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Stephanie is very angry at Cherry Cordial

8 Apr

roommateWord has come out that instead of coming out with a season 3 of Roommate as announced, the network has decided to pull plug, siting sagging ratings.


Cherry: I’ve finished my catch-up on Angry Mom, so I’m available whenever you are.

Stephanie: ohhh so NOW you want to talk. Well you’re just gonna have to slow your role sister while I finish my drama

Cherry: lol, np. Which drama?

Stephanie: I’m not talking to you right now–I’m mad at you! Continue reading


Bad News Roommate Fans (and by that I mean me)

16 Mar

roommate season 2bIt’s like the God’s of Kdrama are laughing down upon me….and not in a good way. You know how in the last podcast Cherry and I talked about how much we loved Roommate? And then how, just yesterday, I did a second post pouring out my heart in over 1000 words, my love for Jackson?

Well, today down from the mountain, word came that season two of Roommate is wrapping up and most of the cast is leaving. What the? Noooooo!

At this point I’m truly feeling like I have angered the Kdrama gods in some way. First my blog gets shuttered, then Cha Tae Hyun signs on to Gong Hyo Jin’s next drama, the show I had been eagerly awaiting it’s end so I could finally watch, (Sweden Laundry) ends and word on the street the last episode ruins it, and now this?? I’m sorry guys, my bad Kdrama Karma is now negatively affecting the rest of you.

Continue reading

Jackson the Ah-dorable

15 Mar

roommate season 2

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll know that there is a new Stephanie obsession in town–and his name is Jackson. Finally, after lots and lots of pressure, I finally gave in. It was more “Fine, whatever–GOSH!”

Why did I resist for so long? It’s kind of the same reason I can’t watch We Got Married. I’m cool with regular life variety like Return of Superman and challenge variety like Running Man and Barefoot Friends (you know, before it got boring) but the set up sort of variety where you have to suspend your belief that the whole thing isn’t super duper fake. I was able to push past my ugh for the first couple of episodes of the Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple on We Got Married, but once I got attached, and then remember it was not real? I just couldn’t make myself watch anymore.

Does that make sense?

How does this pertain to Roommate? Well, it was the feeling I got off it and the fact that I heard that they were pushing lovelines. Ooh, awkward fake non-romances that I have to pretend to believe extend off the stage? Ummm nope. Then in season two where they actually billed it as people dealing with painful pasts? Well, I dislike that even more than the fake romances. Continue reading

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 20: Roommate, Remakes, and the End of Kdrama?

4 Mar

It’s the twentieth episode! Let’s party like it’s Episode One — you know, except for the fact that we were horribly nervous Episode One and now we are a slick podcast-making machine! Well, maybe not, but we still have fun.

Episode 20: Roommate, Remakes, and the End of Kdrama?

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/crazyforkdramapodcast/Roommate_Remakes_and_the_End_of_Kdrama.mp3]

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Show Notes
For this episode, we talk about Junsu (Yes again! What can we say, his MV was released, and it is epic — how could we resist?), we squee about Stephanie’s newfound love of Roommate (well, we both squee, and Cherry rocks the ‘I told you so’), we answer a listener question regarding the sister to the sequel and spin off, the remake, then finally, we discuss the troubling news from the big three kdrama broadcasters and what that means for the future of Kdrama. Continue reading