My Hero, Molly Who Saved CNBlue

15 Aug
mollyIf you listen to the podcast, you’ve probably already listened to this story, but since podcasts are not everyone’s cup of tea, and this story is just so awesome, it’s coming in again. I’d like you to meet my friend Molly. Molly, is a superhero. Not kidding, a real life super hero who saved my whole concert experience.
Molly is a brand new addition to the kdrama/kpop world, and she has fallen hard. Super hard. From zero to addict in approximately 3 minutes. Molly is actually a friend of Cherry’s and when she learned we were going to KCON, it didn’t take much (or any) arm twisting to get her to agree to join us. In the days leading up to it, we were mostly excited for CNBLue, BTS, and then of course GDragon. But the main one we all agreed on was CNBlue as, I don’t know if you’re a fan of CNBlue, but here’s the thing, they are good on albums, but when you go to see them live, they take their songs and ROCK OUT. It’s almost like a completely different experience and is amazing.

Now, I don’t go to a lot of US concerts, so I don’t know if this is the same, but the bane of my Kpop loving existence are fans who bring signs to the concert. Yes, we all know you are a big fan. Even the band knows you’re a fan, I mean, you bought a ticket to be there didn’t you? I know you all put lots of work into your signs, and, believe me, I love arts and crafts, so I can get behind that. However, what I can’t get behind is actually being stuck behind those signs. Come on people! There are lots of fans, just like you, standing behind you, who paid just as much as you did for your ticket, who has now spent hundreds of dollars to see the back of your sign.
I feel really strongly about this as this had happened to me during the BigBang concert. I got stuck behind a girl who had put so much work into her sign that it lit up–yay you! But my concert experience was pretty much ruined. So when we got to the first night of concert, I was ecstatic to realize that no one had a sign. I thought maybe someone had hopefully banned them or something. We had a freaking great time.
Fast forward to second night, Things were going great, there was one sign for BTS, but it was slender and the person held it up on a big stick, so blockage was minimal. Then CNBlue, one of our favorite bands, again, one of the reasons why we were there, came up to bat. (Or mike.) The band came out and up came the signs. Three of them. And we couldn’t see a thing. I nearly cried.IMG_0607
But then, superhero Molly came to the rescue. With a “I did not pay three hundred dollars to see the back of a sign” (Molly may have thrown an expletive in there, but I think I may just be projecting) she pushed through the very angry crowd, who didn’t realize she was there to rescue them from from their current quandary, dodging people and swear words, until she reached her target. The girls with the signs. With a quick tap of the shoulder, she told them that they were blocking everyone behind them and walked away–LIKE A BOSS. Like a mother flippin’ boss.  (A boss in a pretty teal flowered dress).
They put the signs down! She saved the day! She saved the whole night! She is officially my super hero. I seriously wish I were that person who had the balls to be able to do that. It was amazing.
See? Before: IMG_0607
Before: IMG_0607
The girls didn’t keep down their signs the whole time–and you know what? I was okay with that. During cheers, between songs, to emphasize, go ahead, fangirl away, but please, just keep in mind the other fangirl a few steps behind you.
As you never know when Superhero Molly will don her shiny cape again, ready to protect a fangirl in need.

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