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Friday Fun: Things Stephanie Stubbornly Avoids

29 Aug

Inspired by Brenda’s listener question on this week’s podcast, I’ve realized there are a lot of things that I irrationally or rationally, as I’ve made up in my brains seemingly perfectly reasonable (kind of the same way I can make myself think Taco Bell is a good idea.) reasons to avoid certain things. So I thought I’d make a quick list.my girlfriend is a guhmio

1) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Lets start off with the very items which started off the list, Gumiho. I know it’s a classic, I know lots of people love it, but I just can’t do it. Why? Umm….I saw a clip and the hero irritated me, and I heard a rumor about how it ended and it turned me off. I have no idea whether this possible spoiler is right or not, but once I have an idea in my head, there it is. FOR LIFE. Continue reading


Triangle–And Not Of The Love Variety

3 Apr

TriangleAlthough it is Kdrama, so the chances of there being a love triangle is pretty freaking high. Like a 82% chance. Probably more like 91.

News is is that Jaejoong is coming back to dramaland! He hasn’t been in our neck of the woods since his pretty awesome turn in Protect The Boss. Which was a really long time ago, wasn’t it? WAIT. Scratch that–he was totally in Time Slip Dr Jin! My brain must have blocked that out. Which I’m able to do–you know–because I haven’t seen it. Those of you who did watch it probably still have it burned behind your retinas.

So Time Slip Doctor Jin was still 2 summers ago, and in the world of dramas, that’s like a bajillion years. Good thing he has that whole music career to fall back on.

He’s joining Z:EA’s Im Siwan and Lee Bum Soo in Triangle  as brothers separated sometime in the past who suddenly reconnect. Imagine that day?

“It’s you! I thought you were dead!”
“No, no I thought you were dead!”  Continue reading

It’s Time to Unpack the Khottie Catcher!

20 Mar
Khottie catcherI was reading this completely random article about some actress from the hit Empress Ki, leaving the show (after her character is offed) and joining some new variety show. I know, big whoop right?
The show, a spin off Laws of the Jungle where it took stars and dumped them into (I’m guessing) the jungle, is being revamped into Laws of the City. This show is planning on taking famous people and dumping them into unknown cities. You know. Big foreign cities.
Cities like New York City.
Hmm…well now I’m interested. A variety program with real korean stars being filmed in my backyard?
Then I looked at the guest list and nearly died. Guys, brace yourself. Seriously, sit down in your chairs and hold onto the sides.
Commence squeeing if you live here!

And then begin the panicked thoughts of “How do I find out where they are filming?” It’s time to find me some stalker shoes. If a korean variety show with a real life Khottie films here, yeah, I’ve got to find it.

You know stalking in a totally not creepy, not even trying to talk let alone touch them, just sort of admire from a distance sort of way. As the show airs sometime in April, they have got to be coming here soon, right?
The show is going to drop the cast in various cities around the world filming their adventures. I’m thinking it’s going to to be something like Grandpas Over Flowers the younger, hotter edition. Other cast members include Kim Sung-soo (who will be the leader and I’m fairly certain a future Khottie), Jeong Kyeong-ho (squeeee…Doctors Son! And if you don’t know who Doctor’s Son is, do yourself a favor and go out and watch last years Heartless City.), Kim Moon-chul (front man for the band Royal Pirates), Baek Jin-hee (Who is just ending her run on Empress Ki. Hmm… what is it about Korean variety shows who have a cast of a bunch of guys surrounded by one girl?)
I am officially very excited about this! Now if you have any ideas or tips–let me know because really–helping me is helping you! As nobody wants a cranky Stephanie.