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Son Ye Jin–Stop Salking Me!

18 Dec

pirates 19I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed through My Chilling Romance or wept through A Moment To Remember. As a not super lover of Korean Movies, they both rank up within my top 10. My Chilling Romance is funny, and scary, and super romantic all in one sweep. A Moment To Remember is crazy romantic, showing within just two hours the creation of one of the best couples, before ripping it all away, dashing you to tears. Both movies have high production values, are well written and very well acted.

It wasn’t until just now, like two years later, that I realized–Son Ye Jin is actually the heroine in both dramas. This might be old hat news to you, but for me? That old hat was blown from my head. I know, I know, you’re probably like–how did you not know this? Did you watch both movies with your eyes closed? To which I say–yes, yes I always make it a habit of watching subtitled movies with my eyes closed–learning Korean by osmosis. Continue reading


Pirates Movie Review (Spoilers)

26 Sep

pirates 4The other night I was lucky enough to get into the Korean Movie night screening of the giant Korean blockbuster,Pirates. (I’ve learned my lesson from not getting into Roaring Waters, and park my butt in line waaaay before the movie starts.) As the effusive host leaped to the front, he proclaimed we should check our brains at the door.

You know. In a good way.

As I was watching the movie, there were several times when my logical brain tried to fight it’s way to the top, through the laughter, when the first seeds of “Uhhh what the…” attempted to bubble through–but each time I managed to beat it back and remind myself–you know what? Sometimes it’s okay to turn your brain down for a couple of hours and just have a good time. Continue reading