Musical Monday: The Younha Edition

13 Oct

younhaPart 2 to Stephanie trying to get more girls here on the blog!

I randomly clicked on this link after an article said Younha was making her comback. I vaguely remembered knowing who she was and liking her music so I gave it a chance. My first thought was meh, ballad. Then it moved to hey, I guess this isn’t too bad. But all the while I was struck by something–my third thought–she’s like the female Nell. I mean, this song sounds exactly like a Nell song. And since I’m a giant Nell fan, I’d be the one who’d be able to say this.

Then I read the article that went along with the video and–get this–it was written by one of the Nell guys! See? I told you! I told you I can sniff out any Nell related whatnots.

So, I don’t think I can be objective on this song anymore. It seems like a pretty song, but it’s entirely possible I’m making myself like it because of the Nell connection.

You be the judge.

Younha, Wasted


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