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First Episodes: A Taste Test

29 Oct

As an official simulcaster now, I looked through the currently running shows and realized I’d seen 3 first episodes. Which got me thinking…rather than doing the Hot/Cold post I’d planned on recently completed shows, judging their worthiness for a spot on the coveted TBWList, I’d change it up. Try the first episodes, a first taste if you will, of the currently running dramas to see if they could hook me into watching the rest.

I came across some interesting results: shows I expected to come through with flying colors stumbled at the gate, leaving me with a bad taste, and others, that I hadn’t considered before surprised me with an unexpected dose of yum.

Now here are a few things to keep in mind. I only watched first episodes. I’m sure some of these got better as they went along, but that doesn’t count. And, I was lazy. I only watched shows available on my TV, so I did miss Medical Top Team and Scandal. But beyond that? I’m feeling quite proud of this accomplishment! I feel like a regular simulcaster–who knew I had it in me?


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What A Difference A Couple of Hours Make

9 Oct

Earlier today, I saw the news that Lee Dong Gun was considering starring in a new tvN drama and I literally squeeed out loud. I really like Lee Dong Gun and was just the other day thinking about him, hoping that he hasn’t given up on acting and will be picking up a new drama soon.

Then there it was, an answer to my K-prayers. Not only had he been offered a new drama and was considering it, but it was also for the leading role! I could hardly contain my happiness and was determined to write a post celebrating after getting back from the gym.

As I settled down at my computer, that’s when I saw it. The news that he’d turned down the part. What the?? NOoooo!
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Do-dad’s and Whatnots. Random bits of Kdrama news

28 Aug

So, with the deadly cold I barely survived last week, some news has begun backing up here. So here’s a bunch of interesting stuff in easy bite sized pieces. Aww…I missed you guys almost as much as I missed the ability to breathe through my nose.

He’s in the Army Now.

Awww…..Song Joong-ki has officially shaved off the hair and reported for duty. It seems too soon doesn’t it? I feel like we should have more warning, more time to prepare ourselves for our favorites to go off to disappear for their 2 years of military service.

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Casting Rumor: Mi-rae’s Choice

14 Aug
miraes choicePlease let this casting rumor be true. My birthday isn’t that far away–lets consider it a birthday present from the Gods of Kdrama. I know I don’t usually like to depend on people ‘looking favorable on’ casting news, but this time I just can’t help myself. The news currently buzzing around is that Lee Dong-gun may finally be coming back to drama-land. Who is this you ask? And why should you care?
Well, you don’t have to care, but for some reason, I do. The only thing I’ve seen Lee Dong-gun in was his last work, When It’s At Night, which he was great in, and since then (and after Googling his sad personal history) I’ve had a soft spot in my Kdrama loving heart for him.

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