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Healer: A Romance Addicts Paradise

22 Feb

HealerI have no problem admitting I’m a romantic sap. I’m one of those people who likes the way romantic Kdramas focus in on handholding and longing glances and back hugs. It’s adorable. And I melt into a puddle at the sight of a passionate Kdrama kiss. So, I was in Kdrama heaven with Healer. Let’s start with the premise of the story.

A Brief Word About the Premise….

Ji Chang Wook is “Healer”, a night courier/errand boy who (for an appropriate price) will complete any task, as long as it’s not connected with murder. Healer is a superhero of sorts, so there is definitely some action in this show, as well as romance. Only a couple people know Healer’s real identity – his teacher, Ki Yeong Jae (played by Oh Gwang Rok) and his partner, a genius hacker he calls “ahjumma” (aka Kim Mi Kyung). However, there are organizations that are “out to get him” either for what he knows or for what he’s done. One of the tasks he is hired for puts him in contact with Chae Young Shin (played by Park Min Young), a young girl who is a tabloid reporter. This show tells the story of their relationship and how they discover their common past, including a mystery about their parents and the friends of their parents. Continue reading