Mermaid or Siren? Surplus Princess Continues to Lure Us In

23 Jul

surplus princess 2You win, tvN, YOU WIN! You’ve taken this show, that I originally mocked, and with steady campaign of casting and teasers, hammered at my resolve until finally…I’m actually looking forward to Surplus Princess.


 I will, however, stand by my belief that a drama about a mermaid who wants a job and hates other people who don’t have jobs sounds stupid. Very. Very. Stupid. So I guess it’s a testament to the style and skilled trickery of tvN which can make such a dumb piece of fluff seem endearing.
From the teasers, it actually reminds me of the earlier tvN Drama, Let’s Eat, which I really enjoyed. Let’s continue to hope that it is more Let’s Eat and less Nail Shop Paris.
From these teasers though, I think we should start placing bets on who the actual hero is of the drama. We know from the plot, that the mermaid comes to land because she’s fallen in love with a guy. From the teaser, I’m going to guess that’s Song Jae Rim. Which one would think would be the hero right? But in the teaser, with him preening in front of the camera (hilarious) it just doesn’t say *hero* to me.

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