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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 23: Kdrama, Not Korean Soap Operas

15 Apr

We had a couple of issues this episode 1) our terrible moods and 2) some technical issues which made Cherry sound like a robot for a while. (If you’re wondering, no, this did not help the moods.) On the upside? We got a wee bit ranty — which is always fun.

Episode 23: Kdrama, Not Korean Soap Operas

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Show Notes
In this episode we put our ranty hats on and talk about how delightful we think it is when people call Kdramas “Korean soap operas,” and if they can say it while rolling their eyes? Even better! (This is a lie, neither of these things are good.) We talk about what we’re watching and Stephanie lays a big surprise on Cherry Cordial, add on some newsy type stuff and a listener-question-inspired topic about the changes of Kdrama through history which we “Uhhh…” our way through, and you have the perfect recipe for an interesting podcast.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love–It’s Still Chugging Along

8 Jul

It's okay it's love-002It looks like Gong Hyo Jin is soldiering on, continuing to film It’s Okay, It’s Love despite her broken arm. So far, so good, I’m still really looking forward to the drama. From the stills that have been released, it looks beautiful–but considering the fact it’s coming from the Padam, Padam and That Winter, The Wind Blows team, anything less than breathtakingly almost to the point of unrealistic beauty would be completely unacceptable.

The team went to Okinawa to shoot for a week last month, and the extremely cozy shots makes me wonder. The pre-production is usually given to the first few episodes. Does that mean that the pair will either get together very early (which is never a good sign for them to stay together) or were they lovers in the past? (Which the plot does not allude to at all.) Continue reading

Show Introduction: Answer Me 1997

10 Dec

answer me 1997

Now that we’ve got On Air out of the way, getting us back on the Kdrama review train, how about we watch one I actually like? I know, what a novel concept! If you’ve been a reader of the blog, I was one of those people who eagerly awaited Answer Me 1997 to come out. The idea of it just caught my attention. A show featuring a bunch of kids in their last year of high school in 1997? Hey, I graduated high school in 1997! (Don’t judge me or count backwards.) The idea made the show instantly relatable. Continue reading

What’s next? Help a Girl Out!

24 May

While I don’t get to have Monday off, I’m still having a Kdrama weekend. What to watch? Here are the ones I’m looking at:


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