretty freaking cool. I’m actually a little surprised, I thought for sure I’d done it as a Musical Monday once before.
Or maybe I just watched the video and thought about it….
So Ji Sub, 18 Years (featuring Saetbyul)

Now onto Seo In Guk, who seems to be making his name for himself as an OST king. This song is for his latest drama, High School King of Savy. While it is a ballad, I don’t hate it, and it actually makes me a little more interested in watching the drama than I had been before.

Seo In Guk, Finding Myself

Crazy for Kdrama Podcast Episode 14: Junsu, Gong Yoo, and Kdrama Resources Too!

3 Dec

This is the first podcast done on my new laptop! Let me tell you the ways I hate Windows 8. Lots of them. Yep, that about covers it. However, that didn’t stop us from putting out an almost, close to stellar podcast episode.

Episode 14: Junsu, Gong Yoo, and Kdrama Resources Too!

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What A Difference A Teaser Makes: Battle of the Quirky Dramas

12 Jun

trot loversHoly smokes! What a turn around. Just a few days ago, I really couldn’t wait for the new drama Trot Lovers. Cute concept, I love Jung Eun Ji, and I’m interested in seeing Ji Hyun Woo in his first post post army drama.

Then the teaser came out.

And it hit me like a dead rock. (Um…can a rock be dead? Lead? A Lead rock? Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.) I’m not even sure if I can tell you exactly what it is about it that turned me off. Uninteresting? Stuffy? Run of the mill? Whatever it was, it was like a switch that flipped from ‘woot!’ to ‘meh’.

high school king
On the other hand, I had no real interest in the new Seo In Guk tvN drama, High School King of Savy as I’m not a huge high school drama fan, didn’t really know much about the plot, and, frankly, the poster was a big turn off. Seriously, what is this saying besides ‘I’m schmarmy’? I currently have an affinity for dramas with strong women and with a poster with two women actually hanging off him, it didn’t seem to be what I was looking for.

However. Then I saw these teasers.

And then the goofy making of:

And I’m hooked. Seriously, how cute are these teasers?? I know the dancing probably won’t be a part of the drama itself, but it was just quirky enough to capture my attention, and my imagination. So he’s pretending to be his older brother who he looks JUST LIKE, while brother is off trying to get revenge on the person or persons responsible for the deaths of their parents. Who is the girl in the promo? I’m guessing happless/spunky office girl. So a noona romance? Except she doesn’t know she’s a noona? Except he’s still in high school–which gives me a case of the squidgies.

Whatever it is, I now can’t wait for this drama to start, and luckily it begins next week. I think it’s funny that the former lead couple of Answer Me 1997 will now be in competing dramas. Unfortunately, since Jung Eun Ji’s Trot Lovers is on a main network, and Seo In Guk is on cable, she’ll win the ratings war but tvN doesn’t require huge numbers to be considered a success.

I don’t think I’ve officially given up on Trot Lovers. I’ll cross my fingers that they will release a newer, better teaser. something that will bring me back into the fold.

Musical Monday: The Seo In Guk Edition

2 Jun

Screenshot 2014-06-01 at 5.33.33 PMSometimes I forget that Seo In Guk actually started out as a singer and, as most of us were introduced to him as an actor in Answer Me 1997, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Just recently I realized I actually own one of his releases, Can We Dance Tonight and one of the songs, actually Can We Dance Tonight had made it’s way onto my workout playlist. Why do I like it so much? The line he keeps repeating “Dance, dance party tonight.” Now, what person doesn’t love a good dance party? Late at night, alone in your apartment, turn up the music and just let to–now that’s a good dance party.

And apparently Seo In Guk feels the same. Continue reading

Answer Me 1997 Review (Spoilers)

11 May

Answer-Me-1994 (1)When I did the show intro for this post, I was so excited to rewatch. Answer me 1997. While I knew I didn’t love it as much as others do (as it is one of those shows which has received an almost instant cultish following.) I did remember liking it a lot.

In many ways, Answer Me 1997 is unlike other kdramas (thank you cable networks) and is thereby refreshing and deserves to stand out against the others.

With it’s unique editing, sound effects, and non linear storyline, a viewer can’t help but be caught up in this world. Continue reading

Soundtrack Sunday: Answer Me 1997

4 May

answer me 1997 55

When I say it’s been forever since I’ve done a Soundtrack Sunday, I’m not lying–it really has been as the last drama review I snuck in, Pride, didn’t have an OST. Or maybe it did. It was Japanese, so I didn’t really check. But I’m finally getting this review for Answer Me 1997 out, so Soundtrack Sunday is back!

There was a lot of music in Answer Me 1997--there had to be considering the whole thing is based on nostalgia for the year, and a big trigger for the past is music. Now the show, because it featured so many songs of the time, didn’t have it’s own OST, however later the director did release an soundtrack with a few songs done by the leads and, of course, a few of the classics. Continue reading

Seo In Guk is Coming Back To TV!

14 Apr
high school king
He’s also going back to TvN and he’s also going back to high school. Don’t get me wrong, I do really like Seo In Guk, but I’m not seeing that he’s showing a lot of range in his acting. However, I liked him in Answer Me 1997 and I liked him in the movie, No Breathing, so I’m willing to give him a second, third, and possibly fourth chance.

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Seo In Guk Power–ACTIVATE!

5 Jun

seo in guk

Well here’s some interesting (and when I say interesting I mean awesome) information. Seo In Guk has signed on for The Hong Sisters new drama Sun of the Lord.

Why is this awesome? First, I had forgotten about this drama. Gong Hyo Jin and Mr Cheekbones? Yay! A show I can be excited about. Second, I’m a big fan of Seo In Guk. I loved him in Answer Me 1997 and he was really cute in Love Rain. He’s been on the Crazy radar ever since.

I thought I’d seen everything he was in but I just now remembered he was just in the family drama Rascal Sons. Did anyone hear anything about that show? I knew when it was coming out–and then heard nothing–not a great sign. Nothing worse than a meh show.

Anywhoo. So he just signed onto the new Hong Sisters show, which was apparently humming right along while we weren’t watching considering the fact it now has a title.

Seo In Guk has been cast as a head of security of a shopping mall. Hmmm…. I wonder. Does this mean the show will take place at the mall and mall offices? This is part workplace drama considering the hero is a business man who the heroine works for as his secretary?

So I read this article on enewsworld. And in the article it says that The Hong Sisters are taking over the script on this one. Taking it over? I wonder if this is just a phrase they used meaning writing it or if they actually mean someone came up with the idea and they are going to be the ones writing it. I wonder what that would do for the story? I mean–I guess it doesn’t matter much–but the thought just keeps rattling around in my brain.

I’m actually looking forward to this one and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me. My one consolation was the fact that before Big was released, I liked the cast (or I should say, I liked Gong Yo) but I never cared for the storyline. It was a wait and see for me. In Sun of the Lord, I really like the cast and the premise is really interesting. So I’m throwing caution away and am just going to look forward to this. Yep. I’m in that sort of mood.

Bring on the Awesome, Hong Sisters!

Or else….