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Friday Fun! A Holiday Gift

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! In honor of this very special day, here are some very special Valentines–just for you! Answer Me 1994 Continue reading


Schools Apparently Back In

3 Dec

misskoreaWell this gave me a good chuckle. Lee Sun Gyun as a high school student? It tickles me about as much as seeing the A Gentleman’s Dignity boys during their high school days flashbacks. Here’s hoping Lee Sun Gyun’s are just as funny. Because if they don’t play it for humor it’s just going to be….weird. Continue reading

Miss Miss Korea? Maybe? Probably? Who Knows…

7 Nov
mis koreaWhere earlier I was unexpectedly excited for a show, here is one I wished I were more excited about. If you are a regular reader here it’s no surprise that my favorite Kdrama is Pasta. I love me some Chep. Did I mention I got a pair of fuzzy earmuffs from my officially super awesome friends for my birthday? I totally look like Seo Yoo Kyung whenever I wear them. (Just kidding.)
Sidetracked. Anyway—Lee Sun Gyun is coming back to kdramaland! And better yet, it’s not to a medical drama! Best news of all, though? He’s rejoining the Pasta writing and directing team! And again—I loved Pasta—so I must be totally stoked for this right?
Eh. Not really.

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Our Town–What the Heck Just Happened?

30 Aug

Our Town

Last weekend I went to my friends in VT for my last visit before I move. As I had just finished my cold, I was deep in the throughs of the dreaded tickle cough, which only visits right after my cold and only at night when I’m trying to sleep.

So as I was laying there, in between the *ahem*’s, while sleep alluded me, I decided to watch a Kmovie I’ve been meaning to watch for a while, Our Town. Continue reading

Biggest Disappointments of 2012

4 Jan

Throughout the year there are shows we get super psyched about from the very first whisper. We scour the news looking for mentions of what we’re sure is going to be the biggest hit of the year for returning stars, returning writers or eve just an interesting premise. Then they land. Splat. We try to hold out hope, hold onto why we were so excited in the first place until every fond memory is gone, leaving only a bad taste.

Bigbig Continue reading

A Christmas Present from Jami

23 Dec

A Merry Christmas to me….

(This one made me laugh out loud.)

Kdrama christmas copy

Best. Friend. Ever!

Plea to the Gods of Kdrama III

13 Jul

Okay, so we did really well last time with our show requests. Out of the five shows I pleaded for last time, we were granted four of them. FOUR. We’re getting really good at this!

Considering the success of the last Plea to the Gods of Kdrama, I decided my next request would be for something near and dear to my heart. I’ve made a tacticle decision to only ask for one thing this time—that’s how important this request is for me. No, not just me, it’s important for all Kdrama watcher kind. Well. Kdrama watchers with a Roku box.

Okay, so here it is. Please, please, please Gods of Kdrama, create a Viki channel on the Roku box. Whew. There. It’s out there.roku Continue reading

Plea to the Gods of Kdrama II

16 May

Okay, so this worked last time and when I say work, I mean ONE of the shows I really wanted to see became available. In my book, I call that a win.

So since my last outing was so successful, I thought I’d try it again. However, I thought I would add in shows that look really good coming up for premiere as well.

First up: Golden Time. Big surprise here, Lee Sun Gyun, girl from Can You Hear My Heart (although I still wonder if she is miscast here) and the director from Pasta? I’m so in.golden time

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