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Hwai: Monster Boy Review (SPOILERS!)

8 Mar

hwai 2

Its the return of the Korean Movie Night and I’m happy to say, this was was AWESOME! Hwai: Monster Boy is one of those movies where, in the first few minutes, you know you are in for a good time–an incredibly violent time–but still a good time.

I’m not entirely sure where to start on this. The acting? The storytelling? All was exceptional.

Lets go with plot. A brutal gang of five men kidnap a boy and, unsure of what to do with him, decide to raise him as their own. The story restarts when the boy is seventeen, has five ‘fathers’, and has been trained to be a killer. When the fathers force him to join them on a job, he finds out who he really is, and begins to extract his revenge.

Woah. That’s a lot to take in. Continue reading

Korean Movie Night Gives Me A Present: Jung Woo Sung!

14 Oct

The Devine MovieSorry, studying! It’s free Korean Movie Night! Although, technically, wouldn’t watching a Korean movie technically still be considered studying Korean? Maybe something will be written out on the screen that I can sound out. You know. Slowly. Outloud. As this is the only way I can currently read Korean…

But it’s Jung Woo Sung with his movie from earlier this year, The Divine Move, and if you listen to the Podcast, you’ll know that staying home and studying Hangul never stood a chance against my JWS bias. Especially Jung Woo Sung in what appears to be a caper/action movie. I love caper movies! And I’ve never really seen Jung Woo Sung get his bad-ass on, all his movies seem to be him, out there, hunting for my tears.
And I willingly give them to him.

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A Letter

27 Sep

movie night

Dear C-Bag Behind Me In Line,

If you are unfamiliar with term C-Bag, don’t worry, it is a completely made up term by me and my friends, just rest assured, it is a derogatory term for people like you.

I understand you were upset that you did not get into tonight’s Free Korean Movie Night viewing of what is currently the hottest Korean movie in all the land, Roaring Waters. As you no doubt noticed, as I am right in front of you, I did not get in either.

I know. It’s a bummer. Continue reading

Pirates Movie Review (Spoilers)

26 Sep

pirates 4The other night I was lucky enough to get into the Korean Movie night screening of the giant Korean blockbuster,Pirates. (I’ve learned my lesson from not getting into Roaring Waters, and park my butt in line waaaay before the movie starts.) As the effusive host leaped to the front, he proclaimed we should check our brains at the door.

You know. In a good way.

As I was watching the movie, there were several times when my logical brain tried to fight it’s way to the top, through the laughter, when the first seeds of “Uhhh what the…” attempted to bubble through–but each time I managed to beat it back and remind myself–you know what? Sometimes it’s okay to turn your brain down for a couple of hours and just have a good time. Continue reading

A Serious Kwang Soo? Well, Okay

3 Jun

Good Friends

Did you guys know that Kwang Soo is in an upcoming movie? That in itself is not really big news, he’s been in a fair amount of Korean movies and dramas, and variety, and lets not forget his goofy CF spots. What makes this more interesting? The movie Good Friends is actually a serious drama and, in turn, Kwang Soo will be playing his first really serious role. Continue reading

Free Korean Movie Night–Monster

14 Apr

monster lee min ki

Just a quick note to any of you in the NYC area. Tomorrow is Free Korean Movie Night! What you say? There are free Korean movies to be had? Well, they’ve got to be boring super old movies right? Movies you wouldn’t actually want to see, right?  Continue reading

Korean Movie Night: Boomerang Family

12 Mar
boomerang family

It’s time for the Korean Movie Night again! The series, Girl Power, ended last time with final film, a fairly interesting documentary called Nora Noh about the Korean fashion designer. Tomorrow the Korean Cultural Service unveils their new series, Redefining Family, and first up? A Gong Hyo Jin movie!

I’m pretty excited, as I’d wanted to see Boomerang Family when I’d first heard about it. Of course this is not really a surprise as I usually want to see anything Gong Hyo Jin is in. Come on–who doesn’t like some Gong Hyo Jin?

Anyway, if you are in the NYC area and are looking for something to do tomorrow night, you should definitely check it out. Movie starts at 7, at Tribeca Cinemas, theater opens at 6.30 seats are free but come first come first serve.

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