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Face Reader Review (SPOILERS)

12 Feb

face reader11

I read this article the other day which said that Lee Jong Suk really disliked himself in last years hit Face Reader. He thought he brought down the movie whenever he was on screen. 1) This is untrue. He was great in Face Reader. However, I think I understand where he’s coming from, but it’s not his acting but instead the plotting of the movie itself. And 2) I realized I never actually posted a review for Face Reader after seeing it when I first moved here. I’d seen it in a double feature with Tough As Iron and I reviewed that one, but Face Reader? Completely blew it off.

While I’m going to sound all negative about this movie, let me just say, a lot of people really loved this movie. It got great acclaim and even bigger ticket sales. So I could be totally wrong here. However, for me it was one of those movies where I felt like I should have liked it more than I actually did. It’s like those ‘very important movies’ that come out here in the states just in the nick of time for Oscar nominations. Continue reading


LaurieADGirl Loves Khotties, I Mean The Dramas of 2013

5 Jan
Recently Updated12Theme, well it was a struggle for me to think of one until I was talking to @missienelly and discussing our favorite Khotties. If one thing caught my eye this year, it was the excitement of my top ten droolfest, brain-melting men in dramas this year. Sadly, some were flaming balls of fire, some were meh, one started out on the meh pile, then they changed  writers mid-stream and, while it was not Krack, I did not give up. Only three made my Kracktastic list.
I know many blogger favorites are Master’s Sun and Secret Love. They were my “give it to me now, I can’t wait, need a fix RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW! dramas”.

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Cherry Cordial Cordially Talks about 2013

4 Jan
Recently Updated11Hello, Cherry Cordial here! Thanks to Stephanie for giving me another chance to do an end-of-the-year wrap-up. What a difference a year makes — last year I was so new to Kdrama that I didn’t really get the appeal of watching the current shows. Now that I’m part of the community, I have soooo much fun watching and talking about the shows we’re all watching together, and I totally get it. Of course, I don’t have time to watch all the shows, since I’m still catching up on all the older ones I’ve missed, but I watched a lot more than I did last year. And now on to the lists.

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Panda and Batzy’s 2013 Drama Rave’s and Rants

3 Jan

Recently Updated10Today we’ve got the ladies of International Fangirl, Panda and Batzy, ranting and raving about the dramas they watched this last year. The good and the bad. Take it away ladies:

2013 was a year in which there were no obvious standouts, though admittedly I only watched about 18 current Kdramas as the rest of my time was filled with catching up on older series, Jdramas and movies. Batzy may have seen less than that. So with an apology to those who didn’t make the cut due to my not having viewed them, I’ll get right to my favorite dramas of the year. Continue reading

Nelly Get’s Schooled By Kdrama

2 Jan
Recently Updated9*covers mouth* I almost combusted on the night Stephanie asked (or proposed) *wink* if I could do a guest post on her awesome blog! I do! I really, really do wanna! Wow, it feels unreal and most of all, I feel truly honored. Stephanie is a blogger I look up to… She’s way up there, and I’m….. *waves* hi, I’m here. But that’s okay, the most important thing is to have fun and I am having fun. For those who don’t know me, annyeong! My name is Nelly and MyMyooz is my blog. I have been blogging for a while but mostly behind the closet. I finally decided to come out and create MyMyooz. I’m a little “special” than other bloggers out there. I only do partial review on the dramas I watch. Why? *shrugs* I don’t know, I just want to be special hehehe. But, in my opinion, it is important to let my readers know if it is worth their time investing on the particular drama. It’s a yay or nay review. But lately, I have been venturing into doing timeline recap. I’m new in this arena but it will not stop me from moving forward.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly NewKDramaAddict’s 2013 Year in Review

1 Jan
be end of yearCrazy For KDrama graciously asked me to guest blog. Some of you might know me from twitter, Facebook groups, or even mydramalist but one thing is for sure: I watch a lot of dramas…A LOT! I have made it very clear that I hardly watch romance dramas because I find then very unentertaining sometimes but there is that rare occasion that I find one that I really like. My favorite genre is undoubtedly the revenge and suspense dramas but I especially like the dramas that are different. I expect some people will disagree with my choices but that is the wonderful thing about the drama world: we don’t always agree but continue to love each other regardless.

This year was no different than last year when it came to the quality of dramas offered. Some really anticipated dramas were duds to me (might be glaringly obvious to some) and others were total surprise but not necessarily the hits. So, I will present to you my list of dramas that fell into 3 categories: good, bad and ugly. Continue reading

Viki Chromecast: A Review

18 Dec

Just the other week I posted on Viki’s release of an app for the XBox 360. Within their news release, they said to keep an eye out as they planned to be announcing more releases in the near future. Well, the next one is out and it is COOL.

Hello, Chromecast.ht_chromecast_nt_130724_16x9_992

I read the article and thought–oh, that’s nice–another device thats not a Roku box. But just this weekend, I went home for the holiday where my tech savvy friend Shane had a bunch of them and let me try it out on the TV in the room I was staying.

It is so cool and so easy to use, I squealed like a little girl. Now looking back, I’m a little embarrassed for myself. Continue reading

Show Introduction: Answer Me 1997

10 Dec

answer me 1997

Now that we’ve got On Air out of the way, getting us back on the Kdrama review train, how about we watch one I actually like? I know, what a novel concept! If you’ve been a reader of the blog, I was one of those people who eagerly awaited Answer Me 1997 to come out. The idea of it just caught my attention. A show featuring a bunch of kids in their last year of high school in 1997? Hey, I graduated high school in 1997! (Don’t judge me or count backwards.) The idea made the show instantly relatable. Continue reading

Tough as Iron Review

24 Oct

Tough as Iron17

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of Korean movies. I don’t know–I’m usually just disappointed in them. It’s either the tone or the storyline itself or the ending. It was one of the things which almost held me back from going into the city to watch Tough As Iron the other weekend. But you know what? This movie was great!

It wasn’t just because of the whole experience, but I liked the story, the quality of the film and the acting was top notch. Continue reading

Our Town–What the Heck Just Happened?

30 Aug

Our Town

Last weekend I went to my friends in VT for my last visit before I move. As I had just finished my cold, I was deep in the throughs of the dreaded tickle cough, which only visits right after my cold and only at night when I’m trying to sleep.

So as I was laying there, in between the *ahem*’s, while sleep alluded me, I decided to watch a Kmovie I’ve been meaning to watch for a while, Our Town. Continue reading