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Musical Monday: The He Likes Big Butts and He Can Not Lie Edition

13 Apr


Although I’m not entirely certain that’s the sort of butt Sir Mix-A-Lot was talking about. Continue reading


RunningMan Catchith On

1 Feb

Running Man 26I did it guys, I did it! As previously mentioned, my big plan for my trip to Vermont was to introduce my friends the McFeeley’s to Korean Food and, most importantly, Running Man. One went over a lot better than the other and I’ll allow you to guess which one was which.

Luckily, my friends love me and were open to whatever I wanted to do…the things you can get away with when you haven’t seen people for over a year.

I started out the night with a table full of Korean food. Or more to the point, I hauled the ingredients for a table of Korean food from New York City to Vermont. (Yes, I remembered 2 different types of kimchi and yet only packed 3 shirts and one pair of socks, priorities people, priorities.) I wish I’d gotten more pictures as it was all almost very photogenic, but at that point I’d been cooking and chopping for hours and was simply spent.  Continue reading

A Kdrama Confession

21 May

So should I be ashamed I watched Dream High in one sitting? Well, one sitting broken up by bathroom and snack breaks?

Anyone? No? Well, we have promised this would be a judgement free zone. (Unless we’re judging dramas.)

As I mentioned on my what’s next post, I had no idea what I was going to watch this weekend. As I sat in front of the TV on Saturday morning I wasn’t any closer to a plan. And then an idea struck! Mustering my courage (due to a weird phobia about checking the mail–dont’ ask) I ran out to the mail box and there it was, my Dream High, Kirin School badge. And two stickers!kdrama swag

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