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US Takes a Pass on Kdrama. Fans Say, Whew?

24 Mar

genre defying miscellany kdramaYes, there are parts of all of us that want Kdramas to come here. We all want to point to a super successful show that our friends are hooked on and go, “You know that’s based on a Kdrama, right? I watched the original. In Korean.” We all want to be cool before cool was cool.

But is it the best for us in the long run? I’m going to say no. What are the chances if it came here that it would be good? That the concept of the original dramas could hold up to the change from 20 episodes to as many seasons as American show producers can wring out of them? As I’ve seen few shows which can hold up to that I’m going to go with no.

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Cramming In Kdrama Update 3: The Home Stretch

23 Dec

Crunch Time 2I can’t believe how quickly Christmas came this year! I actually reached the point where I began to panic that I wasn’t going to be able to get all the dramas I’d hoped to by the end of the clock. What was I thinking saving some of the biggest hitters of the year until the very end? This is the first time watching Kdrama has actually stressed me out–well, besides that time I tried to watch Nice Guy…

Now all that’s left is Christmas Eve and Day and this weekend. Now the cramming will really begin.

I wonder what it’s going to feel like at the end of the month, when I’m no longer gulping them down? On the one hand I feel like I’m going to have so much more time on my hands. On the other? I’m hoping I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to fit more Kdrama into my life. Sometimes I need to remind myself that this is what I’m here for. My goal I guess will be for a balance between the two–real life and my drama watching one.

Of course a month of doing the bare minimum of posts means I’ve got lots of fun things that have rolling around in my head that I’m super excited to get down on paper.

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You From Another Star Coming Here?

23 Sep

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to an actual Kdrama making it on the air as a US remake. We. Are. Getting. So. Close. (You know, for better or for worse.) It’s almost a wonder who is going to make it first? Joo Won’s Good Doctor? Nine? Answer Me 1997? Grandpa’s Over Flowers? Or the newest contestant–You From Another Star.

As other countries are hurrying (legally and illegally) to remake this crazy-popular drama themselves, it makes sense that the US would at least think about wanting to get in on that.
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Trot Lovers–Rom-Com Fun? Lets Hope So

29 May

trot lovers

I’m officially ready to say I’m excited for Trot Lovers. The more I hear about the plot of the top star who hates trot music and the trot music lover coming together? It sounds like nothing but solid rom-com fun. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be no murderous, amnesia, secret baby side plots. In the world of Kdrama it’s not super often we get a character driven drama, so I saver them when I can.
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EW Says Kdrama Is Okay

8 Apr

Entertainment weekelySo, I was casually flipping through my newest edition of Entertainment Weekly which is pretty weird in itself as I ended up with the subscription to support my nephew the boy scout and, since I don’t keep up with US entertainment anymore, is pretty much wasted on me. The last couple of weeks I’ve been forcing myself to at least flip through it–and then–there it was!

Kdrama. In Entertainment freaking Weekly.

And not in a snide or ironic way either. It’s more of a “Hey, we’ve heard lots of people are starting to watch this, here’s a primer if you want to start.” Continue reading

Friday Fun! A Holiday Gift

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! In honor of this very special day, here are some very special Valentines–just for you! Answer Me 1994 Continue reading

What the? Only One New Episode?

28 Jan

you from another star 2I can hear the wails from here. All around the globe the anguished cries of Kdrama fans call out a unified “Noooooooooo!”

The hottest show that almost every single kdrama watcher (including me who rarely simulcasts), Lover From Another star, (or Man From the Stars, or You from Another Star) is only showing one new episode this week!

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A Transatlantic Marathon

7 Jan

kdramaflightWhat a weekend! Upside of having some guest posters last week (thanks ladies!!) I found myself with some unexpected time on my hands. And what should I fill that time with? Usually that answer would be blogging, but my new years resolution is “watch more Kdrama”.

On new years day, as I had the day off work, I decided to marathon Answer Me 1994. Why not? I’d carefully avoided any sort of spoilers, and I mean any, but wasn’t sure how much longer my luck would hold out. The 1997 was cute and short so I figured I should get in and out of ‘94 pretty easily. During my marathon, I was probably about 8 hours in, the sun was going down and I realized, I was only on episode 5. How long was this freaking show?

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Incoming Star Lover–Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

29 Nov

manfromanotherstar6Okay guys–teasers, pictures, and more plot details on My Lover From The Stars (also known as You From Another Star) came out and let me tell you–I CAN NOT WAIT! Serious Kdrama anticipation jitters going on over this one. Which is completely unexpected–as I knew this one was coming–I’d even done a post on it. And since I wrote that post even more information had come out and….nothing. But this update? Just goes to show how effective a good teaser can be.

And I swear it’s not just because of the all the shirtless-steamy-moody-kdrama showery goodness.

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Chemistry Makes All the Difference

16 Aug

ThievesWhen I first saw this casting and news on an upcoming drama, Man From Another Star, my reaction was pretty—yawn…ho-hum.

Why? I don’t even know, it was early, I was tired, and perhaps I hadn’t yet kicked off the early morning mehs.

Because really—I like this guy. Kim Soo-hyun was great in Dream High—really, really great. And I liked him in The Thieves. He was funny and memorable within a cast of what seemed like dozens. Not an easy feat. I especially remember his story line because he had that smoking hot chemistry with the older girl thief and in my mind they totally ended up together in the end.
The premise for Man From Another Star is kind of interesting, him playing an alien who landed during the Joseon dynasty and decided to stick around for hundreds of years. In current day he meets a famous actress and…yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not sure where the plot goes from there. But my issue is if he doesn’t age, and he gets together with an earthling with a…limited lifespan, how are they going to end up together in the end?
I should rephrase that. How are they going to believably end up together in the end?

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