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Musical Monday: The Is That You FTIsland? Edition

6 Apr


Huh. Well, that’s new. FTIsland has been around in the news for a few weeks, or more so the face of FTIsland (anyone else surprised to realize he’s not actually the leader?), being pretty cranky. He’s been upset with the sort of music they’ve had to play and with the endless comparison and being pitted against label mates CNBlue.

I understand where he’s coming from, it can’t be easy. Continue reading



18 Dec

FTISLAND 1Besides the Junsu show here in New York, which happened before I moved here, there is one other show which makes me all pouty that I missed–and that was the CNBlue and FTIsland double headder. Although to be honest its the Junsu one which keeps me up at night, wracked in tears and sobs over the missed opportunity. Me and McThrusty in the same room? *Swoon* Oh right, and the time Nell played in NY. I’d kill to see Nell play in real life.

But the CNBlue, FTIsland is a close third.

Anyway, after that unfortunate event where I was on one side of the country and the two bands I currently loved (It was early in my Kpop fandom) were playing on the other, I have managed to see CNBlue twice in concert, once last year at the Best Buy theater where, despite my craptastic seat, they were freaking awesome, and the second being at KCon. Now all that’s left is FTIsland.

And now they are coming here. Continue reading

Musical Monday: CNBlue

15 Apr

cnblueIt’s been a while since we’ve heard from our buddies CNBlue. During their mini-break 2 members went off to do dramas and Jong Yong-hwa used the time to write music and get buff. It was so cute seeing his updates.

Anyway, I really like this song, which is the first MV off their 4thmini album, Blue. It’s CNBlue without having the classic CNBlue sound. Although the video of them basically strutting through the streets mixed with a rooftop jam session is definitely something we’ve seen from them before. Continue reading

FTIsland Concert Schwag!

17 Oct

I’m officially the owner of awesome Kpop swag which came directly from actual Korea. And I’m pleased as punch.

My friend over on Twitter @KaeKaed very bravely recently came back from SEOUL 2012, her first trip to Korea. It was so much fun reading her posts and looking at her pictures while she was there. Every morning, I’d drag myself out of bed, settle in front of my computer with the cat and some tea, and read all about her previous days adventures. I was kind of sad when she came home!

Anyway, as KaeKaed is a huge FTIsland fan, when she found out that they would actually be having a concert there in Seoul while she was there, she knew she had to go. Who’s so jelly-jelly? I’m so jelly-jelly! I can’t imagine going to a Kpop concert actually in Korea. Continue reading