Cherry Cordial Was Right! Park Si Yeon Makes Her Comeback

10 Jul

Greatest MarriageDespite her very, very recent scandal Park Si Yeon has just joined a new drama. Her first since Nice Guy a few years ago. Her first since giving birth. And most importantly, her first since being convicted for Propofol use.

Ahem. That’s a busy couple of years. 

It does make sense that her drama come-back is on one of the smaller cable networks, TV Chosun–I’m guessing the big 3 aren’t ready to take her back quite yet–however, starting small may just be the way to start the climb her way back up to success. She is a really good actress (even if I wasn’t able to finish Nice Guy) and Kdrama can always use more of those.

The drama is called Greatest Marriage, about a woman who has found success in her career as a news anchor, but failure in love, decides to become in a single mother. Hmm… I wonder how that will go over? In my Kdrama experience single mothers are not accepted that well–and to have a career so much in the public eye? A recipe for trouble.

She will of course get her own love triangle, and I think I read somewhere it’s between a man she used to have a relationship with and a new guy (this I can’t find the article I read it in, so I can’t confirm). I can say that these men with be played by No Min Woo


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