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Netflix: Trials and Tribulations

2 Feb

netflixAs a Kdrama fan, I have a love-hate relationship with Netflix. Out of all of the online services I feel like we can all agree that they have the best player. Their website always works smoothly, subs stay exactly where they need to be and are easy to read, and their device platforms work just as well. Yay! Netflix, right?

Also on the good side is that they have a collection of Korean dramas. Not only have a collection of Korean dramas, but recognize the genre’s up and coming popularity and have given it it’s own sorting tab. Come on! Isn’t that sound proof that the secret is out on Kdramas and that we are well on our way to building this hallyu wave bigger and bigger? We can point it out to our friends–look, Kdrama isn’t so weird, it’s right there on Netflix!

All of these are good things, however, there is the inevitable downside. The selection. Since Kdrama’s first arrival on Netflix I’ve witnessed their selection get stale and then slowly, ever so slowly, start to dwindle.

Nooooo! Continue reading

Spotlight On: Kdrama.com

31 Mar

kdrama 13 copyBreaking news! I’m so happy to announce a brand new site for legally streaming kdrama, conveniently named, Kdrama. The site is actually kdrama.com which on the one hand, makes me think, “How cool is that?” and on the other hand, I wonder just how long ago they were able to grab that prime piece of internet real estate. Either way, its cool and easy to remember.

Kdrama is a revamped version of the kdrama site powered by Crunchyroll. With a new focus, they are updating the entire system, bringing on new dramas, and are taking on the daunting task of simulcasting.kdrama 15

Currently simulcasting 7 dramas, their professional translators plan to have the newest episodes subbed and up on their site within 12 hours of their original broadcast in Korea. Current titles include: Continue reading

Viki Chromecast: A Review

18 Dec

Just the other week I posted on Viki’s release of an app for the XBox 360. Within their news release, they said to keep an eye out as they planned to be announcing more releases in the near future. Well, the next one is out and it is COOL.

Hello, Chromecast.ht_chromecast_nt_130724_16x9_992

I read the article and thought–oh, that’s nice–another device thats not a Roku box. But just this weekend, I went home for the holiday where my tech savvy friend Shane had a bunch of them and let me try it out on the TV in the room I was staying.

It is so cool and so easy to use, I squealed like a little girl. Now looking back, I’m a little embarrassed for myself. Continue reading

It’s a Viki Christmas!

4 Dec

viki_xbox_tvshowsJust announced yesterday, Viki has released a new app for the XBox 360. Why should we care? Well, for me this does no good as I don’t have an Xbox–360 or otherwise. However, for those of you out there who do, this is another way for you to watch Kdrama on your actual, real life television. Think of the possibilities! Gong Yoo, Min Ho, and….other khotties on your big screen. Continue reading


15 May
asian crushHmm….what to do with those minutes while cooking a meal before settling into your evening viewing? If you’re like me it’s certainly not watching Kdrama. For Kdrama I need both eyes on the screen at all times as I don’t want to miss a single line of dialog. WHY DON’T I KNOW MORE KOREAN?!?And worse than missing out on dialog is the fact that Kdrama too easily sucks me in and I forget everything else around me–like dinner. I couldn’t tell you the amount of food I burned to a crisp before I instituted the Absolutely, Positively No Kdrama While Cooking policy.
So last night, I decided to check out the Asian Crush channel on my Roku box. You’ll remember I did a post on the Asian Crush channel when I first discovered it. It features Asian movies, some A, mostly B, but some C’s. I’ve learned that on the Asian Crush channel if you see something you want to watch you need to move fast, what’s here today is not guaranteed to be there tomorrow.

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Plea to the Gods of Kdrama III

13 Jul

Okay, so we did really well last time with our show requests. Out of the five shows I pleaded for last time, we were granted four of them. FOUR. We’re getting really good at this!

Considering the success of the last Plea to the Gods of Kdrama, I decided my next request would be for something near and dear to my heart. I’ve made a tacticle decision to only ask for one thing this time—that’s how important this request is for me. No, not just me, it’s important for all Kdrama watcher kind. Well. Kdrama watchers with a Roku box.

Okay, so here it is. Please, please, please Gods of Kdrama, create a Viki channel on the Roku box. Whew. There. It’s out there.roku Continue reading

Spotlight On: Netflix Android App

25 Apr

netflix app 4I’m guessing now you’re saying “Has Crazy For Kdrama ever seen a technology she didn’t like?” Viki App got a really good review, DramaFever app blew me out of the water, and we all know my ongoing love affair with my Roku box.

This was going to be the review to change that. I gleefully imagined the scathing words which would pop from my fingers when I first planned the review for the Netflix app. Oh, how hella crappy that thing was! Out of all the apps this was the dead worst. The screen was completely pixilated, every time the screen buffered the audio sync would jump and not match up, basically it was just a pile of blech. Seriously, for all their issues, Netflix is a big company. I expected better.

If only I had written that two weeks ago as originally planned.

I don’t know if they realized how craptastic their product was and updated it, or maybe my internet just got better, but suddenly the app started working properly. The clarity is great, I haven’t had a single problem with the audio. All in all a solid product. Continue reading

Spotlight On: Netflix

24 Jan


As I started watching these shows on Netflix, I feel like I should add them in as an option for watching Kdramas. However, they have very limited titles–seriously less than one hand. The biggest ones are Boys Over Flowers (on tap for review) and City Hunter (staring BOF’s Lee Min Ho, I haven’t seen this one yet, but I hear its excellent).

However, the translations and subtitles are very clear. They not only translate the text but also clue you in to tips to understanding cultural jokes or puns created by wording in the dialog. For example Jan Di means grass, which seems simple, but there are a lot of jokes in BOF relating to the main characters name. Continue reading