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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

4 Feb

Episode 18 is up! Not only is it up, but due to internet issues, we don’t run as long as we usually do — great news for those of you who think we talk to much — and for those of you who like our length — don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back to normal next time.

Episode 18: Kdrama’s Sequels and Spinoffs

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Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 15: A Very Kdrama Holiday & Kim Soo Hyun Giveaway!

24 Dec

As promised, here is our podcast, just switched a week. It actually worked out nicely, as this allowed us to have a bunch of fun, holiday Kdrama-themed discussions! Plus, we announce a giveaway for a Kim Soo Hyun 2015 calendar. Listen to see how you can win!

Episode 15: A Very Kdrama Holiday

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Chemistry Makes All the Difference

16 Aug

ThievesWhen I first saw this casting and news on an upcoming drama, Man From Another Star, my reaction was pretty—yawn…ho-hum.

Why? I don’t even know, it was early, I was tired, and perhaps I hadn’t yet kicked off the early morning mehs.

Because really—I like this guy. Kim Soo-hyun was great in Dream High—really, really great. And I liked him in The Thieves. He was funny and memorable within a cast of what seemed like dozens. Not an easy feat. I especially remember his story line because he had that smoking hot chemistry with the older girl thief and in my mind they totally ended up together in the end.
The premise for Man From Another Star is kind of interesting, him playing an alien who landed during the Joseon dynasty and decided to stick around for hundreds of years. In current day he meets a famous actress and…yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not sure where the plot goes from there. But my issue is if he doesn’t age, and he gets together with an earthling with a…limited lifespan, how are they going to end up together in the end?
I should rephrase that. How are they going to believably end up together in the end?

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Who Are You–ooh ooh–ooh ooh!

2 Jul
Whenever I read the title of this new drama, I’m always taken back to my long ago love of CSI and it’s theme song. But really, that has nothing to do with this post. Just a side note.
New TvN drama coming up! A ghost story. Oooh, is it going to be a scary one? Summertime always makes me think of scary movies. Looking at the photos and the description? And the fact that it’s a kdrama? Probably not. Are there scary kdramas out there? Thrillers, romances, comedies, melodramas? Yep, yep, yep, and yep. Horror? None come to mind.

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Family Book of Gu: My Pros and Cons List

27 Mar

gu family bookHmmm….A Kdrama conundrum. I continue to be on the fence on this new Lee Seung Gi drama, Gu Family Book.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ve well documented my total crush on Mr. Lee and when I first heard news of the show, I was among the league’s that were pretty excited. But then as time when on and my new Kdrama meh set in, I found myself wavering.

Now though, as we get closer to the date, and I watch the trailers, my interest is ticking upwards again.

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Casting News: Jo Jeong Seok, Yay! Oh, and IU, Hrm

31 Jan

You're the bestJo Jeong Seok who, I don’t know about you guys, but I fell in love with as the loyal soldier in King2Hearts is in talks to get his first lead role in a Kdrama. (Guess I’m not the only one who thought he was awesome then.)

The show is called ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘ and according to Mnet, “In the drama, a girl named Lee Soon Shin from a rural island village moves up to Seoul and meets an honest and hardworking businessman and becomes a star”
Well, that sounds super cute. And it’s a weekend drama, which I’m pretty partial to. So why am I not more excited for this prospect? Don’t get me wrong. I could totally watch 16 (since it’s a weekend drama, probably even more than that) hours of Jo Jeong Seok. It’s the rest of the drama plan that trips me up. Continue reading

Biggest Disappointments of 2012

4 Jan

Throughout the year there are shows we get super psyched about from the very first whisper. We scour the news looking for mentions of what we’re sure is going to be the biggest hit of the year for returning stars, returning writers or eve just an interesting premise. Then they land. Splat. We try to hold out hope, hold onto why we were so excited in the first place until every fond memory is gone, leaving only a bad taste.

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Top 5 Grossly Irresponsible Kdrama Parents

29 Jun

So earlier this week we discussed the Kdrama phenomenon Grossly Irresponsible Parents. These are the worst of the worst offenders. These parents just make me angry with their willful ways and endless expectations for their children to clean up their messes. Once again, keep in mind the show’s I’ve seen, I’m sure there are more, possibly worse parents out there, and I’m sure I’ll bump into them at a later date.

Coffee Prince.coffee prince

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A Kdrama Confession

21 May

So should I be ashamed I watched Dream High in one sitting? Well, one sitting broken up by bathroom and snack breaks?

Anyone? No? Well, we have promised this would be a judgement free zone. (Unless we’re judging dramas.)

As I mentioned on my what’s next post, I had no idea what I was going to watch this weekend. As I sat in front of the TV on Saturday morning I wasn’t any closer to a plan. And then an idea struck! Mustering my courage (due to a weird phobia about checking the mail–dont’ ask) I ran out to the mail box and there it was, my Dream High, Kirin School badge. And two stickers!kdrama swag

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