My Bois

19 Sep


A string of emails between me and my boss.

Stephanie: This is that band I was telling you about. I luf them 
Patrick: Yeah Vave (his current nickname for me), they young.  I wouldn’t say 20’s.  I’d say 10’s

Stephanie: WAAAAH! I know. And that’s the magic of Korean genes. They age one year for our 5.

Patrick: It’s true.  They are like reverse-cats.

Stephanie:But luckily, I don’t want to make out with any of them–so it shouldn’t be a problem. I just want to pinch their cheeks and buy them snack food.

Good lord–I think this officially means I’ve gotten old. Bring on the Metamucil

Just 2 more weeks until the concert! (And there are still tickets available in all venues if you are interested and in the area.)


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