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Somewhere Only We Know Review (Spoilers)

1 Mar


I was a super, duper lucky dog and Lady G of the Kfangirl blog offered me up a ticket for the Chinese movie Somewhere Only We Know, which is now playing here on the big screen. Funnily enough, I had been chatting with friends earlier that same day and one said, “I want to see that movie with Kris Wu, he’s supposed to be a dad.” And I was all, “Umm….isn’t he like five himself?” Who knew, just 24 hours later I’d be sitting in the theater watching that same exact movie.

Going in, I really wanted to like this movie because it was like a little present to me, but in all honesty I didn’t. I sat there, in the theater, wanting to love it, wanting to be enveloped into the story, but the story would turn, make a narrative leap, assume an emotional attachment with the audience it hadn’t earned, and I couldn’t get absorbed at all.

And before I go any further, to any fangirl reading this, no, it’s not because I don’t like EXO. Kris Wu was actually really good in the movie, I just wish he’d had a better conceived script to work with. Also, by the sounds of the awkward, inappropriate laughter around me by actual fangirls, I was not alone. Continue reading

I See Love In My Forecast

27 Jan

Love Forcast

Well isn’t this adorable. Or it was adorable about two weeks ago when I first saw it when I originally meant to do the post, but time got away from me. But here it is, still adorable. See? Lee Seung Gi is always fresh.

Oh, Lee Seung Gi and is crooked little dimple, how he makes my heart go pitter-pat. So of course I knew he had filmed his first movie and was most especially aware that it was coming out this month. Ahem. Actually, I’d forgotten completely about it. While I do love me some crooked dimple man, his is more of a background kind of love, a love where you see him or hear mention of him and go, “Oh right, I love him.”–but let us just keep this between ourselves, I’d hate for the news to get out and for Lee Seung Gi to somehow hear and have his man-like feelings hurt, thereby crushing any potential future love connection there might be between us.

Come on! It could happen. We hang out in the same circles–and I have photographic proof! Continue reading

Pirates Movie Review (Spoilers)

26 Sep

pirates 4The other night I was lucky enough to get into the Korean Movie night screening of the giant Korean blockbuster,Pirates. (I’ve learned my lesson from not getting into Roaring Waters, and park my butt in line waaaay before the movie starts.) As the effusive host leaped to the front, he proclaimed we should check our brains at the door.

You know. In a good way.

As I was watching the movie, there were several times when my logical brain tried to fight it’s way to the top, through the laughter, when the first seeds of “Uhhh what the…” attempted to bubble through–but each time I managed to beat it back and remind myself–you know what? Sometimes it’s okay to turn your brain down for a couple of hours and just have a good time. Continue reading

More T.O.P For Me! Tazza 2 Is On It’s Way

19 Aug

Tazza 2

So do you think I need to watch the first Tazza to fully appreciate and/or understand the upcoming movie Tazza 2? Or do you think it’s like Friend 2 where I was able to get the gist of what was going on by reading a well written synopsis? Continue reading

Korean Movie Night: Boomerang Family

12 Mar
boomerang family

It’s time for the Korean Movie Night again! The series, Girl Power, ended last time with final film, a fairly interesting documentary called Nora Noh about the Korean fashion designer. Tomorrow the Korean Cultural Service unveils their new series, Redefining Family, and first up? A Gong Hyo Jin movie!

I’m pretty excited, as I’d wanted to see Boomerang Family when I’d first heard about it. Of course this is not really a surprise as I usually want to see anything Gong Hyo Jin is in. Come on–who doesn’t like some Gong Hyo Jin?

Anyway, if you are in the NYC area and are looking for something to do tomorrow night, you should definitely check it out. Movie starts at 7, at Tribeca Cinemas, theater opens at 6.30 seats are free but come first come first serve.

Continue reading

Face Reader Review (SPOILERS)

12 Feb

face reader11

I read this article the other day which said that Lee Jong Suk really disliked himself in last years hit Face Reader. He thought he brought down the movie whenever he was on screen. 1) This is untrue. He was great in Face Reader. However, I think I understand where he’s coming from, but it’s not his acting but instead the plotting of the movie itself. And 2) I realized I never actually posted a review for Face Reader after seeing it when I first moved here. I’d seen it in a double feature with Tough As Iron and I reviewed that one, but Face Reader? Completely blew it off.

While I’m going to sound all negative about this movie, let me just say, a lot of people really loved this movie. It got great acclaim and even bigger ticket sales. So I could be totally wrong here. However, for me it was one of those movies where I felt like I should have liked it more than I actually did. It’s like those ‘very important movies’ that come out here in the states just in the nick of time for Oscar nominations. Continue reading

Tough as Iron Review

24 Oct

Tough as Iron17

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of Korean movies. I don’t know–I’m usually just disappointed in them. It’s either the tone or the storyline itself or the ending. It was one of the things which almost held me back from going into the city to watch Tough As Iron the other weekend. But you know what? This movie was great!

It wasn’t just because of the whole experience, but I liked the story, the quality of the film and the acting was top notch. Continue reading

Our Town–What the Heck Just Happened?

30 Aug

Our Town

Last weekend I went to my friends in VT for my last visit before I move. As I had just finished my cold, I was deep in the throughs of the dreaded tickle cough, which only visits right after my cold and only at night when I’m trying to sleep.

So as I was laying there, in between the *ahem*’s, while sleep alluded me, I decided to watch a Kmovie I’ve been meaning to watch for a while, Our Town. Continue reading