Lee Min Ki’s Last Pre-Military Project Is Upon Us

29 Jan


Lee Min Ki has shot my heart. Well, he shot it once when he suck off and left for his military service leaving me a puddle of a fan girl. However, the one solace that we had was the fact that we knew, somewhere out there, was his last work, a movie. And now the movie is coming out! Or is out. Whichever.

For this role, Lee Min Ki has gone back to his happy place the kookie-quirky. If you haven’t seen him in My Chilling Romance, stop reading right now, do it and come back.

Are you back?

Good. Now the last thing I saw him in was actually neither kookie nor quirky, instead he played a psychotic serial killer and while I thought that he was aces in the part, the movie itself was rather a big disappointment. (And not just disappointing because it was a 2 hour movie and not the 16+ episode drama we all wish he were in. Oh well, maybe when he comes back he will finally get the drama urge again.)

This movie looks super cute and he plays a sane man who gets put into a mental institution because of some sort of family inheritance tussle and he spends his time trying to escape. He meets up and coming actor Yeo Jin Goo playing a guy with schizophrenia dealing with his mother’s death and they become fast friends.

For some reason this movie, with all it’s cuteness, is setting off my “SAD ENDING” movie alert. And since I know Korean movies and their love of trying to make me cry, I’m choosing to pay attention to it for once.  I fully plan on waiting around for spoilers before giving this one a try. You know, unless it actually comes to a theater here. And then I’ll just suck it up, pack the tissues, and be prepared for imminent tear storm. As much as my alarm system is going off, big screen Lee Min Ki? What sort of Kdrama fan would I be if I passed that up? Especially since it will be about 2 more years before we get anything new from him.

And now I really am ready to cry.


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