Musical Monday: The LeeSsang Edition

8 Sep

leessang 2Wandering KTown with friends I noticed a bulletin which someone who looked suspiciously like Gary–but thought, nah, that can’t be him–but knowing my track record at spotting Gary, I could’t stop looking at it. Luckily Thea, the Running Man expert, was there with me and she was able to confirm that the flier, was in fact, Gary.

Turns out he’s coming back to NYC for a musical event, nothing I’m really interested in seeing even if it means I get to see Gary perform. (I’m fairly certain I’m going to stick with this stance.)

Anyway, it got me to thinking about this song I turned up a couple of weeks ago. The song is from Gary’s group LeeSsang, featuring Eugene of The Seeya. At first I was excited as I thought it was the actress Eugene, as she did once come from a girl group, but turns out there are 2 Eugenes.

Tears is a really great song, and it’s even better when watching it with the subs turned on (thanks to the label for subbing it). It makes the video make a lot more sense than it originally did.

LeeSsang, Tears


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