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9 Apr

Hellz Yeah, Epik High Is Coming! epik high

Was my first thought. It’s no surprise here that I’m a giant Epik High fan and most especially a Tablo fan and the idea of being in the same room as them while they sing in my general direction? Total Kfan swoon. Even now, thinking of them give me a bit of goosebumps. (But that could be the optimistically opened window.)

So what puts a frownyface on this awesome news?  Continue reading


Musical Monday: The Anyband Edition

9 Mar


Just in case any of you thought my Junsu obsession was starting to finally drop to manageable levels–oh how wrong you are. How far have I sunk? Oh yeah, I’ve even sought out the project band he was in with BoA and Tablo. Thought Flower was the first time he’d worked together with Tablo? Nope.

Anyband–part project band, part commercial, all what the fudge? Continue reading

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 20: Roommate, Remakes, and the End of Kdrama?

4 Mar

It’s the twentieth episode! Let’s party like it’s Episode One — you know, except for the fact that we were horribly nervous Episode One and now we are a slick podcast-making machine! Well, maybe not, but we still have fun.

Episode 20: Roommate, Remakes, and the End of Kdrama?

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/crazyforkdramapodcast/Roommate_Remakes_and_the_End_of_Kdrama.mp3]

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Show Notes
For this episode, we talk about Junsu (Yes again! What can we say, his MV was released, and it is epic — how could we resist?), we squee about Stephanie’s newfound love of Roommate (well, we both squee, and Cherry rocks the ‘I told you so’), we answer a listener question regarding the sister to the sequel and spin off, the remake, then finally, we discuss the troubling news from the big three kdrama broadcasters and what that means for the future of Kdrama. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Junsu Edition

2 Mar

junsuOh Junsu, how did you know this Monday was sucking balls? You always know just what to do to make a girl feel better–come out with shmexy new music.

In preparation of Junsu’s new release, I’ve actually been listening to his two past CD’s on repeat for the last two weeks, and I’m happy to say, my appreciation for Incredible has grown. While all of his music isn’t my cup of tea (his’s very musical theater-y for me) I can truly appreciate just how freaking talented he is.

Now onto this. Do I love it? Well, it’s fudging Junsu, I’m predisposed to heart any of his videos, so I’m not sure if I can really give an honest answer. The whole thing, the music and the video are incredibly powerful and you just can’t look away. Perhaps some of that is the “What the?”

I’ll be interested in listening to the non-video version of the song, as with the slow down and stops of the video, it comes off as a little disjointed. But I have a feeling that is for the plot (um, was there a plot?) of the video. One thing I can say besides, Junsu sounds awesome, is that the fact that mother flippin’ Tablo being in the song? My loves of Junsu and Tablo together?

Mind blown. Continue reading

20 Oct

Epik high

Yay! Epik High has finally come back!

Wait. That seems to vanilla for this curse laden, porn filled, return to almost basics song. Hmm… let’s see if I can do better.

Yo! Epik High be back in the hiz-ouse? No? Epik High is back and these bitches be crazy? No?

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Come Back Home: Actors Who Should Get Back To Dramas Already!

29 Jul

milk carton 2_Lee Min KiIn a recent podcast, we talked about certain actors getting cast all the time. How there sometimes seem to be the same rotation of actors sometimes playing versions of the same characters. This got me thinking, there are some actors and actresses who we, for some reason or another, have been missing from our tv screens for way too long.

Here is my list of actors I wish would get back to work already. And if you could read this while humming 2ne1’s Come Back Home? That would be perfect as that’s what I’ve been humming the entire time I’ve been compiling the list.

Gong Yoo (last drama Big, 2012)

Gong Yoo, honey, Big was so many years ago. It’s time to finish licking the wounds left by a bad drama, shake off the past, and get back up on the horse. And by horse I mean MY TV. If we’ve been able to move past that drama, don’t you think you should too? I’m sure there are many dramas just waiting for a hero like you–you could have your pick of projects. Heck! You’re Gong Freaking Yoo–just ask–I’m sure that there are writers out there who would love to write a project for you. May I recommend the skinship lover, Kim Eun Suk? Or possibly, if you want to ease back into acting, may I suggest a kissy tvN drama. Really? Either will do.

Jung Ryu Won (Last drama Medical Top Team, 2013)

medical top team
Right now while watching History of a Salaryman, I’m reminded just how much I like Jung Ryu Won and the chances she’ll take with a character. She is truly one actress who doesn’t care about ruining her ‘image’ and as a result her characters and projects are different and entertaining. Well, except for maybe her last project. I think it’s time for her to pull off another History of a Salaryman or a King of Dramas.

Jung Woo Sung (Last drama, Padam Padam 2011)

padam padam
Oh, Jung Woo Sung. I realize you are mainly a movie actor, but I love you, and I cherish every moment we have together on any screen. Don’t you think it’s time, as a present for me, for you to come back to TV? I know you love the weepies, and that’s fine, I don’t mind crying buckets of tears over you if that’s what you want. Just please, come back. Padam Padam was forever ago.

