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Fun Friday: Azy Asks, Is This A Kpop Star?

20 Mar

Recently my NYC bestie and fellow blogger, Azy went on a trip to Japan and, as she insisted I would not fit into her suitcase (I even offered to pay the extra baggage fee…come on!), I had to live vicariously through her photos. Luckily she is an amazing photographer so this was an easy feat.

One of the best games Azy found herself playing was….is this a Kpop star? The rules of the game were simple. Azy would send a photo and say: Is this a Kpop star? She had varying degrees of success….

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Crazy for Kdrama Podcast Episode 13: Kpop Wishes and Kdrama Dreams

19 Nov

Thirteen? Is it unlucky thirteen? We certainly hope not! In response to a voicemail, Cherry and I try to disagree more — or maybe that was just me — and just wait until you hear how many dramas I made my way through the last two weeks.


Episode 13: Kpop Wishes and Kdrama Dreams

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6 Nov


Well, great news for those of you who are rabid Lee Jong Suk fans, or anyone looking forward to the upcoming drama Pinocchio–so basically I’m talking to my friend Thea.

Hip-hip-hooray! The hair of sadness doesn’t stay! (Ahem…sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

As previously reported, the look the production decided to go with for Lee Jong Suk’s character was shaggy dog, with an unfortunate wig. We wondered if that was going to stick around for the entire drama, which, I think we can all agree, would be distracting at the least. Continue reading

Pinocchio Reverse Teases

29 Oct

pinnochioYou know a surefire way to make me less interested in Lee Jung Suk’s new drama Pinocchio? Ahem…. that would be to put him in this terrible wig.

What the fudge??? Who’s decision was this? His? Was it a “I don’t want people to think of me as just a pretty face–I am an actor!” No? Well, I was just guessing. I can’t imagine the production team looked at that and thought it was a great idea–hide their lead under a mop of–well, that can’t be hair. Watching the teaser I was literally distracted by it. Continue reading

Super Power Team: UNITE!

21 Aug

Pinocchio 2I guess it was only a matter of time before one of the hottest male leads, Lee Jong Suk, was paired with Kdrama darling Park Shin Hye. Right? Right? Who’s with me?

Hrm. I know both actors are pretty beloved, but for some reason, they leave me a little ho-hum. I like Lee Jong Suk, from the bits of dramas I’ve seen him in, but he takes some roles I just don’t want to see. It’s like I want to like him, I want to love him as much as everyone else, but there hasn’t been that ‘must see’ role for me.

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Doctor Stranger Teases

8 Apr

Doctor strangerFirst teaser for Doctor Stranger is out! And I am feeling very ‘eh’ about it. (I’m fully aware that this is going to be a monumentally unpopular stance–but I can’t help it.) Don’t get me wrong, (before I lose various friends) Lee Jong Suk looks awesome. From what I thought was going to be a straight doctor show, is morphing into a slightly political thriller with a doctor twist. What a great way to take the tired doctor show genre and give it a new twist. Continue reading

Face Reader Review (SPOILERS)

12 Feb

face reader11

I read this article the other day which said that Lee Jong Suk really disliked himself in last years hit Face Reader. He thought he brought down the movie whenever he was on screen. 1) This is untrue. He was great in Face Reader. However, I think I understand where he’s coming from, but it’s not his acting but instead the plotting of the movie itself. And 2) I realized I never actually posted a review for Face Reader after seeing it when I first moved here. I’d seen it in a double feature with Tough As Iron and I reviewed that one, but Face Reader? Completely blew it off.

While I’m going to sound all negative about this movie, let me just say, a lot of people really loved this movie. It got great acclaim and even bigger ticket sales. So I could be totally wrong here. However, for me it was one of those movies where I felt like I should have liked it more than I actually did. It’s like those ‘very important movies’ that come out here in the states just in the nick of time for Oscar nominations. Continue reading

Korean Movie Excitement

17 Jan

Yesterday I talked about some new, upcoming dramas, today it’s movies! I make no secret of the fact I don’t love (or like) most Korean movies. However, now that I live in the city, where I can actually see some of them in the theater, I try to catch as many as they will bring here. You know, it’s the principal of the matter. I try to do as many Korean-y type things that are offered, that I couldn’t get in New Hampshire.

I know I shouldn’t start off with the one I’m most excited with, but I can’t help it. I watched the trailer for Hot Blooded Youth and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED.

hot blooded youth 2

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Drama Catch Up: Peeking in on Upcoming Dramas and Casting News

16 Jan

I’m  not sure where I’ve been but I’m feeling woefully behind the current casting news and new show information. It just goes to show that Kdrama stops for no man–or blogger.

For one I can’t believe that no only has Kim Hyun Joong’s drama Age of Feeling made it all the way through pre-production, found a network, and has already begun it’s run. Awww…is it weird I feel proud of our little Kim Hyun Joong? Despite this, I can say I honestly have no intention of watching this drama. I know what you’re saying…but…but…what about this? kim-hyun-joong

KHJ got freaking built for this drama. Seriously what happened to our little JiHoo? Continue reading