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DramaFever Awards Night: A Report From the Inside

6 May
IMG_0024I did it again! After managing to again cast a magical spell which tricked DramaFever into believing Crazy was worth a press pass, I put on what I considered appropriate for their ‘dressed to impress’ request on the invite (which I learned later by looking at the eager crowd was pretty much anything), I made made my way with Thea to Chelsea where DramaFever was hosting their first ever awards ceremony for their second annual DramaFever awards.
Now it was fairly well known that Park Shin Hye was going to be there, as well as TWDrama star Chris Wang, and the band Magnetic North, but there had also been some lesser heard unsubstantiated rumors that Gary from Running Man would be there as well. I didn’t really believe it as I figured if DramaFever had been able to get such a big name, they’d sing it from the rooftops.

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A Case for the Real Kang Gary

4 May
Guy. Seriously guys. I’m an idiot! As I was going through my photos of the DramaFever’s awards event I went through the other day bemoaning my photo quality (lets just say this is the last time I purchase something hawked by Ashton Kutcher), ruthlessly deleting all the blurred nothingness and random crowd shots I was taking before the attendees got there and it was just me, DF crew and other press. I was trying appear to be busy and important, you know, to try and make it look like I knew what I was doing before someone realized I was really not qualified to be there with the bigger media groups and stripped me of my pretty press pass, kicking me to the curb.

For some reason I kept passing by this picture–something niggling at my brain, not letting me erase it–even though there was nothing of use.

Then I looked closer.IMG_0025

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Weekend Cranky Pants

2 Dec

Thwarted, thy name is Stephanie. There I was this weekend, just looking to reaffirm my love of Kdrama, willing and eager to edge out a chunk of the busy schedule for a much needed marathon and it was a complete disaster.

Thanks to some very helpful readers, I realized that Suspicious Housekeeper had completely finished and was ready for my consumption. And while it did not have a romance in it (as was this time, one of my requirements) the four episodes I watched proved it to be a crack drama (which is ALWAYS a requirement).

So there I was, pj’s on, snacks at the ready, eager to begin my sit-in. And that’s when it happened guys. My premium DramaFever membership wasn’t working!! Now this is currently an ongoing issue, so I won’t go into too much detail, but let me tell you, if it doesn’t get worked out, you will most certainly hear about it. Continue reading

Changes to a Kdrama Fan. Or How Real Life Gets In the Way

29 Nov

doctor kdrama

Not only has my location changed since my move to Big City Adjacent, it’s been months, months since I’ve had a good Kdrama marathon. And that is not a gross exaggeration, that’s just gross. I used to marathon, if not every weekend, then at least every other one. But now that I’ve moved? I’m having a hard time getting back into the rhythm of things.

When my days off come around, it comes to 3 options. 1) Watch Kdrama. 2) Catch up on blogging. (So. Far. Behind.) 3) Get out of my house and go exploring. Usually? It comes down to 2 or 3 and number 1, actually watching Kdrama, gets the shaft.
The thing of it is, now that I live in a location where there is actually tons of stuff to do and see, it’s kind of hard to justify sitting in my house and watching TV. You know. Except for the fact that TV is free and I is poor. 😉
Add that to the fact that sometimes I get bummed out that I don’t know anyone here and realize I’m not going to meet anyone on my couch? Kdrama hasn’t stood a chance.

The DramaClub! I Guess This Means I’m Simulcasting TWO Dramas…

25 Oct


Just to let you know I signed onto another DramaFever DramaClub! After a couple of choices I went with A Clinic On The Sea, the one Japanese offering. While I’m not anti-JDrama, after my first and only attempt irritated me so much, I’ve been leery of trying again. But the synopsis was cute, the show is short, and I figured what the heck? Maybe it’s time to give J-Drama’s a second chance.

And I have to say that so far, I’m really glad I did. The first episode was adorable and it made me laugh a lot. It actually made me remember why I first got hooked on Kdrama. (Being that my first one was Playful Kiss.)

