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15 May
asian crushHmm….what to do with those minutes while cooking a meal before settling into your evening viewing? If you’re like me it’s certainly not watching Kdrama. For Kdrama I need both eyes on the screen at all times as I don’t want to miss a single line of dialog. WHY DON’T I KNOW MORE KOREAN?!?And worse than missing out on dialog is the fact that Kdrama too easily sucks me in and I forget everything else around me–like dinner. I couldn’t tell you the amount of food I burned to a crisp before I instituted the Absolutely, Positively No Kdrama While Cooking policy.
So last night, I decided to check out the Asian Crush channel on my Roku box. You’ll remember I did a post on the Asian Crush channel when I first discovered it. It features Asian movies, some A, mostly B, but some C’s. I’ve learned that on the Asian Crush channel if you see something you want to watch you need to move fast, what’s here today is not guaranteed to be there tomorrow.

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Gloria Review (Spoilers)

10 Apr

gloriaWow. This rewatch of Gloria has confirmed my original thought that Gloria is one of the little known Kdrama gems out there. It deserves to get more recognition than it gets. “Gloria?” you say, “never heard of it.” Exactly. The first time I ever started watching this drama, it was right after the epic Smile Dong Hae and I certainly wasn’t looking to get into another long commitment. I started the first episode of Gloria because I was busy and didn’t want a show I’d be super hooked on. From the description, I figured Gloria was just what I needed .

From DramaFever:

Na Jin Jin and Ha Dong Ah grow up together. Jin Jin dreams of becoming a singer, while Dong Ah, a gifted fighter, turns to a life of working for the mob. Jin Jin gets a job as an underling at a local nightclub and Dong Ah remains her loyal friend supporting her as she struggles to look after her mentally handicapped sister. One day, Jin Jin gets her big break when the nightclub’s singer doesn’t show up, and Jin Jin gets the chance to perform. After seeing her sing, Lee Kang Suk, the illegitimate son of a wealthy family, begins pursuing her—but many obstacles stand in the way of their budding romance.

See? That didn’t seem thrilling at all. Boy, was I wrong. I literally couldn’t stop watching. How much did I enjoy Gloria? Well, usually I drag my feet on writing these reviews. (SURPRISE, right?) They just take me so long and I always feel like I’m not doing it properly. But Gloria? Gloria is one of those few shows where I have to talk about everything I’m thinking and while I’m afraid at how especially long this will be (thereby increasing the chances of you losing your interest) I’m also afraid I’ll forget to mention something. Continue reading

Cloud Atlas Opens Today!

26 Oct

cloud atlas

Don’t forget! Today Cloud Atlas opens. Why should we, Kdrama lovers, care? Well, I’d like to say it’s because we should change things up every now and then, but that would be a lie. We’ve got a total Kdrama link in our Tom Hanks movie.

Bo Doona, who we’ve seen in Gloria and How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor, is in it. I almost put starred, however, she’s not the star (that goes to Tom Hanks and Hallie Barry), but apparently she does have a sizable part. From the Entertainment Weekly review, Owen Gleiberman says: Continue reading

How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor Review (SPOILERS)

26 Feb

how to meet a perfect neighborThis show started off really strong. What the blurbs don’t tell you is this is actually a murder mystery. The very first scene shows a woman being murdered. Everything else spins out from there. It was a little surprising how dark it was at the beginning considering the fact I had sat down expecting to see a romantic comedy. I liked how the mystery was set up. Every episode revealed a little bit more. It was with this show where I first started to enjoy my Kdramas with a bit more meat on them.

I really enjoyed the heroine Jung Yoon Hee. She was fun and spunky. I loved her tell it like it is ways and her unapologetic view of herself. The actress was great—and so pretty! The evolving relationship between her and Baek Soo Chan was a lot of fun. At first she is suspicious of him, as he is a player who her sister is smitten with. Then as a challenge he turns on the charm and sneaks under her radar and plays her too. Sounds jerky, but she gets hers and he hits rock bottom pretty quickly. Then they grow into close friends and confidants.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Originally the show was plotted so that Jung Yoon Hee and Baek Soo Chan ended up together. Which is why this relationship is so well written. They start out as adversaries and while helping each other overcome obstacles in their lives, become closer and closer. This is also why all the promotional materials show them all snuggly together, surrounded by the rest of the cast. However, part way through the show it was decided, partly due to fan reaction, that she should not end up with Soo Chan but with her boss, Yoo Joon Suk. Continue reading