Hong Sisters (Last drama Master’s Sun 2013)Master's Sun

Is it just me or is it weird we haven’t heard anything from the Hong Sisters? Since they start of their career they’ve consistently come out with a drama every year, not even taking a break after Big. Doesn’t it seem weird that they would take a break after redeeming themselves with Master’s Son? Unless they are planning something for later on this year, but I thought they were more summertime fare. And here we are, mid summer, and no Hong Sisters. Not to mention, it’s the Hong Sisters, wouldn’t we have heard rumors of a planned project if they did have one in the works? Its not that I love the Hong Sisters, but it’s now tradition.

Lee Min Ho (Last drama Heirs, 2013)

Yep, I know it was just last year that you were in Heirs. However, since I’m choosing to overlook Heirs as I have no intention of ever watching that one, I believe I’m owed a drama. And aren’t you typically a one project a year actor? Why break this habit now? Just because you’ve filmed your first movie, this does not excuse you from your tv acting responsiblites.

Yoon Shi Yoon (Last drama, Prime Minister 2013)

prime minister
Only (way too many count–sob!) days of military service left to go. You had best come out swinging. And if you could come out with the extra post military hottness, we wouldn’t hate it. If not? Don’t worry about it! We’ll take you any way we can get you.

Lee Chun Hee (Last Drama 3 episodes of Master’s Sun 2013)

lee chun hee masters sun
Dear Lee Chun Hee, I’m not sure if I’m ready to forgive you for being in my city for weeks and not looking me up. I mean, I even went out onto the streets of NYC and searched for you–the least you could have done is been in a place where I could have found you. However, I will look past this transgression if you’d just come back to the tv. And not as a second lead. Please. My fandom is on the line here.

Vanness Wu (Tiamo Chocolate, 2012)tiamo chocolate

Not Korean, but Vanness Wu is my favorite actor in all of TW-land. I know he’s all busy with music, getting married and stuff, but I don’t think it would kill him to do another drama. I’m about thiiiiiis close to breaking down and watching Ti Amo Chocolate, even though it is 80 episodes of nothingness just to see get a Vanness fix.

Tablo (Last Solo CD, 2011, Last Epik High CD, 2012)

Well, here’s a total cheat, but it’s my post and I don’t care. TABLO! COME OUT WITH NEW FREAKING MUSIC ALREADY.

Enough said.
Kim Sun AhI Do I Do
How long ago was I Do, I Do? Too long, I think. Kim Sun Ah is definitely one of my favorite Korean actresses and it’s really time for her to come back with another one of her signature characters.
Lee Min Ki

Shut up flower boy band lee min ki
Remember Lee Min Ki? Remember when you used to do dramas? It was your role in I Really, Really Like You that first turned me into a fan of yours. I’m very happy that you’ve created this big movie career for yourself, but just think of all the new fans you could be creating by coming back to TV! I think you owe it to all the possible fangirls out there, like myself, to put down the edgy, and pick up the drama. Actually, you don’t even have to put down the edgy roles, remember Shut Up Flower Boy Band? You can be edgy and be on TV. Just ask tvN, I’m sure they’d be happy to have you back.

So here is my list of people I want to ‘Come Back Home’ to us. What is yours?

Tablo and the YG Cover Project

25 Jun

Tablo 2

Stephanie got a major case of the squee’s this morning. Last week the Musical Monday I talked about YG’s cover project first with Akdong Musicians covering Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. And yesterday it was announced that the next song in the series was going to be….Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. Hrm. Again? I love the idea of the cover project but why do they keep doing the same song?
But since it’s Tablo doing the covering this time, and since it’s been way too long since we’ve had a Tablo song, I was okay with the idea. I’ll put up with a lot for Tablo. Of course, it said the lyrics were being written by Tablo, and I was all… “Wut?” Why are they writing lyrics for a cover song?

It’s in English! SQUEE! Continue reading

My Newest Addiction: Babies and frazzled Dads

14 Jan

return of superman14
I have a Kdrama admission to make. And it’s a little embarrassing–so don’t laugh. A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Youtube and stumbled on the KBS World channel. And that’s where I saw it. A show which I’d seen little articles on here or there and wanted to see, but it was so new, I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I settled in and watched the first episode. And then it happened.

I am full on addicted to the variety show, The Return of Superman.

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A Korean Movie Adventure!

22 Oct

amc theater

In the continuing series of things I’m able to do here in the city, that I wasn’t able to do at home in the woods, last week I had a fun adventure the other weekend.

My first weekend in the city and I’d had a line on a Korean American movie which was premiering here in the city, starring Tablo’s wife. I got a notice that they were doing a special bloggers promotion. High off my press badge with DramaFever, I was ready for another night out. Then waaah…waaah…waaah I realized the theater it was showing in was in Bayside, a 2 hour trek from me. Granted my one NY friend lives in Bayside, so I could have made it a double-header visit, but even so? I wasn’t super excited. Then I watched the trailer.

And it was awful. Continue reading

Musical Monday: The Tablo Edition

24 Aug


Last Tablo thing for a while. I promise! However, since we just wrapped up his episodes on Barefoot Friends and he was chosen as Khottie on Saturday, I figured I might as well make it a trifecta and award him Musical Monday. Continue reading