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Tales from the Inside. A DramaFever Heirs Premier Party Report. Or: How DramaFever Helped Me Make My First City Friends

14 Oct

No one loves a party more than me–actually–that’s a big lie. As a natural introvert parties give me a case of the heebie-jeebies. But a party filled with Kdrama fans in honor of the hottest new Kdrama? Well it was time to put on the cloak of awesome, learn the public transit system, and get my Kdrama on.


The DramaFever Team

And you know what? It was totally worth it. DramaFever have a great staff of people working there who were excited about the event and went out of their way to chat and ask questions of anyone who accidentally bumped into them. Of course this could have been my press badge.

Press badge? What the what??dramafever3

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Par-tay! Heirs Style

10 Oct

heirs (1)So, in the city for less than a week and waddya know? I’m on my way to my first fancy dress party. Even better? It’s a Kdrama party!

As everyone and their monkey’s uncle knows Heirs premiered this week. Not as well known is the fact that DramaFever is co-producing it. Wowzers! This is their first time dipping their fingers into the production end of a drama and it makes sense that it’s the hottest drama, being filmed in the states–Right now!

(Has anyone out there had a Lee Min Ho spotting yet?)

In honor of this, DramaFever is hosting a large gala event:

HEIRS is one of the most-anticipated television dramas of the year, and to celebrate the premiere episode, DramaFever is hosting a gala event in New York City. This will be a night to remember, filled with giveaways, surprises, and the chance to watch an all-star cast led by international superstar Lee Min Ho up on the big screen with a family of fans. We look forward to sharing this very special night with you!
Attire: Dress to impress!

Anyway, as a guest blogger for DramaFever, guess who snagged in invitation? Me! Which couldn’t have come at a better time as it’s forced me to actually leave my apartment, learn the public transit system, and talk to someone who isn’t the cat.

Now to find the box which holds my fancy dress.

DramaFever Meet Up and Premium Giveaway!

18 Sep


For those of you Kdrama fans in the NYC area, DramaFever is having a fan meet-up tonight! I so wish I could go, but I don’t actually move down there until the beginning of October. Noooooo! I want a night of fun and frolic with fellow Kdrama lovers. Come on. I’m moving to a city where I don’t know anyone and currently have space on the new friend card. And I can’t think of anyone better to be new friends with than a fellow Kdrama fan.

Okay, yes I can. Eunhyuk.

But in a pinch a Kdrama fan will do.

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New Kdramas? Don’t Mind If I Do!

27 May

Crusing my Facebook page, I couldn’t help but notice DramaFever is coming out with a ton (meaning like 5) of new simulcasts. As I don’t watch simulcasts this means nothing to me right now, but later, when they’re done? I’m sure I’ll be really excited to watch.

Wonderful Mamawonderful mama

Despite modest roots, Yoon Bok Hee (Bae Jong Ok) excels as a financial lender and starts her own real estate business, eventually becoming a millionaire. The view is great at the top of her game, until Alzheimer’s redefines her golden years. Bok Hee resolves to focus on her children, who all need major help in getting their acts together, especially eldest daughter Go Young Chae (Jeong Yu Mi), a gold-digging designer. Unexpected help arrives in the form of Jang Hoon Nam (Jung Gyu Woon), whose warmth, kindness and sense of responsibility stand to change Young Chae’s life forever. Meanwhile, time is running out for Bok Hee — can she trust that her children will take care of themselves, her business — and her?

I’ve never heard of this before, but I am a fan of the family dramas, and I know I’ve got a few readers out there who love them even more than I do. (I’m looking at you NewKdramaAddict) Continue reading

One of these Things is not like the other…

26 Jan

one of these thingsSo it’s about a year ago this week that I did probably one of the most embarrassing things in my history of Kdrama. And keep in mind–Aimee and I did post that video blog last year–but yes, this tops it. However it’s a heartwarming story about friendship–and my previous obsession with Kim Hyun Joong.

Last year, not long after I bought my Roku box, started the blog, and became a premium member of DramaFever, DramaFever sent out a notice of a contest they were running. “Win a Kim Hyun Joong calendar” the headline said. Actually, they were offering three different calendars, but the only one I was interested in was my first ever bias Kim Hyun Joong. Continue reading